Deep Fried Mushrooms

Many moons ago, we reviewed a well-frequented local diner of ours in Orange County known far and wide for their delicious breakfast burritos — Fantasy Cafe. Whenever we’re back in the Fullerton area, we like to swing by and get our fix. During all previous visits, we had apparently overlooked their “Deep Fried Mushrooms” menu item. Consider them your your proper french fry substitute! Hit it with a side of ranch dressing, ketchup and some hot sauce. Disappointment will not occur.




Fantasy Cafe: Fullerton

The gang from Happy Days had “Arnold’s”, the kids from “Boy Meets World” had Chubbie’s, my friends and I had “Fantasy”. During this short Thanksgiving holiday, a few of my mates headed down from their respective colleges and we met up for a breakfast burrito at Fantasy. Located minutes from our former high school and littered with familiar faces, this is definitely the right spot for some food and chilling. Keep reading for more pictures and information after the jump!