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Boba Tea Startup Bobacino Looks To Incorporate Facial Recognition Payment System

Image courtesy of Bobacino and PopID

The global pandemic has forced many businesses and restaurants to switch up their traditional models, with many pivoting to accommodate contactless ordering systems and also less face-to-face contact in service. Bobacino, a boba tea startup that is a standalone, fully integrated system and and dispenser, looks to be a part of that trend by partnering with PopID, a facial recognition payment company.

This partnership looks to allow customers the ability to pay with their face at Bobacino’s automated locations and on mobile devices.

PopID’s advanced facial recognition technology works hand in hand with Bobacino’s low-touch automation, speed and accessibility. Notable benefits of this partnership are:

  • On-site contactless ordering and payment: PopID-compatible Bobacino machines will feature full software and hardware integration, allowing customers to select and utilize PopID’s PopPay solution as a payment method on the same screen they viewed Bobacino’s menu and placed their order. Customers can still pay via traditional credit/debit cards if they do not have a PopID account.
  • App ordering and payment: Bobacino customers will be able to use PopID as a payment method on PopID’s app for placing pre-orders for pickup.
  • Customer confirmation: Customers will also have the option of verifying their identity with PopID to retrieve their order. Through an opt-in only system, the customer’s face will be scanned and authenticated to dispense the drink. No customer data will be saved on Bobacino machines.

The demand for low-touch concepts and similar solutions that align with the fluid restaurant trends caused by the pandemic has led to much interest in Bobacino’s business model.

Just the fact alone that I can get a quick boba fix with the ease of just showing my face is enough to get me excited for this new technological breakthrough.

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You Can Pay Through Facial Recognition Tech At This California Burger Joint

We’ve had friends ask us to spot them for food because they’ve forgotten both their wallets and phones on multiple lunch breaks. You know who you are. If only there was some kind of technology that would bypass absentmindedness and allow you to pay for your meal with the your most primal of assets: your face.

In a pretty groundbreaking advancement, Cali Burgers announced a pilot program at their Pasadena, CA, location that lets customers pay using their face.

Rather than swiping with a credit card, all you’ll have to do is stand there and smile.

Originally, CaliBurger customers were only able to face log into their loyalty accounts at the self-ordering kiosk. They would then have to use a credit card or their phones to complete their order before receiving food. Now, it appears that has become a thing of the past for anyone with a face.

“The positive customer reaction to face-based loyalty login at the kiosks encouraged us to quickly deploy face based payments at the kiosks,” said John Miller, CEO of Cali Group. “To our knowledge, this is the first time in America that customers in a retail environment can pay without needing a physical or digital wallet.”

Once patrons’ faces are scanned, all they’ll have to do is enter their 3-digit CVV number from their credit card to finish the transaction.

CaliBurger’s payment program launches on Jan. 30.

Definitely going to go try it out a few times. Wonder if they’ll be able to recognize my face after I put on a few pounds though?

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KFC Using Face-Scan Technology That Lets You Pay For Food

KFC China is letting you keep your money and credit cards in your pocket, as you can now simply pay with your face.

The technology was introduced by Ant Financial in Hangzhou, and according to CNN Money, the customer puts in their order at a kiosk, which promptly scans their face, making sure it matches the photo ID in the system. The reason they have access to people’s photos is a little scary, but apparently China has a database filled with its citizens photo IDs.

There is one last step that’s not super efficient, as you’d still have to enter your phone number before the payment goes through, but it’s a minor detail.

The payment platform itself is a popular app called Alipay, which has already implemented the facial recognition technology, and has more than half a billion users worldwide. Ant Financial swears the technology is safe, and uses a 3D camera to make sure people don’t try to fool it by using someone else’s photo.

The face-scanning technology sounds like something out of Minority Report, and while that movie is a bit terrifying, you don’t really have to panic about a machine take over — yet.

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DiGiorno’s Facial Recognition Software Delves Into How Pizza Makes Us Happy

The joyfulness that pizza brings is a feeling ingrained in us since our earliest memories of ever having one. Childhood pizza parties in particular evoke the elation and wonder we all felt whenever we gathered with our best pals and dug into a cheesy slice or three. Fast forward to our grown selves and the equation of pizza and happiness still rings true.

Pizza makes us happy. Duh.

But have you ever wondered what exactly about it has us daydreaming about our next slice with a goofy grin on our faces? Could it be the toppings? Or maybe it’s the gooey, ‘Grammable cheese pull? Maybe it’s the intoxicating aroma of eau de deep dish?

DiGiorno pizza facial recognition

Well, thanks to a recent social experiment conducted by Digiorno Pizza, the levels of joy when pizza is to be had have been identified and pinpointed. The results? Quite surprising to say the least and can be observed through the video above.

To conduct this experiment, DiGiorno enlisted real folks to throw their own pizza party. During three separate parties, the room was set up with more than 40 high-resolution cameras that captured footage of guests throughout the affair. With the help of facial recognition and emotion-tracking software, the footage was then analyzed to identify patterns in emotion.

Yes, with pizza, everybody wins. But who knew there were levels to this kind of happiness?

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A KFC In China Can Guess Your Order By Scanning Your Face


Indecision can sometimes be the bane of fast food. It would be so much easier if robots could pick and choose what we wanted to eat before we wasted any more time in contemplation.

Mashable reports that a partnership between Kentucky Fried Chicken and Chinese search engine company Baidu is creating a “smart restaurant” concept in Beijing. Thus putting the whole robots choosing what you eat thing in a whole new light.

Beijing’s new restaurant features kiosks that will scan a customer’s face, making menu suggestions based on their age, gender, and mood they’re currently in. The tech will store facial scans and make future suggestions for repeat customers based on things they’ve ordered in the past.

The point, according to TechCrunch, is to guess what the customer wants before they even have to ask. So far, one concept is slated to open in the near future, with no official release date as of yet.

Are you ready for restaurants to eventually know your every food preference?


This Machine Prints Faces on Pancakes So You’ll Never Eat Breakfast Alone


With the advent of 3D technology, it’s becoming more and more common to create the fantastic from nothing. Once, we lived in a world where the sight of someone’s face on a piece of toast could be considered a religious sign. Now, for a price, one can get the same result in minutes. Pancakes are no different.

Kinnear Dufort, a designer based in the UK, has developed a machine that utilizes both facial recognition and 3D printing. While both have been done before, Dufort combines the two technologies to make pancakes with faces printed on them.

The machine releases layers of pancake batter that cooks in a time-sensitive sequence after an image is captured through digital photography. Because of the intricate process involved cooking pancakes in multiple layers, everything is computed to the second. The overall process takes about five minutes.

Yep. You can now drench your face in syrup and have yourself for breakfast.

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