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These Snacks Might Be Able To Replace Traditional Protein Bars

There is a portion of this world that likes to be super active, whether it’s going on a hike, climbing Mt. Everest, or just gettin’ down ‘n dirty in the gym every day. With my 2-3 gentle yoga classes per week and a total lack of stamina when it comes to most anything else, I wouldn’t even dare to place myself within this pristine group of humans, but I appreciate what they do. I like to show my support by being a cheerleader or by taking on the responsibility of making sure everyone gets fed – two things I excel at on a daily basis.

While I may be a gym noob, I do know the most important part of working out is what you eat afterwards to replenish your nutrients. Here’s where Caveman Foods comes in. This company, co-founded by the dude who made Muscle Milk, strives to create delicious snacks packed with protein to give you that perfect post-workout or post-scaling-Mount-Everest fuel.


Caveman Foods has three main products: Primal Bars, Bites, and Jerky. Most of these snacks are not for the faint of heart, and by faint of heart I mean vegans/vegetarians. All three of these products use chicken meat as their base, which provides for a high protein and low fat snack. However, while they aren’t advertised as much as these baseline products, Caveman Foods does make nutrition bars that are nut-based and meat-free.

Let’s talk about these meat snacks for a second, though. In all honesty, eating meat in this format was a new thing for me. I’m usually an eat-steak-hot-off-the-grill kind of gal, but I found myself getting into this. Here’s my rundown of the products:


Chicken Bites: These are such a great idea. First of all, they’re portable and bite-sized, which makes everything better in my book. Also, it’s pretty incredible that these have 10 grams of protein per serving. Second of all, they come in interesting flavors, like habanero & green chili, sun dried tomato & kale and applewood smoked BBQ. The BBQ was definitely my favorite, as its smokiness really shined through. The habanero and green chili, on the other hand, was super spicy. I could definitely imagine it being a good pick-me-up after the gym.


Primal Bars: The primal bars are essentially the chicken bites but in a larger format, except they have 18 grams of protein instead of *just* ten. If you ask me, this format is probably the most efficient way to regain what you lost at the gym. If you’re a fan of fruit flavors with your meat (weird thing to say, but some people aren’t), you’ll definitely be into the sweet cherry flavor. I would say it’s more tangy than sweet, which was a good flavor combo with the chicken. The smoked jalapeño was a winner. What can I say, I love smoked meats. The texture of these bars are somewhat precarious, since the chicken is cooked and then chopped and formed into the bars. It was just a new texture for me since I’ve never eaten anything like this before.


Jerky: I’ve been eating jerky for as long as I can remember. It was always my dad’s go-to snack whenever we were on the road. Caveman Foods has a pretty dope take on this classic snack. Again, their jerky is made with chicken, which provides you the most protein with the least amount of fat. The texture of this snack is what you’d expect with a good jerky. I was pretty sold on this, especially because I tried the buffalo flavor. I am obsessed with buffalo to the point where you could probably douse anything in buffalo sauce and I will eat it. Please don’t take that as a challenge because I will probably lose.


Nutrition Bars: Okay, these were LIT. I would eat one of these every single day if I could. These come in almond cashew and maple nut flavors, of which the maple nut was definitely my favorite. This bar kind of tasted like those Nature’s Valley sweet & salty peanut bars but a million times better (and better for you). A lot of nut bars can be difficult to eat because they’re overly chewy or the nuts aren’t roasted and sweetened enough, but there were none of those issues here. Each bite was deliciously chewy and sweet, but not overly so. Totally a home run on this one.

Long story short, Caveman Foods is one of the good guys out there. For those of you with dietary restrictions, most of their products are gluten-free, milk-free, peanut-free, and many are 100% paleo. They also use only all-natural chicken and refuse to put nitrates in any of their products. If you’re looking for the perfect snack to refuel, Caveman Foods has got your back.



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Metabolism Cheat Sheet: 10 Ways To Boost Yourself Up


There are tons of ways to kick off your metabolism. However, sometimes it’s difficult to keep track of what works and what doesn’t.

Sure the basics are clean eating and plenty of exercise, but if you want to get into the specifics, Diagnosis: Diet created an infographic featuring 10 tips to improving your metabolism. While some are more common sense than others, having everything in a visually appealing mini-guide really does help everything stick.

If you’re trying to lose weight, or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle, this list highlights some of the top ways to help crank you metabolism. Check it out.


Photo: Diagnosis: Diet


Every Weight Loss Myth Debunked


Losing weight can be a terrifying feat. Between listening to horror stories from friends, the Internet, or popular culture, weight loss demotivation begins to sink in.

The folks at eVisit created an infographic that pretty much debunks the top 25 most common weight loss myths around today. Everything from “snacking too much is bad for you” to whether or not “The Freshman 15” is a thing.

Check out the enormous graphic below and put your fears and misconceptions to rest.

Food-Myths-01 Food-Myths-02


This Bike Accessory Converts Air to Water and Fills a Water Bottle


Exercise and water go hand-in-hand. However, when you’re venturing out into the great unknown, sometimes it can be difficult to fill up on water. Design student Kristof Retezar has come up with the concept for a self-filling water bottle that’s powered via bicycle.

Called the Fontus, the bicycle attachment utilizes the idea of thermoelectric cooling, passing humid air through solar cells and condensing moisture from the air into droplets of water. While in motion, the device captures up to a half liter of water an hour, depending on the climate.

Although it’s just a prototype, Retezar plans to refine the device to include a purification system for heavily polluted cities.

This thing could either change the world or be something hybrid owners brag about when waiting in line for coffee.

The Fontus is currently looking for crowd-funding and investors for mass production.

H/T Design Taxi


Pairing Wine and Exercise is Good for You, Says Science


You can run for miles on the treadmill, but as soon as you shotgun that beer afterwards you pretty much wasted your gym sesh. If only there was a good enough excuse to drink following a strict workout regime that will leave you guilt-free. Turns out having some wine with your workout actually does your body good.

The European Society of Cardiology recently published a study that tracked the results of individuals who drank wine five days out of the week throughout an entire year to see if exercise created any health benefits. With every experiment, there had to be constants. The men were permitted to drink up to two-and-a-half glasses (0.3 L) and the women drank one to two (0.2 L).

The participants were divided into split-gender groups. One group would maintain a consistent routine of exercise while the other just drank.

Results from the trial revealed that the participants who maintained a workout routine of twice a week while drinking wine showed large improvements in cholesterol levels, as well as increased HDL cholesterol (the good kind) levels. While some from the group drank pinot noir and the other chardonnay-pinot, the variations between the two wines did not affect results much.

The study’s head researcher, professor Milos Taborsky of the Czech Republic stated in a press release that the study was a success. It proved that a combination of moderate wine consumption and regular exercise is capable of protecting against cardiovascular disease. The group that didn’t participate in the exercise, however, did not display any noticeable health benefits. Although they didn’t suffer a significant amount of liver damage.

Taborsky said that the combination of the two things is essential to the success of the study. So essentially, we can’t just drink and expect good things to happen.

H/T Elite Daily


This Beautiful Bride Spent Over $50,000 in Treatments to Conquer Her Eating Disorder — The Results Are Remarkable


A quick inspirational tale for your Monday: about a year ago, reddit user IanSomerhaldersBitch attempted to commit suicide after years of struggling with eating disorders like anorexia and obsession with exercise. According to the 5’2″ brunette’s reddit thread, the disorders stemmed from childhood trauma which in turn resulted in obsessive-compulsive disorder. “Putting myself through that pain made me feel better,” she writes, “I also thought I deserved the pain since I let bad things happen to me as a child.”


(“90 lbs at my sister’s wedding”)


(“95lbs working as a promo model. I have zero butt.”)

Following one particularly intense workout stint in which she would exercise at least four hours a day, ISB says she tried to kill herself before finally seeking treatment at the Linder Center of Hope in Ohio. During the weeks she was admitted, her treatment consisted of a strictly portioned diet of grains, proteins, vegetables, and fruits, along with therapy to break her thoughts of self-blame and criticism. She estimates bills for the treatment weigh in at over $50,000.


(“113lbs I have arms and legs!”)


(“113lbs shopping for my wedding dress. Got some nice curves!”)

Photos on imgur trace ISB’s transformation from 90 pounds at her sister’s wedding to 113 pounds trying on a wedding dress of her own. She says she’s still struggling and even suffered through another suicide attempt after realizing how much she owed for her medical bills, but is currently offering advice and resources for others struggling with eating disorders on her reddit thread.

PicThx IanSomerhaldersBitch


Canada Invents a High-Protein Sports Drink that Contains Beer


A Canadian beverage company has crafted a low-calorie, high-protein “recovery ale” aimed at gym rats who want a little buzz with their post-workout beverage. Finally, working out does have immediate rewards.

Lean Machine, created by beverage company Vampt, contains 7 vitamins, 7 grams of protein and 77 calories per serving — plus 0.5 percent alcohol by volume. While the idea of gym hangovers sound awful, a study published in last December’s International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism found that alcohol’s dehydrating effect can be lowered by toying with electrolyte content. When the ABV was lowered to 2.3 percent and salt was added, beer was shown to hydrate a sample of athletes better than traditional ale. The naturally occurring nutrients found in beer’s barley, hops and yeast are also an added plus not found in your average Gatorade.

“We just thought that maybe we could do something that would support a drinker, make it still socially fun, and help them accomplish what needs to be accomplished after an aggressive workout,” says Vampt founder Ian Toews.

However, don’t get too excited — Lean Machine is not for sale to the general public yet. When it is ready, it will be sold in slim, 12 ounce cans. Still, we can’t help but be wary of what 0.5 percent beer tastes like.

H/Y NPR + Picthx VAMPT


Calories vs Physical Activity Posters Might Be a NYC Reality, Let the Crying Begin

Calorie Posters

Since NYC mayor Bloomberg is losing his battle against banning large quantities of sugary drinks, the city has come up with an idea that might get a similar message across. The poster-based campaign would basically share caloric information of popular foods and drinks alongside how much physical activity it would take to burn it all off.

So let’s say you’ve got a hankering for a Sausage Double Beef Burger. If the city has its way, you’ll also be aware it’ll take approximately way too much exercise to reverse that calorie bomb intake. Woof.

While it’s definitely important to make conscious and healthy decisions, sometimes you gotta just say YOLO, and go for a mound of grease. Few things in this world would stop us from downing mounds upon mounds of donut poutine. Sorry, Bloomster.

H/T + PicThx Scientific American