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Watch Minnesota Vikings Fans Keep Beer From Freezing With Fire Pits

Living in California, you know the weather’s getting seriously cold when the temperature dips under 40 degrees, and there’s a little ice on your windshield in the morning. In Minnesota, you know the weather’s getting seriously cold when it dips to minus 20 degrees, and you have to keep your beer over an open flame just so it won’t freeze.

And this is exactly what Minnesota Vikings fans had to go through this Sunday, as their unusual tailgating skills helped them keep their beer drinkable.

There are videos of the fans chilling in the snow, as the minus 34 windchill wasn’t going to stop them from enjoying themselves before their beloved Vikings faced the Indianapolis Colts.

Just another day in the Land of 10,000 Lakes — granted those lakes are frozen, unlike these ingenious fans’ beers.

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Pizza Receipt: Playoff Hockey Game Prompts Fan to Cancel Pick-Up

hockey lulz

There are few things more important than watching your team tied in the NHL playoffs. At least, that’s what this Vancouver Canucks fan was probably thinking when he turned his pizza pick-up order into a delivery.

Reddit user BrandiBean posted a photo of a receipt informing the delivery boy that a pick-up order of one large pizza with extra chicken was opted out for a delivery since the “canucks have tied game, [customer] cannot leave house to pickup.”

pizza receipt

Too bad Vancouver ended up losing to the San Jose Sharks in Game 2 with loss of 3-2 in overtime. Not to mention yesterday’s soul-crushing Game 3 defeat of 5-2. Still, gotta love the fan’s devotion.

Either way, Go Maple Leafs!

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Someone Opened a Real-Life ‘Friends’ Central Perks Cafe in Beijing


Friends fans, rejoice! While the sitcom that pretty much ran the 90s may have fallen from prime time grace in America, it’s apparently still all the rage in China. So much so that one super-fan, Du Xin, recreated the show’s famous Central Perk Cafe in Beijing (originally located in Central Park in New York, but not really, which is news to me). It’s got the same giant window logo, same entry way, and even the couch where Ross, Rachel and company shared witticisms. But this is 2013. You don’t have to share witticisms any more. Instead, you can sit on that orange couch and watch reruns while sipping your latte.

“I’m crazy about Friends,” Xin said in an interview with NPR. “For me, it’s a religion. It’s my life.”

Don’t worry. This isn’t creepy or crazy. Xin managed to turn his obsession into a business, opening a second cafe in Shanghai. The menus serve snacks (and lulz) from the show, so prepare for lots of Joey-esque references over the pastry you’re nibbling.

This gives me hope. Maybe someone will do this for Boy Meets World. Hint, hint, readers. Hint, hint.

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