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Applebee’s Is SMOTHERING Their New Loaded Fajitas In Creamy Queso

It is a universal food truth that most things can be improved by adding cheese and in a stroke of savory brilliance, Applebee’s has improved upon their classic fajita platter by (you guessed it) smothering them in hot queso.

Applebee’s has debuted their NEW Loaded Fajitas in restaurants nationwide. This decadent new item features your choice of sirloin steak, chicken or shrimp served on a sizzling skillet and smothered in hot queso with a generous sprinkling of Applewood smoked bacon. Each order comes with fajita vegetables, Spanish rice and warm flour tortillas plus a blend of cheddar cheese, guacamole, lettuce, sour cream, house made pico de gallo, and a lime wedge.

If you need your queso fix pronto, order online at and pick up Applebee’s To Go!

Feeling generous? Give the gift of cheesy goodness to a friend in need with an Applebee’s gift card, available for purchase at any location or online.

Created in partnership with Applebee’s. 


Detention Center Worker Steals Fajitas From Kids To Make $1.2 Million

The Pablo Escobar of fajitas has been sentenced to 50 years in prison. That sounds ridiculous, but what’s more insane is that Gilberto Escamilla, 53, abused his power over a juvenile detention center and made more than $1.2 million over nine years by selling fajitas.

Photo: Clay Junell on Flickr

Instead of smuggling drugs like a normal conman, the public servant would order huge batches of fajitas in the name of the detention center, but never actually serve the food that was received. Instead, he would sell it on the side and after nine years amassed over $1 million.

The crime itself wasn’t exactly Ocean’s 11 stuff, but here’s how he got caught. Escamilla had a doctor’s appointment and missed the delivery he’d been keeping secret for nine years, which led to officials being tipped off on the scam.

The worst part about this, however, is that it was done at the cost of juveniles. Despite being locked up, these are still children, and abusing their situation is incredulous. Their meals are already scant, to say the least. With each meal costing under $2 per person, they aren’t exactly being fed lobster and caviar.

Justified in the sentencing, the judge felt that 50 years would be a proper amount of time to send a message to other public servants, instilling the severity of the crime.


7 Mexican Foods That Aren’t Strictly Mexican

Mexican. Food. Chances are you’re in love with the colorfully diverse cuisine of Tierra Azteca just like the rest of us. And how could you not be? Along with beautiful music, landscapes, and craftsmanship, wonderful food and drink specimens are some of Mexico’s greatest gifts to the world.

But there’s a skeleton in the sugar skull closet: many foods that are widely seen as Mexican are, in fact, not of Mexican origin at all. Margaritas, hard-shell tacos, fajitas—all were technically born in the U.S. (though they are enjoyed by both people of Mexican descent and non-Mexicans alike). Basically, Taco Tuesday is a lie. A delicious lie. Check out some other Mexican dishes that weren’t derived from Mexico.

1. Tacos al pastor


Photo Credit: William Neuheisel

You can order tacos al pastor in many Mexican restaurants, taquerias, food trucks, and kitchens, both inside or outside of Mexico, but this style of strategically marinated pork is actually said to have been inspired from Arab and Lebanese “shepherds,” which translates to pastor in Spanish, who went to Mexico. Now that you think about it, doesn’t pastor have a bit of resemblance to shawarma or gyro?

2. Salsa


Found both in and outside of Mexico, salsa’s roots can be traced through Central and South America. You’ll find salsa roja, salsa verde, and pico de gallo in Mexico, mojo in the Caribbean and Cuba, chimichurri in Argentina, and many more depending on the region.

3. Calaveras


The colorful sugar skulls are most popular during the celebrations of Dia de los Muertos and All Souls Day. The post-Halloween festival is a Catholic holiday with ancient Celtic roots, dating back to 17th century.

4. Rosca de Reyes


This type of special bread is served on January 6, in celebration of Dia de Reyes (remembering when Three Wise men traveled to bring gifts to the infant Jesus Christ). The holiday is more religiously observed in Spain, though many Mexicans and Mexican-Americans take part in the festivities as well.

5. Fajitas


Photo Credit: Mehlen Romain

Your friends make them, your favorite Mexican restaurant sells them, and Mexicans sizzle up batches too—but fajitas are completely Tex-Mexican. Dating back to 1930s Texas, fajitas were grilled on campfires by Mexican farmhands using the throwaway beef cuts included in their pay. Not too long after, fajitas could be found in several Mexican restaurants. By the 1980s, fast casual restaurants caught on to the cost-efficient trend and haven’t looked back since.

6. Burritos


This one may come as a bit of a shocker since burritos are, for many, a favorite “Mexican” dish. An eatery called El Cholo Spanish Cafe in Los Angeles, however, claims to have served the first burrito. Hopefully, the guac didn’t cost extra.

7. Churro


These delicious cinnamon dough pastries may be a staple for Mexican food carts and trucks, but ancient churros  made a journey across the globe, more or less. They originated in China, then traveled to Portugal, Spain, and, finally, Mexico. They can also be found in modern-day South America and fairgrounds near you.


Chili’s in San Paulo Locations Tailors to Brazilian Flavors

Chili's Picanha Steak Brazil Menu Entree FOODBEAST

Sources for Brinker International, the parent company of Maggiano’s & Chile’s, recently announced custom menu offerings for the first Chile’s Grill and Bar location in Brazil. The new entrees and drinks were based around two of Brazil’s more famous culinary endeavors – the Picanha Top Sirloin, always served at quality Churrascarias in the US, and the Caipirinha, Brazil’s national cocktail. The eight new items include the Picanha Burger, Fajitas and Steak along with 5 flavors of the classic Caipirinha.

If the food tastes anything like the full-flavors of Brazilian BBQ, you really can’t go wrong with any tortilla or bun addition. This might even inspire the FOODBEAST crew to make our own Picanha burger (/stay tuned). Chile’s, you might have to bring this to the states.

Chili's Brazil Picanha Fajitas FOODBEAST

Chile's Picanha Burger Brazil FOODBEAST

Chili's Caipirinha Drink Beverage Brazil FOODBEAST


Chipotle: iPhone Ordering App


If you are a fan of Chipotle, you know that during rush times you do not want to try to go order food. The line is out the door everyday at lunch and peek dinner hours, and you have to wait so long sometimes that you aren’t even hungry anymore. Chipotle has been offering the fax in order option for awhile now, where you can fax in your order and skip the line and just go straight to paying. But my pockets aren’t big enough for a fax machine, they are however big enough for my iPhone. Now presenting the Chipotle ordering app. Check out the details after the jump. (Thx Grubgrade)