This Is An Egg Fried Inside a Baguette and Topped With Bacon — You’re Welcome


There are those of us who enjoy dipping our toast into a gooey mess of egg yolk in the morning, and then there are those of us who are doing it wrong (scrambled, pah!) If, however, you’re raring to take your expert fast-breaking skills to the next level, consider following miss Eugenie Kitchen’s example, with this bacon-topped egg fried inside of a baguette.


She starts with a partially hollowed-out baguette slice and olive oil, adds the egg, adds some salt and pepper and bacon bits and then dresses everything up in super-Pinteresty camera angles and depths of field. The result is nothing short of egg-gasmic beauty, the likes of which the net probably hasn’t seen since that damn avocado egg.


Speaking of, we’ll probably fix ourselves a version infused with guacamole for breakfast tomorrow. We expect you’ll do the same. Atta-readers!

H/T Neatorama  + PicThx Eugenie Kitchen