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Genius Couple Fakes Proposal To Get Free Dessert At Fancy Restaurant

You probably know some people who have blatantly lied about their birthday at TGI Fridays and were rewarded with a free strawberry sundae. I mean, they’re not going to “card” you, so why the hell not? While that’s a clean move, done by those who pride themselves on being thrifty, this Texas couple took this scam to the next level with a full-on wedding proposal that led to free dessert.

OK, maybe even the term “couple” is being used loosely here, as the two best friends were on a pretend date, went out to a fancy restaurant, and Alex Nagle got on one knee to beautifully propose to his gal pal Cati Domitrovich.

Cati posted the photos to Twitter, showing the lemon curd dessert, an actual ring, and even a fake surprised look on her face after Nagle popped the fugazi question.

When Domitrovich went to the restroom, Nagle told the waiter he was going to propose, and asked him to take take pictures, according to Buzzfeed. The two best friends went through the motions, it probably looked somewhat legit, and the free dessert came right to the table.

This one might be a little harder to pull off than the ol’ fake birthday trick, especially after this stunt, but if you’re at a fancy restaurant, you might as well try it. If it doesn’t work, just take the “L.” If it does, then you’ve got yourself some free creme brulee.