40 Adorable National Foods Made Out of ‘Play-Doh’


There’s a pretty big difference between the flat Play-Doh cookie/pizzas we used to make as children (usually purple or some equally un-cookie-like color), and these models designed for the Baltic Travel Company to represent the “national foods” of 40 different countries worldwide.

Unlike our old Play-Doh pizookies, for instance, these small plasticine sculptures actually resemble the foods they’re supposed to. There’s a pink skewered pig for Filipino lechon and a Chinese peking duck dressed with tiny spring onion sprigs. There’s Irish colcannon, German currywurst, and Mexican chiles en nogada, each rendered with such skill that you kind of wished you never graduated kindergarten.

It’s an impressive spread to be sure, if only to rehash the whole “around the world” food idea again in a way that isn’t a listicle.  We are missing the tiny Play-Doh sushi though.




These Lego Dishes are Deliciously Adorkable


These Lego dishes look good enough to eat, but don’t because you might crack a tooth.

Lego Brick Artist, Sachiko Akinaga, uses your average Lego assortment sets and builds incredible pieces, but her food creations are what has us drooling.

It’s hard enough to build a freaking Lego set that comes with the instructions but Akinaga has managed to recreate dishes such as a waffle dripping in syrup, a hamburger topped with all the fix-ins, an assortment of sushi and even a banana that you can peel open. A Lego banana. That. Peels. Open. Are you kidding me?


Akinaga competes in Lego building competitions and has been a Lego Artist for over ten years. Check out more of her delicious pieces below:



H/T + PicThx LivBit, Let’s Brick


Edible iPhone 4 Cases?

Okay well these iPhone cases aren’t really edible, but they’ll make you want to eat them. Japan (of course it would be them) created these unique cases for the iPhone 4 and 3gs that replicate food. They have breakfast, lunch, and dinner covered with the varieties they offer. Are you a morning person? If you are, you’ll love the sunny side up egg and bacon case. Into Asian cuisine? They have a nicely designed rice box for you. Each case costs $43.20 each and are available at Strapya World. It may seem a little pricey but you’ll be fixing the antenna problem and get your fix on some good eats. Well sort of eats.