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16 Unique Coffee Mugs You Need In Your Mornings

The best part of waking up is coffee. Maybe not any coffee, and probably not Folgers, but this nectar of the gods is the life force for many of us. Why bother throwing such an important beverage into a boring mug? We brewed up a few mugs to fix that.

1. Lego My Coffee


Because Lego’s are the foundation of any nutritious breakfast.

2. Taste The Rainbow


Drink coffee and poke your enemies eyes out. Plus rainbows. So, basically all your favorite things.

3. Pipe Dreams


Perfect for mushroom tea.

4. Schroedinger’s Coffee


The only problem is that the coffee is both cold and hot until you sip it…

5. Who Needs A Plastic Surgeon?


My other nose is a fucking disaster.

6. C Is For Coffee


Addictive behavior is hilarious…

7. The Call of Coffee


Cthulhu Coffee: Perfect for kicking your morning into beast mode.

8. Put Your Donuts Where Your Mouth Is


Because 8 AM is simply too early to talk your way into a sexual harassment suit.

9. Flush Once For Caffeine


Get it? Cause I have a potty mouth? And everything else about me is horrible.

10. Quali-tea



Mostly confusing, because this is a coffee mug with a tea pun on it. And vestigial arms.

11. The Sunday Morning Mug


A classy way of saying what we could already smell coming out of your pores, Linda.

12. Early Morning Accomplishment


Wanted a medal, got a mug :\

13. All The Rage


He’ll probably be really angry when he actually tries to crumple it.

14. Emotional Little Sith


I’m guessing you take it… dark?

15. I Can See Clearly Now


The only time it’s acceptable for your lens to be steamy.

16.  Snooze Button Managed


Who needs a wand when you have coffee?


This Skull And Crossbones Rolling Pin Is Perfect For Halloween Cookies


Because there’s nothing more hardcore than getting your bake on, Etsy shop Mood For Wood is selling this skull and crossbones rolling pin. So spooky! Someone hold me, I’m scared. Just kidding — not scared. But definitely still hold me. I’m lonely!




Written by Brittany High, Incredible Things | Mood For Wood


Take Your Food to bed With These Cuddly Oversized Produce Pillows


Yes, that is a giant carrot and yes it is indeed a body pillow. Sure, it’s a little weird but admit it, you’re into it. This Giant Carrot Body Pillow aka “4 Foot Stuffed Carrot for Loneliness” as its creator calls it, is being sold on Etsy by Jumbo Jibbles. Just as the name suggests this gigantic carrot is made for your comfort.

Do you still long for the carrot that got away? Its earthy smell and soft, fluttery leaves? When you were together, you felt so grounded. It was a healthy relationship. But now it is over.

The pillow is made with orange fleece stuffed with polyester fibers and bean bag filler so it’s soft enough to hug while it molds to your body. If you want to tone down the creepy factor that comes with spooning a giant carrot, the pillow can also be used as an Easter prop for an equally giant bunny. From leaf to tip the carrot measures 6 feet tall making it the perfect bedtime buddy.

If veggies aren’t your thing, Jumbo Jibbles also offers oversized fruit pillows including a somewhat questionable looking giant kiwi pillow…I’ll just leave this here:

kiwi pillow

Giant Carrot Body Pillow, $88 @ Etsy


These Dishes and Cups Are Permanently Covered in Ants


Ants on your dishware usually aren’t something you want to see.  For many people, it’s a surefire way to ruin a lunch. Yet Evelyn Bracklow, a German artist, wants to put ants on your dishes, permanently. She’s created a set of porcelain plates covered with tiny hand-painted ants and it’s a mix of intriguing, horrifying and strangely beautiful.

The plates are classic white porcelain, with borders of gold paint varying in width. Yes they’re a little creepy, and yes, the thought of drinking your coffee while tiny ants stare at you from the bottom of your cup is a tad disconcerting, but alas, art! Apparently, Bracklow was inspired to create the unique dishware after seeing a real ants descend upon a real plate of food. ” The ants symbolize all the stories that any formerly discarded piece of porcelain carries with it. Where one once dined and drank, today ants bustle in ever new formations, every single one applied with a great love for detail,” she explained to Demilk.




You can find Bracklow’s work on Etsy.

Picthx Evelyn Bracklow


Labyrinth Mugs are Creepy, Awesome


There are very few thing’s that could make Jim Henson’s 1986 cult-classic Labyrinth more amazing or more creepy. Monster puppets? Check. 1980’s rock ballads? Check.  Jennifer Connelly performing early-era fanfic-slash in a geeky-chic nightgown? Check.

David Bowie in classic drag? Check, check and check.

Great, so now that we’ve agreed no one can improve the classic, let’s move on to paraphernalia — most recently these hand-painted mugs featuring those weird-ass door knockers that, like almost everyone else in the movie (excupt Ludo, of course. Who doesn’t love Ludo?), were entirely useless in finding that darn baby.

RileyMicDesigns of Etsy hand paints each mug, and says they are a-okay for dishwashers, but recommends hand-washing, because seriously, have you seen the movie? Make one mistake, and BAM, you’ve eaten a date-rape peach, and you’re in a weird masquerade with David Bowie and bubbles.


Labyrinth Door Knocker Coffee Mugs $25 (Set of 2) @Etsy

H/T + PicThx That’s Nerdalicious


Dangling Mushroom and Carrot Sweater Shorts, For Your Own Dangling Mushrooms and Carrots

This is all PETA’s fault. If it wasn’t for that damn veggie-dick video, imagining male genitalia as produce would have remained the safely hidden pastime of desperate housewives. But now the internet’s gotten a hold of it, and apparently, it’s not letting go.

This winter, because you know if you don’t, someone else will, why not buy yourself a pair of these vegetable-inspired “Sexy men Shorts” from etsy? Apparently they’re “ideal for cold weather” and not itchy at all. Just don’t be surprised if more than one confused visitor decides to take a bite, or judges you for being more baby carrot than full-blown carrot stick.

“Sexy Men” Veggie Sweater Shorts: $50-75 @ etsy


This Plush Spiked Watermelon is a Cute Gift for your Alcoholic Toddler

Be the first parent on the block to show off how you properly teach your kids the ways of getting watermelon wasted with this Plush Spiked Watermelon. A one of a kind product, this adorable plushy set is hand sewn and comes complete with a plush vodka bottle, knife, watermelon, and a hole that’s been dissected for the action [which is entirely up to you once you get it]. Created by FluffyFlowers of Etsy, the set is made from fleece and felt, so if you’re having a legitimate watermelon vodka hangover, at least you know these would make an awesome pillow.

[$100 @ Etsy via FoodDiggity]


Burger Rings: The Perfect Gift for a Bare Finger

What better way to show your love than a beautiful ring, with a shiny meat patty, draped in a golden layer of cheese between a stunning pair of buns?

For $12.99 and free shipping, this ring on Etsy can help you prepare for that special proposal, or help celebrate that special anniversary.

After all, it’ll remind you of that night you and your loved one shared a Double-Double, or Big Mac for the first time and realized that there was a spark between the two of you.

In all seriousness though, it is a pretty cute gift and there are some other food related charms and rings that could make a nice gift, like a little snow cone, or S’more ring.

Collect the whole picnic and have enough rings to give for the next 10 years.

Not sure if I need this disclaimer, but don’t really propose with this ring unless you want to get smacked.

On second thought, propose with this ring, and propose at a ball game on the big screen. Have it your way!