The Death of the Cinnamon Roll? Denmark Faces EU Ban on Spice


This could very well be the last time Denmark sees cinnamon rolls for a while as a ban is threatening to take them away from the Danish. Well at least the cinnamon part, but then you’d just have sweet rolls.

The recent European Union ban on kanelsnegler, also known as cinnamon rolls, is aimed at limiting coumarin amounts in food products. Coumarin is a naturally-occurring toxic chemical found in the most common type of cinnamon, according to the Telegraph. The amount of cinnamon found in “everyday fine baked goods,” under Danish interpretation of the European Union legislation, will have a limitation of 15mg per kilo. This means Kanelsnegler pastries, and other products made with more than the allotted 15mg per kilo, will be facing a ban in the near future.

Danish bakers have reacted to this news with fury as their Swedish neighbors have found a way to save their pastries, kanenbullar, by categorizing them as a traditional and seasonal dish with an allowed cinnamon level more than three times higher at 50mg per kilo.

“It’s the end of the cinnamon roll as we know it,” lamented Hardy Christensen, the head of the Danish Baker’s Association.

We wish our Danish brothers all of our support and condolences, as we too know what it’s like to recently lose something that we love so dearly. Even more than once.

H/T Telegraph