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Guinness-flavored Potato Chips Are a REAL, Delicious Thing

One of our biggest vices is munching on pretzels, chips, peanuts and any other snacks we can get our hands on when we go drinking. Imagine our delight when we discovered, at the Fancy Food Show, that Burt’s potato chips had their own line of Guinness-flavored chips.
Not only do they come with the original flavor of Guinness, but also a Rich Beef Chili option. Because nothing washes down a nice, hearty bowl of chili like a glass of beer, it’s understandable that Guinness would want to combine the two.
Verdict: Not bad. Not bad at all.
The chips are thick cut and hand-cooked, seasoned with roasted barley and hops. Together, these make them taste pretty much like the bittersweet stout from Ireland. They can be found at UK retailers in various sizes or purchased online.
We’re hoping, however, we don’t see any beef chili Guinness cans in the booze aisle anytime soon.