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Satisfy Your Inner Carnivore With This MASSIVE Beef Shank

You may know Mess Hall Canteen as the food truck that gave the world those glorious Panhard Soft Shell Crab Mac and Cheese Tater Tots. Now, their menu just got a lot more beefier.

The Meat Street Beef Shank is set to debut at Foodbeast’s upcoming meat festival Meat Street Presented by the Makers of SPAM Brand at Main Place Mall. Trust, it’s definitely something to keep an eye out for.

Imagine walking around a meat festival with a giant cow leg in hand, cooked to perfection. We’re calling it now, this might be one of the most Instagram-worthy items at the event. Just prepare to have your phones coated in BBQ sauce.

To create this two fisted bovine bonanza, Mess Hall sous vide the shank for 18 hours, battered it, deep-fried it, and drowned this hefty masterpiece in barbecue sauce and a scintillating drizzle of chipotle sauce.

Though Mess Hall says you can easily share this with more than one person, there’s just something so satisfying about conquering a mountain of meat all by yourself. Think of the sauce stains on your shirt as badges of honor.

You can find the massive Beef Shank, along with tons of other dishes that will make a meat lover blush at Meat Street on Saturday, April 22.

If you’re looking for a medium to channel your inner carnivore, you can purchase your tickets to the event here. Early bird tickets for Marketplace is $5 (buy as you eat) and VIP is $50 (all-you-can-consume). After April 10, prices go up to $10 and $60, respectively.

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This Oxtail Pho Dip Burrito Is A Must-Try Fusion Fever Dream

Are you sitting down for this one? If not, you should be, because Sit Low Pho in Santa Ana, CA has an item that will fulfill all your pho-filled fantasies. Enter the oxtail pho dip burrito. I know that could be tricky to register in your head since its such a mouthful, so allow me to reintroduce itself: OXTAIL PHO DIP BURRITO.

Yes friends, juicy oxtail is the star protein in this magical burrito iteration that somehow melds a French dip element into the Vietnamese staple by using pho’s unctuous broth. The dry ingredients of pho like rice noodles, bean sprouts, and peppers are some of the accompanying fillers of this gastric fusion fever dream.

For now the only spot you can get Sit Low Pho’s enticing oxtail pho dip burrito is at Foodbeast’s upcoming Asian food festival, NOODS NOODS NOODS, presented by Cup Noodles, on Saturday, January 14th. Tickets are available HERE. Afterwards, the item will be come a regular on Sit Low’s menu.


Try This Banh Mi Dog Drizzled With House-Made Sriracha at the FOODBEAST Summer Classic

Early Bird Banh Mi Hot Dog FOODBEAST Summer Classic

What is the FOODBEAST Summer Classic you ask? The classic is our Hot Dog Tasting and Invitational Eating Contest happening this Sunday, August 4th from 5-10 PM at Early Bird Cafe in Orange County, California. You may have already heard about the first featured dog: The California Picnic Dog that includes a Chicken-Fried Dog, Watermelon Guacamole and House-Made Smoked Ranch (pictured below). Check out the initial coverage here, here, here and oh yeah, here.


Up next to the plate? The Banh Mi Dog complete with 100% Beef Masterlink Frank,  pickled carrots, cilantro and radish from Melissa’s Produce, chicken pâté and house-made Sriracha, on an OC Baking Company Mini Broiche Roll.


Both dogs will be available for the one-night only with $5 tickets good for (1) beer or dog. And if you’ve never watched someone eat 7 fully loaded dogs, stick around for our 7 Dogs of Danger Eating Competition where 6 competitive eaters will be going head-to-head. Eaters that finish the feat of 7 dogs will advance to our sudden-death-dog round, in which eaters will eat dogs one by one until a winner emerges. Let the eating commence.

 FOODBEAST Summer Classic

Sunday, August 4th – 5-10 PM

Early Bird Cafe – Fullerton, CA

1000 E. Bastanchury Road

$5 Dogs and Beers


A Vegan Cinco De Mayo Experience in San Francisco [ADVENTURE]

Gather ‘roud kiddies as I tell the story of two friends on a vegan-food-adventure to The City by the Bay.

When two friends walk up to a vegan food stand, one of which swears by her veggies and “weird” hippie food, the other not quite a fan but open to new experiences, what is the outcome? Did the non-hippie friend enjoy her first vegan experience?

Last weekend Chef Ayinde Howell of NYC hosted a pop-up vegan event called Wildflower in San Francisco’s mission district to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

The festive menu for Cinco De Drinko, I mean…May 5th was as follows:

Mexican Hot Cocoa Waffle
A vanilla cocoa waffle topped with cinnamon and toasted cayenne

Beer Battered Tempeh Tacos

Chipotle Mac & Yease
Chef Ayinde’s version of mac & cheese, a creamy, savory old family recipe.

The food was so good that the non-hippie friend decided to go vegan! Not really…but she really enjoyed all of the food! If you are new to non-meat protein sources Chef Ayinde recommends trying out tempeh, which is what he used in the tacos.

So kiddies, the moral of the story here is that vegan food is not scary at all, and I highly recommend giving it a try some time! Also, trust your hippie friends occasionally, they know where it’s at!

Thank you to Chef Ayinde letting us enjoy your tasty creations!

About Chef Ayinde:

Born in Tacoma, WA, to vegan parents, Chef Ayinde Howell has been a lifelong vegan, giving him a fresh lens to see his culinary art through.  At a time when most vegan restaurants have emphasized meat-analogs and processed soy dishes as an appeal to carnivores, Chef Ayinde’s vision alternatively celebrates his food’s unprocessed source by highlighting their natural flavors, brilliant colors, and captivating aromas.



OC Brewfest Comes To Irvine This Saturday 9/10

With Summer winding down, and the promise of Fall just on the horizon a few things come to mind: Shorter days, falling leaves, and of course, beer. This weekend (9/10) Orange County’s annual Brew Ha Ha is gracing the city of Irvine, CA with its annual beer festival featuring over 50 different participating breweries complete with their own unique craft beers totaling to over 150 different beers.

For each General Admission, guests are given a free commemorative festival glass, ten 4 oz tasting samples as well as free water and soda. VIP Admission ticket holders will be treated to Beer Appreciation Seminars hosted by renowned beer experts as well a one hour early entry to the festival and 4 extra tasting samples. The OC Brew Ha Ha comes complete with a variety of different attractions such as live entertainment and Homebrew exhibitors showcasing concoctions of their own.  The event will be featuring a plethora of different local breweries from the OC as well as breweries from all across the North America. A few of the featured breweries participating in the event include the Old Orange Brewing Company, Alexander Keith’sBlue Moon and Samuel Adams.

While the festival celebrates the beauty of beer, it also encourages responsible drinking and offers $10 Designated Driver Admission for every paid General Admission. General Admission goes for $40 and VIP admission runs for $55. Tickets can be bought here.

Along with celebrating a diversity of different beers, the event will be commemorating the 10th anniversary of 9/11 by donating a portion of their proceeds to the Fallen Firefighters Relief Fund, which benefits the families of firefighters who have perished in the line of duty.

Food Trucks

OC Foodie Fest Comes to Angel Stadium This Saturday

OC Foodie Fest Logo

The 2nd OC Foodie Fest is making its way back to Anaheim, CA this Saturday, August 27th and its bringing over 100 gourmet food trucks with it. Food Trucks from both Los Angeles and Orange County will be in attendance including two trucks from the current season of Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race – The Lime Truck & Seabirds Truck. Other truck notables include: AhnJooLA, Dogzilla Hot Dogs, Great Balls on Tires, Poutine Truck, The White Rabbit Truck and you know, 91 more trucks in case you’re REALLY hungry.

Foodie Fest 2010

The OC Foodie Fest was founded by fellow Food Truck Entrepreneur James Foxall of Taco Dawg, an OC truck that has been placed on hiatus because of the success of the original OC Foodie Fest. Saturday will feature a number of additions to the festival including a car show, expanded arts and family area, an inflatable soccer field and oh yeah, beer pong tournaments with the Bud Light Girls.

“This Foodie Fest is a continuation and evolution of what was started last year,” said Foxall. And when asked about future plans of Foodie Fest outside of Southern California Foxall added, “Foodie Fest will be everywhere within the next couple of years.

Foodie Fest is at the very least expanding outside of Orange County as Foxall mentioned a signed-deal with The Home Depot Center. The event is supposed to be scheduled in the next few months, and urban dwellers shouldn’t be too surprised if the event lands at an arena near you.

FOODBEAST asked Foxall if he had to get just 1 item from 1 food truck on Saturday, what would it be?

Seabirds makes a fried avocado taco. That maybe the best thing, that doesn’t have meat in it, I’ve ever tasted in my life,” Foxall said. “I’m a Midwest boy and grew up with meat, but this is what people should try, it’s to die for.”