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FINALLY: Oreo Unveils Pumpkin Spice Oreos


We all knew they were inevitable, but we are a bit surprised they took so long.

Immediately following squashed rumors of a new pumpkin spice-flavored condom from Durex, Oreo has officially unveiled some very real packages of Pumpkin Spice-flavored sandwich cookies. Like most special Oreo flavors, these guys come on the brand’s golden vanilla cookies, this time filled with a deep orange, actually kind of pretty-looking, pumpkin spice creme.

According to TIME, the treats taste “like fall,” “like a Yankee Candle,” or like “chai lattes” — or pretty much exactly like other pumpkin spice flavored thing out there. At some point you gotta wonder whether pumpkin fans even eat anything else during fall, or if it’s just cinnamon and nutmeg breath all the time.

In any case, whee, here’s another pumpkin thing, available starting September 24. Enjoy, ya freaks.


Dunkin’ Donuts Launches Pumpkin Crème Brûlée-Flavored Lattes


‘Tis the season for drowning ourselves in sweet creams and sugars, particularly those of the pumpkin-flavored variety. But in case Starbucks’ PSL is getting a little old, Dunkin’ Donuts has decided to step up its gourd game, by offering a drink that tastes not just like pumpkin, but pumpkin crème brûlée.

Presumably sweeter than your typical pumpkin spice, Dunkin’ Donuts PCB is available in both regular coffee and latte form, reports Business Insider. Also among the limited time fall line-up are pumpkin hot or iced mochas, pumpkin pie donuts and donut holes, and a pumpkin muffin.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go hop on a plane to the east coast and drink enough of those pumpkin crème brûlée lattes to turn me as round as a pumpkin or a ramekin. Kay, thanks.


Seasonal pumpkin spice breath


Picthx The Impulsive Buy


‘Tis The Season: Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Lattes Returning August 25


Another year, another round of seasonal drinks that come out way too freaking early. That’s right, even though summer doesn’t officially end until September 23, Starbucks is ready to get the cinnamon and nutmeg sugar bomb ball rolling. Long time no see, Pumpkin Spice Latte, long time no see.

For the past couple of days, baristas from here and there have been posting proof of #PSL’s return to twitter and instagram, from giant jugs of orange syrup to fully-sleeved hot lattes. With temperatures from Los Angeles to New York this week averaging about 80 degrees, it’s nice knowing that our insides can now feel as warm and sticky as our outsides.

Starbucks’ PSL returns August 25.

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LA Opera’s Falstaff Features Edible Props on Stage, Including a Roasted Turkey


Opera lovers in the Los Angeles area know that Giuseppe Verdi’s Falstaff is scheduled to perform throughout the month of November. Helmed by Director Lee Blakeley and LA Opera Music Director James Conlon. Falstaff  is centered around a portly knight who courts two different women in an attempt to improve his love life. Hilarity ensues.

However, most are unaware of the play’s food-centric qualities. Many of the props on stage are edible and items throughout the performance are in the spirit of the fall harvest. A turkey is prepared and cooked for every show by the Prop Master, Allen Tate, and used during the performance. The reason for all the hurrah surrounding the giant bird? Turkey was a symbol of being at the top of the class system in the 14th century, the play’s time period.


Among the edible arrangements throughout the play, whatever wasn’t eaten was painted to look juicier for the next performance. The staff prepared months in advance to see if the performers had any food allergies before coming up with the play’s menu.

Falstaff is currently playing at the LA Opera through December 1. Opera fans, turkey fans, or anyone looking to try something new be sure to check it out. Falstaff is completely in Italian with projected English translations. The running time is 2 hours and 40 minutes, so sit tight.

Check out more photos from our behind-the-scenes tour of Falstaff below:


A prop of a rotisserie chicken used during the performance. It could very well have been real at some point during the rehearsals.


The detail that went into the set design is pretty amazing.


Props to the prop team (heh heh) for the the work they put into everything.


Director Lee Blakely and the famous oak tree from the opera.


The orchestra, led by Music Director James Conlon, rehearsing.


A severed pig’s head used during the third act and also the third pig head I’d seen in the last two weeks.


The cast performing a live rehearsal.


The production of Falstaff, in full costume, rehearses the first act of the show.

Packaged Food

Pecan Pie Pringles Hit Shelves for the Holidays


Remember the crime that was Pringles Pumpkin Pie Spice, White Chocolate Peppermint and Cinnamon & Sugar? Apart from tasting like toothpaste and spoiled sweeteners, the holiday flavors were a far cry from delectable. However, the head honchos over at Pringles Corporate aren’t going to quit that easily and recently debuted their newest seasonal flavor: Pecan Pie Pringles.

Spotted by an Impulsive Buy reader at a Dollar General store, the new chips have garnered an expected slew of whatthef*ckery.

However, unlike it’s brethren (which received a ubiquitous NO from the masses), the Pecan Pie-flavored Pringles have also received a surprising amount of positive fanfare. As Junk Food Guy writes:

Imagine a shortbread pie crust without much sugar…that’s what this tasted like! …The nutty and sweet syrup-y flavors mixed back in, and to be honest, these Pecan Pie Pringles tasted like I was eating the crust of a pecan pie, toward the edges! …The molasses flavor really complemented the nutty flavor well, and left a tiny sweet tinge on my lips… I liked these.  A LOT.  They trump all three of last year’s fall Pringles flavors, hands down.

And a fair amount of the internet seems to agree.

Our verdict? There’s hope, and hope is always a good thing. For those really looking to step things up, we suggest stuffing an actual pecan pie with Pecan Pie Pringles, then sprinkling the top with the little chippies at the bottom of the canister. Hey, the apocalypse is already coming, we might as well.

PicThx @spekki0


Heinz Ketchup Cake is This Season’s Pumpkin Pie


I often lament, much to the impatience of those around me, how it’s unfortunate that they don’t carry ketchup chips in the US. As a uniquely Canadian item, you either have to ship it across the border or have visiting relatives and friends fill their luggage with the stuff. Still, I’m craving that salty, savory taste all the damn time.

For those missing the addicting flavor of ketchup-infused grub, this recipe for Heinz Ketchup Cake should hold you over. Think pumpkin spice cake — thanks to the cinnamon and nutmeg — with an extra oomph from the ketchup’s tangy sweetness. If your taste buds are still wary, know that the texture is absolute heaven (thanks to the butter) and that the savory cake pairs gloriously with the cream cheese frosting.

Now, follow this up with some SpaghettiO Cupcakes while you’re at it.

PicThx Heinz

Fast Food

Jack in the Box Offers Egg Nog Shake & Pumpkin Favorites for a Limited Time


Jack in the Box is bringing back four fan favorites to their Fall menu: The Pumpkin Spice Shake, the Egg Nog Shake, the Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee and the Pumpkin Spice Hot Coffee.

The shakes and iced coffees can be purchased at 16 ounces or 24 ounces and the hot coffees are available at  12 and 16 ounces. Prices vary depending on the location. The Pumpkin and Egg Nog shakes are a little less than than 800 calories and come topped with whipped cream and maraschino cherries. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the seasonal drinks will be around for long — so those looking to get their hands on some better hurry.

PicThx Jack in the Box