Kanye West Foods, LLC Shutters an Atlanta-Based Fatburger Location

Imma let you finish, but this FATBURGER location was NOT the best location of all time! That’s not exactly the verbage coming out of Kanye West Foods‘ camp, but it is indeed the situation the rap superstar has found himself in. For those unfamiliar, Kanye West purchased the right to open 11 FATBURGER locations in the Chicago and Los Angeles areas in an agreement dating back to the summer of 2008.

According to a report from MTV, Kanye’s flagship location in Orland Park has closed due to unfavorable financial performance of the restaurant. FATBURGER Marketing Coordinator Maria Brooks is quoted saying, “It’s unfortunate that the Orland Park location owned by Kanye West Foods, LLC has closed, but we hope to have a presence in the Orland Park community at some time in the future.” Tough times. (Thx NeilWali)


Craving: Fatburger


The Last Great Hamburger Stand as it is known, Fatburger is a California legacy. Most people have never heard of it even if they live in California because there are currently only 93 restaurants open. With that being said, Fatburger is f*cking delicious. The burgers are ultra juicy and the fries are nice and thick, just the way I like it. (no homo) I try to visit regularly and the past couple weeks, I’ve gone 4 times. More than I really needed to, but it’s way worth it. Actually, I’m going to visit in a little bit before I have to go to work!


Fatburger: Orange

I recently read that Fatburger had filed for bankruptcy, so I decided to swing by before the chance to taste their wonderfulness evaded me forever. My mom has always liked the turkey burgers from fatburger, so I talked her into buying me lunch. Here it is: