Food Truck Explodes In Middle Of Suburbs, Damages 20 Homes


Minnesota-based food truck Motley Crews exploded over the weekend. No, the food truck boom hasn’t found a second wind. We mean literally exploded. The food truck was parked in a Lakeville neighborhood when it blew up late Friday evening.

According to witnesses, the incident sounded “like a bomb.” Although nearly two dozen homes were damaged in the explosion, luckily no one was hurt. Police say the explosion was more than likely caused by a propane leak. While it’s still under investigation, a GoFundMe has launched in an effort to help the families affected by the damage.

Motley Crews is known for their burgers, sandwiches and Heavy Metal theme.

Witnesses say the explosion could be heard within a six-mile radius. The truck has tweeted a thank you for all the thoughts and prayers regarding the incident.

Photo by Fox 9


What This Guy Does With Coke, Nutella, Mentos and a Condom is Something You Can’t Unsee


There’s some sort of world record being achieved here…but to be honest, I haven’t done my research. Hell, I can’t even understand 95% of this video. It just involves a bottle of Coca Cola, Mentos, and Nutella. Yet, just when you think you’ve heard this story before, or seen a video with some hooligan experiencing the joy of dropping Mentos into a bottle of Cola, the fellow on camera nonchalantly pulls out a Durex-brand condom and changes everything. Forever.

Any sort of description of this already succinct video would simply not do it justice.

Just enjoy:


Bottle of Yogurt Explodes, 58-Year-Old Man May Suffer Loss of Eyesight

yogurt explodes

You thought you were safe, and doing something good for your body, but then… you opened that confounded yogurt drink.

A 58-year-old man in China was opening a bottle of yogurt when he heard a hissing noise that sounded like escaping gas. Though he tried to move outside, realizing that a non-carbonated drink probably shouldn’t be hissing at him, he didn’t make it in time. The yogurt drink exploded, its contents hitting the man in the eye.

A black eye from a yogurt drink is one thing, but the poor guy ended up suffering from internal bleeding: his face swelled up and he ended up in the hospital. Although doctors took extra precaution to make sure he didn’t go blind from the incident, he may have lost part of his vision.

In consolation, the drink maker offered the man 10 boxes of the yogurt beverage, apologizing profusely. Needless to say, he passed on the offer.

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Apparently Nuked Cans Of Beer Are Still Safe To Drink, May Taste A Little ‘Off’

For those of you lucky enough to still be alive on December 22, you can now rest assured knowing your favorite drugstore brews will not only remain completely intact, but will also be completely drinkable.

This is all thanks to a recently discovered 1957 U.S. government study entitled “The Effect of Nuclear Explosions on Commercially Packaged Beverages” (codename: Operation Teapot), for which scientists placed several cans and bottles of soda and beer at various distances from an atomic explosion in order to test their subsequent taste and radioactivity.

As relayed by NPR’s Robert Krulwich, the scientists with arguably the best (or worst) job ever exploded two bombs — one 20 kilotons of TNT, the other 30 — and discovered that most of the bottles and cans not only survived the explosion, but also served as decent enough buffers to prevent any obscene amount of radioactivity from spilling over into their contents. The drinks, Krulwich writes, were in fact  “well within the permissible limits for emergency use” according to the report, with the operative word “emergency” probably meaning something like you won’t turn zombie or sprout extra eyes or anything, at least not right away.

He does go on to state that immediate taste tests did reveal a “slight flavor change” in drinks exposed at 1,270 feet from Ground Zero, while the “most blasted” beers were “‘definitely off.'” But who knows? Maybe the radioactivity just bumped up the alcohol content and by the time the tests were done, all these scientists were drinking Super Saiyan-level Moonshine and talking nonsense.

The moral of the story is, when in doubt in the midst of a thirst-quenching end-of-world scenario, go ahead and take a sip of that rusty, radioactive Corona or Miller or Bud. Because science. And because beer.