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FIRST LOOK: New Epic Fajita, Steak and Potato, and Chicken Chipotle Ranch Burritos from Del Taco


There was a time (pre-Google) when the word epic was reserved for only the vast and fantastical — battles against three headed dragons, not drinking for 48 hours straight and waking up Monday morning sans hangover. So with that frame of reference, let’s consider this important question: is it at all possible for a fast food burrito to be called truly, truly epic?

Damn straight.




FOODBEAST was invited out to Del Taco headquarters in Lake Forest, Calif. to preview the brand’s newest line of “Epic Burritos.” These dense, monstrous 18-ouncers will be hitting stores this Thursday, November 7, and we’ve got your first look.



The Epic Fajita Burrito: Your quintessential Mexican fajita plate wrapped up in Del Taco’s proprietary new tortilla. Features your choice of grilled chicken or steak, roasted vegetables, pinto beans, cotija cheese, rice, black beans, sour cream, and guacamole.



The Epic Steak and Potato: The ultimate drunk-time noms. Grilled carne asada steak, crinkle-cut fries, chipotle sauce, bacon bits, grated cheddar cheese, and sour cream. Our favorite by far, but can you really expect otherwise?



The Epic Chicken Chipotle Ranch: Grilled chicken, rice, chipotle and ranch sauce, bacon bits, grated cheddar cheese, lettuce, guacamole, and pico de gallo salsa. The freshest-feeling of the bunch, but a little cream-heavy thanks to both sauces.




The burritos cost $4.99 each and are available with a free medium drink for a limited time, 11/11 – 11/20. At 18-ounces, they’re about 2 ounces larger than Del Taco’s existing Macho Burritos, but considerably more luxe, with more unique and savory flavors, which we’re told could even expand or rotate in the future.

Fingers crossed for a carnitas fries version. Just saying.

Fast Food

El Pollo Loco Rolls Out New Signature Summer Burritos, With Two Weeks Left of Summer


Summertime is for the birds, AKA the hype-obsessed little tweeters chasing down the latest Maple Bacon Cronut Burgers or “Fiery” Flame-Ass Tacos we all turn into whenever there aren’t any looming paper deadlines to worry about. Well, we all know how this story ends. Sooner or later (sooner), over-saturation starts setting in. We start craving home cooked meals again, missing foods that look and taste the way they’re supposed to instead of some crazy mash-up of at least five different food-like chemicals and compounds. All things considered, it’s probably a really brilliant move for El Pollo Loco to launch its new “summer” burritos so late into the season. If pitted against a Cronut, goodness knows we wouldn’t have paid them any attention otherwise.

Available for a limited time only, El Pollo Loco is offering three new Signature Summer Chicken Burritos, a Chicken & Chorizo, Chicken Bacon Avocado and Chicken Fajita, each served in a warm 12-inch flour tortilla, each starting at $5.49.

Here’s how the press release describes them:

The Chicken Bacon Avocado Burrito features El Pollo Loco’s signature citrus-marinated, fire-grilled chicken, bacon, Monterey Jack cheese, and ripe hand-sliced California avocado, dressed with fresh handmade pico de gallo salsa and creamy cilantro dressing.

The Chicken Fajita Burrito features Monterey Jack cheese, black beans, fire-grilled chicken, ripe hand-sliced California avocado, and a blend of seared peppers and onions topped with poblano cream sauce.

The Chicken & Chorizo Burrito features Authentic Mexican Rice, tender, slow-simmered pinto beans in a creamy stock with Mexican spices, chorizo, fire-grilled chicken, Monterey Jack cheese, fresh green cabbage and hand-chopped onions sprinkled with fresh cilantro and dressed with poblano salsa.

And there you have it. No portmanteaus to be seen, no inception-level concoctery here. (Not up in here!) Basically, El Pollo Loco is owning its boring-ness in a way that will still probably taste pretty damn amazing. Go on EPL, you do you. You do you.

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