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Burger King UK Launches New ‘Gourmet Kings’ Burgers

Burger King UK is looking to up the experience of their burgers by adding a luxurious touch to some new offerings. Dubbed the “Gourmet Kings,” this new line of burgers features “The Argentinian” and “The Steakhouse.”

The Steakhouse is as elevated as its name implies, as it features tomatoes, crispy onions, arugula, and mayo joining 100% flame-grilled British and Irish Aberdeen Angus beef patties, which are then adorned with melted oak smoked cheddar, sweet crispy bacon slices, and BBQ sauce.

As for The Argentinian, it boasts sliced onions, fresh arugula, and British and Irish oak smoked cheddar cheese. It’s then treated to a kick of chilli sauce, crispy onions, and Chimichurri mayo, all resting between toasted brioche buns.

The Gourmet Kings burgers are now available at Burger King locations throughout the United Kingdom.

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Taco Bell Tests A New Fajita Quesalupa

The Quesalupa has been a big hit on the Taco Bell menu since its debut in 2016, so a tasty variation is definitely a welcome treat for fans. If you’re in Toledo, Ohio, you’re in luck, as Taco Bell is testing a new Fajita Quesalupa there.

This new version of the Quesalupa boasts a fire roasted Fajita Quesalupa shell, poblano sauce, lettuce, cheddar, tomatoes and of course, plenty of cheese. Check it out now at participating Taco Bell locations in Toledo, Ohio for a limited time.

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This Study Shows The Most Hated Fast Food Brand In Every Country

Fast food itself can be a polarizing topic for many. Folks are quick to defend their favorites and then spew venom at their hated brands all in one sentence. It’s no wonder, really, as fast food caters to our innate need for instant gratification and convenience, thus creating a connection that incites visceral reactions.

A recent study by the RAVE Reviews digs into each country’s most hated fast food brands, doing so by using language analysis tool SentiStrength to examine over a million tweets to assess people’s opinions on which fast food brands they loathed the most.

The data reveals that folks apparently don’t have much love for KFC, topping the list as the most hated fast food brand in 14 countries — followed by Wendy’s with 11 countries.

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Spotted: Del Taco x Takis

Foodbeast Costa recently spotted a unique collaboration between Del Taco and Takis at a location near his spot in Tustin, California. The partnership is a whole Takis themed Del Taco menu, featuring Takis Rollers, Takis Grilled Chicken Burrito, Takis Double Del Cheeseburger, and Loaded Takis.

No further details were available regarding the exact availability of this exclusive Takis menu, but stay tuned should we find out more about this new Del Taco partnership.

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Arby’s Debuts New Real Country Style Rib Sandwich

Arby’s is saying it with their whole chest: “Forget sandwiches made with restructured boneless pork patty.” The obvious shots are volleyed in the direction of one popular fast food ‘rib’ sandwich. In response to said rib sandwich, Arby’s is setting the bar high with their new Real Country Style Rib Sandwich.

Arby’s has true BBQ lovers in mind for this new sandwich, as it is made with real, quality pork rib meat smoked low and slow for over eight hours over real hickory wood. It’s then topped with melted Gouda, crispy onions, and smoky BBQ sauce, making for one true BBQ sandwich.

The Real Country Style Rib Sandwich is available now, though for a limited time only, so act quick to get your fast BBQ fix.

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Burger King Japan Debuts Two Hefty Big Mouth Burgers

Even though the burger trend these days indulges in classic, more simple iterations that lean on smash patties and minimal condiments and toppings, there will always be room for the big boys.

Burger King Japan knows this and has released a hefty duo of Big Mouth Burgers for a limited time. This formidable tag-team of taste comes in the form of the funny to say Cheese & Cheese Big Mouth Burger and the Super Spicy Big Mouth Burger.

Besides boasting fun names that sound like they were given by a 3rd grader, the tasty deets help the burgers stand out as well. The Cheese & Cheese Big Mouth Burger has a creamy jalapeño and cheese sauce, three slices of cheddar cheese, and a tri-blend of shredded cheese to live up to its moniker. While the Super Spicy Big Mouth Burger features a special spicy green jalapeño cheese sauce.

Both husky Big Mouth Burgers will be available at Burger King locations in Japan from August 27 to September 9.

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Chipotle Testing Plant-Based Chorizo

As many fast food restaurants like Pizza Hut and Burger King look to offer more plant-based options, Chipotle is following suit by testing a new plant-based chorizo.

This new meatless option is made up of ancho chili and chipotle peppers, tomato paste, crushed garlic, Spanish smoked paprika, extra virgin olive oil, and peas. The new offering is being tested in a limited area and timeframe, with Denver and Indianapolis locations participating from August 19 to August 29.

You can even try the plant-based chorizo with free delivery during this trial period.

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Jack In The Box Teases Spicy Tiny Tacos Ahead of August Launch

With the huge success of Jack In The Box’s Tiny Tacos ever since debuting on the menu in recent years, new iterations were sure to come. That’s why it makes perfect sense that it was teased on Jack’s Late Night Discord, the restaurant’s late night after party for gaming and comic book fans on Discord, that Spicy Tiny Tacos were on the way soon.

It looks as if the mega popular Tiny Tacos have a fiery new makeover, with the taco shells having a distinct and vibrant red color, which I’m sure is the indicator to the spicy new tweak to the original.

These hot new Spicy Tiny Tacos are set to launch at Jack In The Box locations on August 9.