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Irish People Try Fried Chicken From Around The World [WATCH]

There are few foods in the world that could best fried chicken. If clogged arteries weren’t an issue, we could honestly enjoy fried chicken for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Over at Facts, a lucky panel of Irish lads and lasses got to do what I’ve been dreaming of my entire adult life: try different kinds of fried chicken from around the world.

Dishes featured include Buttermilk Fried Chicken from the United States, Lollipop Chicken from India, Chicken Karaage from Japan, and Peppered Chicken from Nigeria.

Before biting into the crispy cuts of poultry, the group doesn’t actually know where the fried chicken comes from or what type it is. They’re gifted with the experience of trying completely new fried chicken fare utterly blind.

Check out the video to see what they thought of these variations of the iconic dish.

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Irish People Try American Pancakes For The First Time [WATCH]

The problem with American pancakes is that once you crave them, you’ll stop at nothing to get your hands on some. Once you take those first few fluffy bites drenched in maple syrup, however, you find yourself stuffed and can’t carry on any further. Or maybe that’s just us.

As part of a balanced breakfast, the folks over at Facts got a group of Irish folks together to try different kinds of American pancakes for the first time. Pancakes variations include blueberry, red velvet, strawberry cheesecake, and bacon & maple syrup.

Watch them try American pancakes in the below video:

Irish pancakes are described as more like crepes in the video, much thinner than their US counterparts. In other words, the US breakfast dish may be a tad more filling.

Check out the video above to see how the panel reacts to the different types of American pancakes. Actually, pancakes don’t sound too bad right now. Hopefully I can eat more than a couple bites before throwing in the towel, though.

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Watch Irish People React To Trying American Peanut Butter For The First Time

Late-night hunger pangs can be a cruel mistress. You’re stuck in the twilight between nuking something in the microwave, or just going back to sleep. More often than not, sleep loses that battle and we end up making ourselves a sandwich. The quickest and quietest solution: a good old fashioned sandwich made with American peanut butter.

Facts, the YouTube channel behind Irish People trying American BBQ, is at it again.

The panel try the most popular peanut butter brands like Jif, Smuckers, Creamy Reese’s, and Skippy.

Check out the video below to see their different stances on American peanut butter brands and which ones they enjoyed the most. Personally, we were always partial to Skippy.

Watching these lads and lasses try all the American peanut butter we have at our disposal really makes us curious about the differences between them all. Perhaps on our next grocery run, we’ll pick up a few. Can’t hurt to grab some jelly either.


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Irish People Try Jolly Ranchers For The First Time [WATCH]

When it comes to candy, Jolly Ranchers are one of the few we truly enjoy at any time of year. The fruit-flavored sweet comes in a variety of forms such as hard candy, jelly beans, lollipops, and gummies. If we had to pick, green apple Jolly Ranchers are the embodiment of candy itself.

The folks over at Facts decided to try the iconic confectionary for themselves, and rallied together a panel of lads and lasses to taste the sweets for the very first time.

Candy flavors include Fruit n’ Sour, Cinnamon Fire, Blue Raspberry Soda, and Awesome Twosome Bites.

Check out the video to see this group of Irish citizens get a sugar rush on camera and voice their opinions on the variety of Jolly Rancher flavors they toss in their mouths.

After all that candy, they’ll probably be wanting something pretty savory to even out all that sweetness. Might we recommend a heaping helping of shawarma fries?

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Watch These Folks Try Alcohol For The First Time

Most of us of drinking age can remember that first experience with alcohol and whether or not we enjoyed the taste. As time went on, we got used to the strong flavor and welcomed the buzz that came with the drink. Sometimes we look back and wonder how we would handle our first alcoholic beverages if we could relive the experience again.

In their latest video, Facts found a trio who have never tried alcohol before to drink a variety of liquored up beverages for the first time. The drinks and cocktails they tried include cider, beer, alcopops (alcoholic soda), gin, and wine.

The panel seemed pretty unanimous about their dislike for nearly all of the alcoholic beverages placed in front of them. Hey, it’s not for everyone and that’s OK.

Check out the video and see if this experience triggers some of your first-time drinking memories.

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Irish People Try Sushi For The First Time [WATCH]

The first time we tried sushi, many many years ago, we were pretty nervous about the idea of eating raw fish. Since that first experience, we’ve fallen in love with the iconic Japanese dish.

Over at Facts, the production company dug around and found six people who have yet to experience the bliss that comes from raw fish and vinegared rice.

Popular sushi items include Rainbow Rolls and Ebi Tempura Rolls with Masago. After the first two rolls, however, things take a pretty weird turn in the rolls that come out in front of them. The group tries a Mango California Roll, Charred Salmon and Strawberry Roll, and what they call a Jo Pineapple Roll.

Hang on a second… what? Maybe these are just popular over in Ireland.

If you want to see this group of lads and lasses eat strange sushi-fruit hybrids while struggling to get a grip on their chopsticks, check out the video above.

Man, sushi sounds pretty good for lunch right now. Especially since it’s a million degrees outside.

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Watch Irish People Try American Doritos For The First Time

You’re either down with Hot Cheetos or you’re down with Doritos. There’s really not much of a middle ground when it comes with to a bag of chips here in the United States. Unlike Cheetos, however, Doritos has quite a few more fan-favorite flavors to choose from, complete with iconic packaging.

The folks over at Facts got a panel of Irish men and women together to try different flavors of American Doritos for the first time. These flavors include Nacho Cheese, Cool Ranch, Salsa Verde, and After Dark: Tacos at Midnight.

Check out the video and see whether or not these lads and lasses like the seasoned tortilla chips. Definitely makes us want to grab a bag on the way home.

So what’s your favorite Doritos flavor? Personally, we’re on the Cool Ranch train.

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Watch Irish People Try Nachos For The First Time

Nachos can be considered to be the ultimate appetizer. A sharable dish, topped with gooey cheese and any ingredient under our yellow sun, all of which can be eaten simply with your hands.

The folks over at Facts pulled together a motley crew of young Irish men and women to try a gamut of different nacho dishes.

Different styles of nachos include Chorizo and Cheese Nachos, Pulled Pork Nachos, Loaded Chicken Nachos, and Steak Nachos.

Like alcohol, it seems that nachos are a universal lubricant as each dish was pretty well-received by the panel. Check out the video above to see the group’s reactions to each of the meaty nacho flavors placed in front of them.

Damn, this is kind of making us crave Irish Nachos all of a sudden.