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Fatburger Launches Vegetarian Chicken Wings

Photo courtesy of Fatburger

Brands Inc., the parent company to Fatburger and Buffalo’s Express, announced that they’re offering a new vegetarian wing item they’re calling Chick’n Vings.

The Chick’n Vings will be tossed in Buffalo’s Express’ 13 house-made sauces: Scorchin’, Carolina Fire BBQ, Coconut Jerk, Honey Garlic, and Sweet Bourbon BBQ.

Made with Quorn Vegetarian Meatless wings, the product does contain traces of eggs and milk proteins, preventing it from being labeled as vegan.

Not gonna lie, if they can satiate my chicken wing cravings come Lent season, I’m all aboard.

You can find these new vegetarian wings at all domestic Fatburger and Buffalo’s Expresses locations.

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Fatburger Announces New Vegan Ice Cream Milkshakes

As the first fast food chain to offer the Impossible patty, Fatburger hopped on the plant-based bandwagon early. Today nearly every major fast food chain offers some vegan options, signaling that the trend may be here to stay. Continuing their foray into healthier alternatives, Fatburger teamed with Craig’s Vegan Ice Cream to offer dairy-free milkshakes at 12 of their Southern California locations. 

Started by Craig Susser in 2011, Los Angeles-based eatery Craig’s gained popularity through their dynamic menu which provided everything from steak to vegan specialties. It’s also known as a celebrity hot-spot. Noticing a growing desire for healthier alternatives, and after countless non-dairy dessert requests, Susser and head Chef Kursten Kizer created “Craig’s Vegan,” a cashew-based frozen dessert. 

Fatburger’s vegan milkshakes come in two flavors, vanilla and strawberry, and are available now at their Beverly Hills, North Hollywood, West Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Woodland Hills, Venice, Van Nuys, Wilshire, Redondo Beach, Carson, Santa Monica/Sepulveda and Lincoln/Pico locations.

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Fatburger Launches The Plant-Based Impossible Burger In All Locations Nationwide

A few months ago, SoCal-based Fatburger began testing out the Impossible Burger in a few locations in Los Angeles. It looks like that test was a rousing success, as Silicon Valley’s bloody vegan patty will now be rolled out to all of Fatburger’s restaurants nationwide.

impossible burger

Photo courtesy of Fatburger

The nationwide rollout makes Fatburger the first publicly traded fast-casual brand to have all of their domestic locations selling the revolutionary vegan meat. Customers at Fatburger will be able to customize the Impossible Patty to their liking, with traditional toppings of lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, mustard, onion and pickle relish automatically coming with the burger.

According to Fatburger CEO Andy Wiederhorn, the Impossible Burger quickly became one of their best-selling items in the test market. The vegan patty is arguably the closest plant-based burger substitute out there, with an ingredient called heme giving it a texture, flavor, and juiciness akin to that of ground beef. It can even be cooked a bloody medium rare, if you wish.

Impossible Foods, creators of the vegan patty, have been seeing a lot of success in the fast-casual world as of late. On top of the Fatburger expansion, Wahlburgers recently picked up the burger as well. Mark Wahlberg’s family chain rolled it out to all of their nationwide locations earlier this year.

It’s incredible to see the swift growth of the Impossible Burger as environmentally-conscious and vegan customers search for alternatives to meat at the fast food and fast casual level. All that remains is to see where the patty will end up next.

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Here’s How To Get Impossible Burgers Delivered To You This Week

If you’ve been hankering to try the much-hyped Impossible Burger, but if all of the current locations serving it are still too far away for you to want to travel to, now may be your chance to get in on this plant-based burger phenomenon that bleeds and tastes just like a regular meat patty. For a limited time, Postmates has teamed up with Impossible Foods to help get their burgers delivered in various parts of the country.

impossible burgers delivered

Photo courtesy of Impossible Foods

The main area the Impossible/Postmates partnership will be happening in is Los Angeles, where Fatburger, who recently picked up the shockingly meat-like vegan patty, will be offering delivery of the Impossible Burger via Postmates to your home. All locations of the SoCal-based burger joint that currently carry the vegan meat will be offering this opportunity.

If you’re not down with delivery because it’s too pricey, there is a limited-time free delivery offer if you do get the Impossible Fatburger. That only lasts through this Sunday, November 26th, but the delivery will continue at a normal price after that.

It’s not just LA that’s getting Impossible Burgers delivered in the area. Impossible Foods is also currently in the midst of a nationwide “Burger Tour,” where they stop off at different tailgating venues (aka college and NFL football games) across the country. If they’re in your area on an upcoming weekend, Postmates will deliver the burgers to you as well. You’ll have to check Impossible Foods’s social media feeds (especially their Instagram stories) to see where they’ll be next, however.

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LA’s Fatburger Will Become The First Public Chain To Sell The Impossible Burger

Los Angeles-based burger franchise Fatburger has a lot happening for it this week. Not only is it in the process of going public, but its also adding the increasingly popular Impossible Burger, a plant-based patty that bleeds and tastes just like the real thing, to its menu.


Photo courtesy of Fatburger

Starting today, five Los Angeles locations will begin serving up Impossible Foods’ signature patty. Made with heme, a protein sourced from plants that gives the burger its juiciness and flavor, the Impossible patty is a flavorsome and comparable vegan counterpart to regular burger patties. Those who order the patty at Fatburger locations will get the option to fully customize with the chain’s regular arsenal of toppings.

This news follows up the announcement that the L.A.-based chain is going public. An initial public offering of $24 million has begun, as the parent corporate branch of the burger business, FAT Brands Inc., is selling 2 million shares at $12 apiece until October 13th. FAT Brands has applied to list in the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker FAT, where it will officially list beginning October 23rd. Fatburger aims to build another 300 locations after the IPO closes on October 20th.

Photo courtesy of Fatburger.

Currently, no publicly traded restaurant or food chain sells or offers the Impossible Burger, making Fatburger the first public chain to sell the juicy vegan patty. CEO Andy Wiederhorn told Foodbeast that with the “growing demand for plant-based options” out there, incorporating the Impossible Burger seemed like a great fit, “especially because it cooks, looks, and tastes very similar to” a burger. Wiederhorn himself “honestly couldn’t believe it wasn’t beef” when he first tried the burger.

At this point, however, it’s going to be difficult for Fatburger to expand further with its Impossible Burger sales. Wiederhorn cited the economic cost of the vegan patty as one factor. “Ground beef costs around $3-$4 per lb; the Impossible Burger costs much more than that, which means it has to have a much higher price point than traditional burgers and isn’t affordable to all consumers yet,” he told Foodbeast. Additionally, Impossible Foods itself is still in progress of expanding its production capability, having just opened its first large-scale factory a few months ago.

As Fatburger and Impossible Foods both continue to expand, though, the burger could expand to more locations. Fatburger will discuss putting the Impossible Burger in more locations if the initial Los Angeles offering proves to be a success.

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Fatburger Creates Protein Style Burger with Extra Patties Instead of Lettuce


Most of us have tried a protein-style burger at some point in our lives, whether it’s part of a regular diet, or a fit-into-your-tux situation where you end up hating yourself or a month. Regardless, it’s just a burger with extra lettuce as a replacement for buns. At least that’s what we thought, until Fatburger came up with their own.

The chain is offering protein-style burgers that are made with beef patties instead of lettuce. So a beefier Double Down? It’s made with the staple Fatburger toppings: cheese, onions, lettuce, pickles and tomatoes. Customers can also add the optional choices like fried eggs, bacon chili, mushrooms and guacamole.

A small protein burger goes for $4.50, a medium (made with larger patties) is $5.50 and $7.50 for a large. Depending how hungry you are, you can also add as many patties as your heart desires can handle, provided you’re alright with the extra fee.

H/T LA Times Picthx David E. Clevenger


Feed Your Rappetite — A Hip-Hop Themed Restaurant

Perhaps one of the coolest concept restaurants ever, Bon-Rappetite shows off its creative, hip-hop inspired dishes.

Created by Baby Robot Industries, the concept web page shows 22 dishes named after popular hip-hop artists using clever wordplay. Just an example, its current specials on ‘Pone Thugs & Hominy’ and ‘Wu Tang Clams’ only add to the debate of greatest hip-hop group of all time.

It doesn’t stop with its dishes though, as events include Freestyle Mondays and Hot Tub Nights.

After creating a stir with its Atlanta-based website, Everett Steele of Baby Robot Industries was almost forced to come out and clarify that it was a fun joke.

“A few of us from Baby Robot built the site on a lark after leaving a (beer soaked) meeting with a bar napkin full of rap puns. It sat dormant for almost a year, then all of the sudden it is all over the place,” Steele told Grubstreet through email.

Someone better jump on this idea, quickly! Kanye West might own a few Fatburgers, but owning Bon-Rappetite might help him finally understand the Kobe System.

All I know is that if Bon-Rappetite were real and I needed some Super Bowl party catering, I’d jump on the ‘Bizzy Boneless Wings’ and ‘Queen LaPizza.’

Check out the site for yourself and enjoy a good laugh at Lil Kimchi and Roastface Killah‘s expense.

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26 Fatburger Locations Up For Sale Across California and Nevada

Fatburger, the same chain that filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection back in April of 2009, continues to face hard times into 2011. It wasn’t too long ago that one of their franchisees, Kanye West, had shuttered one of his locations in Atlanta, and it seems locations in California and Nevada are not fairing too well either. In fact, according to a report out of the OC Register, 26 Fatburger restaurants will be put up for sale as part of their bankruptcy proceedings.