Man Loses Phone in Grain Shipment, Returns to Him After Traveling Across the World


Nine months ago, Oklahoma farmer Kevin Whitney lost his iPhone after it fell out of his pocket and into a grain elevator. The trouble was that the phone was then dropped into a pit filled with 280,000 pounds of grain, Business Insider reports. Whitney definitely did not expect to see his phone again, since it was like recovering a needle in a haystack grainstack.

The grain shipment carried Whitney’s phone through both the Arkansas and Mississippi Rivers and ended up in Lousiana. There, the grain boarded a cargo ship and traveled along the Panama Canal and traversed the Pacific Ocean. The grain shipment, along with Whitney’s phone, finally settled in Kashima, Japan.

There, a factory worker at a Japanese grain mill found it and gave Whitney a call telling him his phone had been discovered. The nice man from Japan even mailed it back to Whitney.

Needless to say, Whitney was excite.


Japanese Farmers are Growing Heart-Shaped Watermelons


Do we need watermelons grown into shapes of squares and hearts? Well, yes and no.

No, they don’t taste any different (we’re guessing). Sure, they’re probably easier to store. Yes, they will melt your heart.


Farmer Hiroichi Kimura from Japan’s Kumamoto Prefecture underwent a long series of trial and error to create his proprietary watermelon heart-mold, which was inspired by a comment from a neighbor. Rocket News reports, “Mr. Kimura’s heart watermelons have a crunchy consistency that gives way to pleasantly sweet juices. Once you’ve gulped down the red flesh, you’re left with a mellow sweetness that lingers on the tongue. The taste was better than Mr. Kimura imagined.”


Watch this neat featurette to see how he did it and start planning your Valentine’s Day shipment now. Bonus points if you figure out a way to hide an engagement ring inside. This is some Grade-A Pinterest sh*t.

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