Show Off Your Baking Skills and Inner Nerd With Geeky Sprinkles

geeky sprinkles

Fandoms are growing everyday with even more products being developed to appease our nerdy needs. From Doctor Who kitchen gadgets to Harry Potter teas we geeks want to incorporate our ships and feels into our daily lives. Tara Theoharis, creator of Geeky Hostess and fellow nerdling has created a Kickstarter to help fund the creation of Geeky Sprinkles.

Theoharis describes her product as “fun sprinkle shapes for geeky baking”, with a Doctor Who Police Box, Steampunk Gears, and a Lightning Bolt that could appease both super hero enthusiasts and Harry Potter fans alike, the Geeky Hostess has definitely found a niche in the fandom baking market. Besides professional fandom specialty bakers such as Nerdache Cakes possibly using these untraditional sprinkles, amateurs would undoubtedly bust out these Geeky Sprinkles for their next fandom party. Yes, nerds have a social life too, we like to have parties to mourn our Doctor or have random theme parties year round, don’t hate.

Until Theoharis hits her project goal the only way to get her Geeky Sprinkles is to pledge your support of her nerdy endeavor. For $12 you have your pick of one of the three Geeky Sprinkle options but bump that pledge up to $20 and you’ll get the full set.

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Darth Vader Fridge Chills Beer & Has Built-In Vodka Fountain


Darth Vader is one of the coolest characters in cinematic history, and his mysteriously dark nature always has us wondering —  what the heck is underneath that black cape?! Well, thanks to artist Tom Sachs, we now know. Ol’ Darth is hoarding loads of beer and vodka.

Sachs, an awesome sculptor in our books, created this one-of-a-kind Darth Vader fridge that can hold your favorite brew and even has a built-in vodka fountain. While we’re not entirely sure how the mechanism works, we do know this is something all Star Wars superfans should have. Why? It’d be like partying with the big DV and nothing is more BA than that.

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Harry Potter, Doctor Who, The Hobbit & More Delightfully Curious Tea Blends

harry potter tea blend

Have you ever wondered what your favorite fandoms tasted like? Well Artist Cara McGee has answered that question for all of us by creating custom tea blends that include Supernatural, Doctor Who, The Hobbit, Harry Potter and many more for Adagio Teas. Oh, and some of the descriptions are pitch-perfect:

Tardis Tea: Ethereal earl grey and enchanting black berry with notes of vanilla.
Harry Potter: Treacle tarts, Pumpkin Juice and deep, warming spice. Boyish, yet brave, resourceful, and powerful.
Sherlock: All at once exotic and mysterious and perhaps a little bit insane, with a lingering hint of smoke.

The tea blends can be found in 3oz pouches, except for the Tardis blend which is 4oz because according to Adagio Teas, “the interior of the Tardis pouch is larger than the exterior, we were able to fit an extra ounce of tea.”

If those fandoms aren’t your cup of tea there’s plenty of other blends to choose from, or you can create your own.

Fandom Blend Teas $8-$10 @ Adagio Teas

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