This Instagram User Became Popular By Smashing Bread In Her Face

If you’re prone to spending hours following Instagram hashtags down the rabbit hole, then perhaps you’ve seen something stranger than @BreadFaceBlog. The BreadFaceBlog is an Instagram account operated by an anonymous woman that posts videos of herself “smooshing” her face into and against different types of bread, just for the fuck of it.

It’s something you really have to see to believe. Here’s the most recent post, during the time this article was written.

Behold, the “#BreadFacing” trend.

Accompanied by the clever tagline, “Giving people what they didn’t ask for,” you could say the BreadFaceBlog has quickly become more popular than sliced bread. The account is currently entertaining more than 78K followers.

The young lady behind the @BreadFaceBlog account has been recognized by noteworthy publications like Maxim, The New York Times and Munchies. She still, however, chooses to remain anonymous.

The BFB posts have reoccurring similarities: there’s always a musical soundtrack playing in the background and the “face” always seems to enjoy rubbing her entire face on the particular bread of choice, albeit with guarded pleasure.

New York magazine profiled her recently, trying to figure out if there was some underlying meaning to her mesmerizing obsession with BreadFacing. Unfortunately, the answer is no. Not really. If there is some profound reasoning behind her program, she’s not certainly not telling.

From our perspective, we’ll just keep watching her videos and continue to be completely confused as to why anyone would be smashing their face into bread. Here’s a few more of her posts.


There’s a link also a link to the BreadFacer’s Paypal account, in case people feel inclined to give this girl some “bread” for some bread. No pun intended.


You Can Now Eat Your Own Face Thanks To These Custom Cookie Cutters


Traditionally, the thought of eating your own face or that of your loved ones was a pretty taboo subject matter. Well, a company in Budapest will let you do just that.

Sort of.

Copypastry is known for creating custom cookie cutters that are designed after your very own face. Using 3D printing, the Hungary-based business allows customers to send in a photographs of anyone and the company will print them out as cookie cutters.

You can requests orders of an individual face, a couple, or one of your pet. Who wouldn’t want adorable cookies in the shape of their furry best friend?

Next time you’re looking to impress someone with a fresh batch of cookies, you might as well feature their faces on them. Should be a nice surprise, especially with the holidays coming up.



Here’s What Crystal Skull Vodka Looks Like With a Face


If you’ve ever wondered what that Crystal Skull Vodka bottle would look like with skin, er, look no further. When a group of forensic scientists found a bottle at their liquor store, they  knew exactly what they had to do, for society’s sake. So they added some faux skin and performed a facial reconstruction to see the man behind the bottle.

The results are pretty astonishing.


The project involved adding on several layers of fake muscle and body mass before a realistic form took shape. The laughing drunk with a bottle coming out of his head is a little disturbing, but hey, anything for science.

We just have one question: what inspired those lovely flowing locks? It’s a hairdo any Disney Princess would envy.


Picthx Crystal Head Vodka


3D Printer Creates Creepy Sculpture of Your Face in Dark, Milk or White Chocolate

Chocolate Face

To all my fellow chocoholics out there, I assume we can agree on one thing: chocolate in any form rules. M&M’s, mochas, heck — even chocolate taquitos are bomb. However, what’s the one thing a true cocoa lover desires? A life-size chocolate face. Amiright?

All creepiness aside, Choc Edge is redefining the world of dessert, one delicious face at a time. Using the world’s first 3D chocolate printer, the Choc Creator V1, Choc Edge can create your own replica for $80-$130 in dark, white or milk chocolate. It does so by applying just .05mm of chocolate at a time, carefully building up the image.

Watch the printer create a chocolate snowflake below:

Interested in nibbling on your face? Head on over to Choc Edge for ordering info.

H/T + Picthx That’s Nerdalicious


Bottle of Yogurt Explodes, 58-Year-Old Man May Suffer Loss of Eyesight

yogurt explodes

You thought you were safe, and doing something good for your body, but then… you opened that confounded yogurt drink.

A 58-year-old man in China was opening a bottle of yogurt when he heard a hissing noise that sounded like escaping gas. Though he tried to move outside, realizing that a non-carbonated drink probably shouldn’t be hissing at him, he didn’t make it in time. The yogurt drink exploded, its contents hitting the man in the eye.

A black eye from a yogurt drink is one thing, but the poor guy ended up suffering from internal bleeding: his face swelled up and he ended up in the hospital. Although doctors took extra precaution to make sure he didn’t go blind from the incident, he may have lost part of his vision.

In consolation, the drink maker offered the man 10 boxes of the yogurt beverage, apologizing profusely. Needless to say, he passed on the offer.

H/T + PicThx Rocket News


Face Mug — For Lonely People & Donuts

Lazy morning people, rejoice! Because there aren’t enough coffee mug re-designs out there, let’s throw in one more. Introducing The Face Mug, the newest addition to beverage + snack carrying vessels.

This face-shaped mug holds your favorite hot beverage while conveniently carrying a delightful snack of your choice in its mouth. It’s geared towards the coffee and doughnut crowd; that’s not to say the cocoa and cookie, or tea and scone folks are left behind. Choose your drink, choose your treat — it’s that simple.

I don’t recommend staring directly into the face of the mug if it’s not occupied- it’s a little terrifying, unless you’re into that kind of thing. So if you’re looking for a bizarre conversation piece, or you’re lonely and need a friend, grab a Face Mug for less than 20 bucks.

Buy $18 @ uncommongoods


Pizza Delivery Guy Attacked – Next Time Remember Those Garlic Knots!

When delivering pizza, one of the most important things they tell you is to make sure you have everything you need before you sit your butt in the car. That being said, is it really worth punching a guy in the face for forgetting to bring you garlic knots? Apparently: Yes.

Robert Wheeler, 48, allegedly punched his Vero Beach, Fla. pizza deliveryman in the face for not showing up with his complete order. What did he forget? Garlic Knots. The 348-pound tank of a man told the deliveryman “give that to the person working on the phone back at the restaurant” according to TCPalm.

While Wheeler admits to striking the deliveryman, he claims it was due to the restaurant owing him money, not because of the garlic knots. Either way, both reasons probably won’t look too great in front of a judge. Wheeler was arrested with a misdemeanor battery charge and is currently out on $500 bail. He will appear in court on Sept. 18.

Now, I’ve forgotten my fair share of food back in my delivery days…thankfully I’ve never gotten more than an stern talking to.

via: TCPalm and Huffington Post


Cat Cup & Saucer Set

Like many real cats, the mood of the kitty on this saucer depends on what he is currently eating or drinking.  Without the cup, the cat’s saucer face looks hungry and disappointed at the fact that he is not currently being fed.

But fill the cup with a delicious beverage and place it on the saucer to make him smile and lick his whiskers in delight.  When not in use, store the mug upside-down and the bottom of the cup will show his mouth slightly open, eagerly anticipating his next meal. ($26.00 @ Omoi)