Fat Russian Leonardo DiCaprio Sees The Truth In This Vodka Ad

For those that somehow don’t know, Russia is the world leader in Vodka, both in production and consumption. On average, the standard Russian drinks 17.3 shots a month of vodka, putting them leagues ahead of the competition.

Vodka company Pyat Ozer recently released an advertisement detailing the life of a man who SEEMS to have everything going his way, but upon closer inspection, actually has nothing.

The Leo doppelgänger takes a look around at all of his materialistic things (including his fake wife) and realizes that everything around him is pointless if it’s not real, at which point he comes across a bottle of Pyat Ozer.

He then makes the realest move he’s made in years, to the chagrin of his “charming” wife.

Hit-Or-Miss Humor

Pornstar Pulls Hysterical Prank On Unsuspecting Pizza Guy [WATCH]

Every guy with access to a computer has likely seen a “pizza delivery boy” scenario that involves a naive pizza delivery guy with a huge penis delivering a sausage pizza to a sultry, buxom woman, who was apparently planning on eating an entire pizza all by herself.

One dreamer in particular thought he was walking into the best situation known to man when famed Asian pornography star London Keys was the one who answered the door and beckoned him to come inside (of the apartment, you perverts).

The gentleman delivering the pizza keeps a steady look of disbelief planted on his face the entire time, although his confusion is rivaled only by his tepid enthusiasm to get the show on the road. Of course, things take an even funnier turn for the worse when a surprise guest stops by for a visit.

What would you do?



Source: Tattoo Girlsss


Fake Kid’s Menu Includes Lunchables Charcuterie and Sous Vide Pop Tart


Lil’ Buco is hands down the chicest fine dining restaurant for kids. Unfortunately, the brains behind Lil’ Buco in Austin, TX pulled a fast one on us and created an adorably creative fake website for their restaurant.

Although the joint isn’t the real deal, its website is still pretty convincing. The menu features kid-friendly dishes like bologna tartar on a Pringle, Lunchables charcuterie, a hot dog with ketchup reduction and sous vide Pop Tart with cereal-infused milk. Adding to its authenticity are pictures of the fancy shmancy plates:




Lil’ Buco also offers curbside parent pick-up/drop-off, has ballpit seating and it’s open from 4 pm to curfew.

Picthx Lil’ Buco


The G-Shock x Ciroc Breathalyzer Watch Would Probably Have Way Too Many Buttons, Anyway


Breathalyzers aren’t typically a night owl’s hip, go-to accessory. Black, awkward and frankly a bit pager-y, the few portable breathalyzers on the market today seem like much more trouble than they’re worth. Luckily P. Diddy and Casio may have found a way to help ‘90s hoodrats everywhere get home safe after a long night of knocking back screwdrivers and jungle juice.

(Just kidding – turns out this thing is a fake, at least according to highsnobiety and hiconsumption. Balls.)

If it was real, however, the “Ciroc x G-Shock Breathalyzer Watch” would feature Ciroc’s iconic logo and color gradients, along with a built-in breathalyzer capable of calculating and displaying your blood alcohol content on its face – right next to the million other numbers and letters on there.

Maybe it’s better off being fake, though. Goodness knows all those buttons confused the hell out of me as a child. Can you imagine trying to operate it drunk?

“Ma’am, are you sucking on your watch?”

“No-ahfisher, this—thisisjus howit … workssss … ZzZzzzz.”

H/T + PicThx Design Taxi


Watch Out for Fake Unicorn Sriracha & Other Tips on How to Spot Fakes


If imitation is the highest form of flattery, then it’s no surprise that there’s a fair share of knockoffs when it comes to everyone’s favorite hot sauce — that green-capped, clear-bottled, rooster-on-the-label-of-a-gem: Sriracha.

But now it seems that there are fakes cropping up all over. While we don’t know how the fake version tastes, the counterfeit Sriracha is easy to spot, according to Eat Drink & Be Merry blogger Dylan James Ho.

First off, the bottle boasts a blue cap — a clear fake. And secondly, there isn’t even a rooster on there — there’s a unicorn (magical, but not even close to the original Huy Fong Foods Inc. brand Sriracha.)


The Huy Fong Foods Incorporation has reported that the sauce is often poorly imitated — and has even gone as far as suggesting surefire ways to ensure that you’ve got the real deal in your hands. Straight from the company:

1. That taste is not identical to our product.

2. Below the green cap of our bottles, there is a protruding plastic ring, which is the same diameter of the green cap. The counterfeit product’s ring is much smaller.

3. Our product’s batch code consists of two lines printed with a laser etcher, which produces a clear, colorless imprint. The first line states the product/batch code (must start with an H) and the second line states the expiration date. The counterfeit does not have a product/batch code but has an expiration date that may be either be printed in black ink or hot-stamped resulting in a colorless, blurry imprint.

4. Finally, our bottle has ‘Huy Fong USA’ embossed on the bottom of our bottle. The counterfeit does not.”

Ho found the counterfeit condiment in Little Saigon near Los Angeles, but we haven’t managed to get our paws on this phony yet. Have you seen this knockoff Sriracha before? Let us know in the comments.

H/T Artifacting + PicThx Eat Drink & Be Merry


Parody Ben & Jerry’s Movie Flavors

There can never be enough flavors of ice cream in the world. Check out these awesome mock-ups of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream based on popular movies from the past year. Designed by the creative minds from poster design firm Old Red Jalopy, these original flavors prove that you really can call anything ice cream. Don’t you think?

Among my favorites of the range are:

The Swirl with the Dragon Cashews

New Years Peach

Caramello Activity

But also be sure to check out the rest at NextMovie!

(via: NextMovieBlog Photos: Old Red Jalopy)

Hit-Or-Miss Products

Buz Light Year – An Imagined Beer

Fashioned after the Toy Story series’ second leading man, Buzz Lightyear, this re-skinned Bud Light bottle (unofficial as far as we know, simply an artist having fun) makes note of several signature Buzz brandings to create this epic rendering. (PicThx FuckYeahAlbuquerque)