A Sushi Restaurant Just Bought This Massive Bluefin Tuna For $117,000


It’s probably safe to say that the tuna purchased by Japanese restaurant chain Sushi Zanmai for $117,000 dwarfs even your priciest sushi dinner.

The 441-pound bluefin tuna was purchased for a whopping 14 million yen — $265 per pound — at the annual New Year auction at Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo, reports the Washington Post.


“It was a little more expensive than expected, but it’s the highest quality for its shape, color and fat,” Kiyoshi Kimura, the owner of Sushi Zanmai, told reporters at the market. “I want our customers to be happy. It was the last auction at Tsukiji so there were many people there, and I feel everyone in the auction was deeply moved.”

The tuna was especially expensive because it was caught off the country’s northern coast in Aomori prefecture, which is famous for its abundance of richly fat tuna that fisherman there refer to as “black gold.”

Another reason the tuna fetched such a huge sum was because it was the first auction of the year, of which the Japanese have a superstition of overpaying for — called “goshiga soba,” which means “congratulatory price” — to usher in a prosperous year.

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Kimura is also no stranger to overpaying for a prize catch. In 2013, he paid nearly $1.8 million for a 490-pound tuna after engaging in a bidding war with a rival sushi chain owner.

Although the price paid for the tuna is impressive, marine conservation groups have warned that overfishing and rising prices could mean future extinction for the endangered bluefin tuna species. Japan consumes 80 percent of the bluefin tuna caught worldwide, which has caused their population levels to dwindle.


“Given the already dire state of the population — decimated to just 4 percent of unfished levels — it is of particular concern that the auction price is rising again,” Amanda Nickson, director of Global Tuna Conservation at the Pew Charitable Trusts, said in a release. “The international community must let the Japanese government know that additional action is needed to save this species.”

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Here’s What A Beer Will Cost You Around The World

If you’re like us, when you travel to a new city, discovering the local drinking scene — bars, breweries and the occasional urban winery — are at the top of your to-do list. Those of us who’ve been lucky enough to hop around the globe know that prices of life’s staples beer can vary widely. Since it’s always good to know in advance what you’re getting yourself into, we’ve highlighted the cities with the least and most expensive average beer prices in the world. If you want to see the entire list — 75 cities — head over to GoEuro, the folks who collected the data.

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This Insanely Expensive Ice Cream Costs $817 A Scoop


The hotter it gets, the less we think about how expensive ice cream is getting. Though, we’re pretty sure it’ll never get to the point where we’d buy ice cream at $817 a scoop. That’s just bananas.

Dubai’s Scoopi Cafe is known for offering what they call the world’s most expensive ice cream. The cafe’s “Black Diamond” dessert is made with a Madagascar vanilla bean ice cream. While that doesn’t sound too extravagant, the dessert is topped with Italian truffles and rare ambrosial Iranian saffron (about $100 an ounce). The Black Diamond is also topped with edible 23-karat gold flakes.

Since some rare chocolates and edible gold still doesn’t seem enough to justify such an expensive dish, the dessert comes with a Versace bowl and a matching spoon. Only two orders have been sold so far.

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This Is What A $100 Donut Looks Like


How much would you pay for a warm, freshly fried donut? If you’re in West Kelowna, Canada, you could shell out a few extra bucks and grab yourself a “Donutopia” from Dolicious Donuts.

The $100 donut is made with Bling H20 luxury water, at $39 a bottle. The breakfast pastry itself is covered in 24-carat gold flakes and sugar “diamonds.” The luxury donut is served in a carefully molded sugar bowl.

Apparently it takes about five hours to make one, and while it’s a hefty price, the donut is said to be pretty delicious.

The good news is that all the proceeds from Donutopia will go towards building a soup kitchen in West Kelowna. So it’s definitely an admirable cause.

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Would You Shell Out $1,700 for This Glamburger Covered in Edible Gold?


Here at Foodbeast, we’ve seen our fair share of crazy ass burgers along with a plethora of expensive as fuh luxury dishes, but today, those lines are forever blurred thanks to this Glamburger.

Located at Honky Tonk, a London based American diner, this burger has indeed been authenticated by Record Setter as a world record burger. Crafted by Chef Chris Lange, the Glamburger touts a Kobe Wagyu Beef and venison patty that houses black truffle brie in its meaty inner sanctum. The burger then gets the surf and turf treatment with the addition of Iranian saffron poached lobster and bacon covered in maple syrup to the point where it’s nearly candied.

Still not decadent enough for you fancy pants? Well the Glamburger comes topped with a smoked duck egg covered in edible gold, Beluga caviar, matcha mayonnaise, nestled between a bun swimming in gold leaves. To take this thing just over the edge of insanity to the brink of WTF, Chef Large adds shaved white truffle and tops it with a mango champagne jus. Can you say luxurious?

The Glamburger was created in partnership with Groupon to celebrate the site’s five millionth voucher milestone. Not to worry if you don’t have a cool two grand to drop on this swanky burger, Groupon is given one lucky winner the chance to experience the Glamburger absolutely free.

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The Ultimate Birthday Present – a $900 cupcake?


Earlier this year we wrote about a sundae that costs $1000. Now the bakery gods have gone berserk again, this time with a $900 cupcake.

The owner of Toronto’s Le Dolci bakery, Lisa Sanguedolce, was approached by a client who wanted an extravagant cupcake created for his wife’s birthday.

So what exactly goes into a cupcake with a $900 price tag? Well there was a pastry cream filling, flavored with champagne that costs about $1,000 a bottle. Buttercream frosting, made with butter from Normandy, chocolate from luxury Italian chocolatiers, specialty coffee, French sea salt, organic cane sugar, and Tahitian vanilla beans. Obviously. Tiny champagne bubbles sprinkled over the cake were created using molecular gastronomy  and “diamonds” carved out of sugar were placed around the edge of the cupcake.  Fondant flowers  etched in edible gold and stylized gold strips crisscrossed the sides of the cupcake, complete with edible gold branches and leaves. And finally, because the previously mentioned items weren’t enough, there was a pipette of the Courvoisier cognac, to be drizzled on top before it was eaten.

The cupcake required the work of two pastry chefs, a cake designer, two days of labor and many hours of planning.

Whether the lady thought her husband was absolutely brilliant for doing this for her or absolutely furious for wasting all that money, no one knows.

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You’ll Never Believe What Vegas’ Newest Club is Charging $737,000 For


After a yearlong renovation and rebranding, Drai’s Las Vegas will be opening its doors again on Thursday. The new venue includes a “5000-capacity nightclub and rooftop day club with 360-degree views of all of Vegas, private cabanas and multiple pools,” according to DJ Helena.

However, the grand reopening isn’t what everyone is talking about- it’s their new menu. While the single bottle costs seem pretty standard for the high-end Vegas nightlife, you may be surprised at the Drai’s Airways section of the menu, which includes a private jumbo jet for you and 50 of your closest friends, a firework display, and 100 bottles of Dom Perignon Brut Luminous for the (not really) affordable rate of $737,000. Check out the full menu below:






The $1.3 Million Worldwide Booze Tour For Two


There’s a big difference between cuddling on the couch with a bottle of two buck Chuck and sipping on an ultra-rare (only three bottles in the world) Dalmore Trinitas at the Dalmore Distillery in Scotland. But don’t just take our word for it. British travel agency holidaysplease wants you to experience the upgrade first hand. At least, as long as you’re still sober enough to remember it.

On their Ultimate Drink Connoisseur’s Holiday package, luxe and lushy couples get catapulted across ten different locations around the world to sample the rarest, most exclusive liquor those watering holes have to offer. We’re talking Winston Cocktails spiked with $166,498 cognac at the Crown Casino Club in Melbourne, and Bader & Garrin diamond martinis in New York. Somewhere in between, you’ll have time to nurse your million dollar hangovers, see the sights, and maybe pick up another Marchesa purse or ten. But at its heart is nothing but a nice, quiet, 1.3 million dollar boozy vacation with your boo.

Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you $1000 beer, which is close enough.

Departure dates and prices vary according to couple preference, but the full itinerary can be previewed at holidaysplease.

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