This School District Got Caught Serving Six-Year-Old Meat


Students of the Hawkins County school system in Tennessee were served expired meat in the cafeteria. How old was the meat? Reports say that the pork roast served to the students sat in the cafeteria freezers since 2009.


The Hawkins County commissioner, Michael Herrel, received a photo last week of the six-year-old pork roast in question from a cafeteria cook. The cook worked at Joseph Rogers Primary School, which happened to be the only school in the county that didn’t serve the years-old pork to its students.

Another cook from Cherokee High School also spoke to Herrel, who also was a parent, and told him that the meat there went bad as well. However, the cook’s manager simply told him to cover it in gravy to mask the taste.

According to USDA rules, roast should be served between four to 12 months.

The school county will begin an inventory of all its meats as well as perform random inspections to make sure that this doesn’t happen again. So far there have been no reported illnesses from the pork.

Photo: WBay

Fast Food

McDonald’s Japan Busts Out Tofu Nuggets Following Expired Meat Scandal


McDonald’s Corp. found itself in quite a bind after an investigation revealed that chicken nugget supplier OSI Group LLC. had been mixing expired meat with newer supplies. As a result of the scandal, McDonald’s pulled all chicken and other items from menus at several locations throughout China and Japan.

But now it would seem Japan’s highest grossing restaurant chain wants to make up for taking away people’s poultry, by offering them tofu nuggets instead.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the new Tofu Shinjo Nuggets will be made from ingredients that include “onions, soybeans, carrots, and minced fish.” It will also be lower in calories than the chicken nuggets and served with a ginger dipping sauce. A McDonald’s spokesperson said the tofu nuggets had been in development prior to the expired meat scandal. The timing of their release, it’s assumed, was pure “luck.”

Although, considering all the chemical gunk they pour into this stuff anyway, I can’t say vegetarian chemical gunk sounds all much more appetizing anyway.

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