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A Burger King In Florida Will Let You Trade Crappy Gifts For Whoppers


We pretty much can all relate to the awkward situation where we’ve received a gift we weren’t too fond of. However unwanted, we still manage to put a smile on our face and say thank you to the kind gift-giver, whomever it may be. If you’re really not about that gift, though, you can trade it in for a Whopper.

This year, a Burger King in Florida is offering a sandwich exchange for any unwanted gifts.

All you have to do is head down to the BK in Miami Beach, located at 910 Arthur Godfrey Road between 10:30AM and 5pm on Dec. 26 (the day after Christmas) with your unwanted parcel. In exchange, you’ll receive a fresh flame-grilled Whopper.

Patrons who live out of state or are otherwise unable to attend the swap will be able to post a picture on Twitter or Instagram of their gift using the hashtag #WhopperExchange. The first 100 to do so will get some kind of surprise from Burger King. More than likely, it’s gonna be a free Whopper voucher.

All the gifts Burger King receives will be donated to charity.