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Packaged Food

Canned Insects Include Bacon and Cheese Grasshoppers


It’s never too early to start thinking about holiday gifts, especially for the foodie in your life who loves a good snack.  So for those of you already hunting for the perfect present, an Edible Bug Gift Pack might be just the thing.

The set includes six tins of flavored and cooked bugs, plus a bonus tin of giant waterbug chili paste. (Convenient, since you’re always running out of Sriracha.) Particularly notable treats include bamboo worms, bacon and cheese grasshoppers, and sour cream and onion dung beetles.


Although, we bet these little critters make great patter platters too. So, throw a party, break out the bug snacks, and sit down to watch the game.  Who knows, it might even be better than chips.

Edible Bugs Gift Pack, $40 @ThinkGeek

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Fast Food

More Processed Ew: Subway Japan Has Barbecue Hot Dog Subs Now


There are a few reasons you still eat Subway and/or hot dogs. You actually like the taste of processed foodstuffs, you don’t care what quality control measures were or weren’t taken for your food to get to your table or you really had no idea both were actually kind of gross. If you’re of the latter persuasion, I sincerely half-apologize, but at least now you can’t be fooled into thinking these Barbecue Hot Dog Subs from Subway Japan might actually taste good.

In celebration of summer, Subway Japan is offering a hot dog barbecue sub through the end of August, according to Brand Eating. Technically the dog is a “coarsely ground juicy sausage,” which sounds a little like what might be served at a bitter ex-girlfriends convention, but it sure looks like our regular pureed whole-chicken meat tubes.

Supposedly the six-inch is available for around $5, a steep cost for something so small, pink and flaccid.

Ah well, it could be worse.

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Would You Dine in this Public Men’s Urinal Turned Cafe?


If you’ve ever dreamed of eating a sandwich in the bathroom, you should move to London.  On Foley Street in West London, a 19th century men’s restroom has been transformed into a new restaurant called the Attendant. Those Brits . . . they think of everything!

With a fancy, Victorian exterior, the atmosphere of this cafe resembles that of many others. With gourmet sandwiches and coffee, you wouldn’t even know the difference, except when you pull your stool up to dig into that scrumptious sandwich and realize you’re sitting at a urinal.  And then new thoughts — other than how delicious your sandwich is — come to mind.


Even if the sandwich I was eating was absolutely phenomenal, I don’t think I could get past the whole urinal thing.  I mean, nice job with the whole cast iron entrance, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m drinking my morning coffee where some man was once getting rid of his.

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Here’s A Dazzling Display of Pretty Moldy Bread


Pretty moldy as in the bread is both moldy and aesthetically pleasing . . . though it’s also “pretty moldy” like there’s a lot of mold.

Singaporean artist Sookoon Ang devised these hideously stunning loaves under the series title “Your Love is like a Chunk of Gold” using bread, ammonia phosphate (the secret behind the crystalline mold) and time.  Featured at the 2013 Art Stage Singapore, Design Boom calls them “an intersection of the real, supernatural and science fiction.” I also thought that exact same thing.

Some who look at this may feel inspired to wax poetic about the juxtaposed dichotomies of beautiful mold, creation and decay, order and chaos, and so on and so forth. The rest of us are already in the kitchen, trying to figure out how to do this with a bagel and some food coloring.





See more image’s at Ang’s site.

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This is What the World’s Grossest Ramen Looks Like

I love ramen. I love free things. So when I heard that a food reviewer over at Rocketnews24 had consumed a bowl of the world’s most disgusting ramen in under six minutes and thirty seconds to win a bowl of free tasty ramen, I didn’t even bat an eyelash. Then I read that the ramen itself contains tofu, okra, and a whole mackerel along with its side of pig ear and foot, and I got a little nervous. Then I saw the pictures and read the part of the review where the author says that even the waiter who carried out the food had his face “firmly locked in a grimace.” I’m not sure that even a free bowl of delicious ramen could get me to eat a bowl of something that tasted “like a dead elephant’s a**.”

Especially when it looks like this.


And is coated with a mysterious “spongy, gel-like ingredient” on top.


And did we mention the pig parts that smell like “a sanitation worker’s boot”?


To be fair, the adventurous reviewer did mention that the restaurant in question does not list this stomach-curdling dish on the menu, probably to avoid accidentally killing someone. If a customer wants to try to finish it and win the bowl of free (good) ramen, they have to specifically ask for “The Ramen That’s too Disgusting to Eat.” And then they’ll have to sit in a special part of the restaurant so the offensive smell doesn’t bother the other customers.

There are a lot of things I’d do for a free bowl of delicious ramen, but this. . . this is too far. I bow to anyone who manages to complete this hideous challenge with their stomach (and their sanity) intact.

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