File this 45-Page Water Menu Under ‘Sh*t Only Rich People Can Relate To’


This week’s edition of “Sh*t That Could Only Happen in Los Angeles, Like Seriously” is brought to you by LA-based eatery Ray’s & Stark Bar, which will make history next week by unveiling a brand-new, 45-page menu featuring . . . water. Just water. Different bottled waters, to be fair, including water from ten different countries and carrying a variety of price tags. But still, water. The same stuff that you can get at your neighborhood Starbucks or McDonald’s for exactly $0. Welcome to Los Angeles.

Ray’s & Stark Bar’s bottled water selection is billed as the city’s “most extensive water menu” and features everything from the super luxe Berg, (harvested from glaciers in Western Greenland, retails for $20 a bottle) to the more commonplace Evian (filtered through sand and gravel in the French Alps, $8 a bottle). The menu also features bottles of “9OH2O” water created by Ray’s & Stark’s GM Martin Riese and described as “the champagne of waters” by. . . Riese’s restaurant, of course.

It’s true that there’s probably a taste difference between the water gushing from a Chevron bathroom sink and the glass-bottled selection that Ray’s & Stark is offering. We’re just not really sure that taste difference is worth a $20 price tag. But hey, what’s Los Angeles without a group of aficionados loudly declaring their preference for volcanically filtered groundwater over the freshwater spring alternatives?

Peep the menu in its bougie entirety here:

  Ray’s and Stark Bar Water Menu

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Order Evian Water From Your Fridge Via Wireless Magnet

As early as next year in France, a special WiFi-connected fridge magnet could easily deliver Evian water to the homes of customers without the hassle of using a smartphone app or visiting a website.

Known as the Smart Drop Project, the magnet’s scheduled 2013 release will make ordering Evian products and scheduling deliveries as simple as grabbing water from your fridge.

At the moment, Evian’s EvianChezVous service (roughly “Evian At Home”) allows its guests to order their products through their website and have it delivered for free to their household. Created by the BETC ad agency to promote the new Evian service, the magnet will provide a fresh take on ordering fresh mineral water and cuts the ordering process by a considerable margin.

I guess until Evian’s service & magnet hits the states, I’ll have to keep sending my nephews to the fresh water springs with buckets for my fix.

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Evian Water — Star Wars Edition

Evian water and Star Wars in the same sentence? Yes.

Designed by Amanda Brencys Carbonato and created in 3D by Diego Fonseca, these glass water bottles are shaped to look like the butt of of a lightsaber. Obviously the sexy chic silhouette of the bottles is a sight to behold, but what’s even more intriguing is the exquisite art direction and illustration on every bottle.

Something about the gold C-3PO bottle with the googley-eyed robot from Star Wars in cartoon form that puts a smile on my face. No word on these actually making a retail run just yet, but we’d be willing to plunk down a pretty penny or two on them if they ever became available.

Star Wars fans, rejoice? Water fans? Umm…..

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Gaultier x Baccarat Evian Collection

Together with Baccarat and designer Jean-Paul Gaultier, Evian presents 5 exclusive and limited edition bottles presented in a transparent theme to evoke the imagery that Evian has been hammering home for years, “purity”. The pieces have been shown in cities across the world, stopping off in London, Tokyo, New York, Moscow, Dubai, Melbourne and Paris. According to collette/Hypebeast, the designs will be presented at “colette March 16th-21st and at Maison Baccarat March 24th-30th before being auctioned next April 7th at 8pm at Artcurial, to raise money for the RAMSAR convention, which Evian supports for more than 10 years.