This Plate Outlines Food Portions for Healthier Eating


One of the biggest obstacles in maintaining a healthy weight is portion control. I mean, who doesn’t love an extra serving of garlic bread, or a few more spoonfuls of mashed potatoes. Those looking for a solution, however, may want to consider the ETE plate as a cheat sheet to eating healthy.

The ETE plate maps out what portions of which food group you should be eating more from. It consists of a section for meat or fish, vegetables, and starches like rice, potatoes or pasta. For anyone who is against their food touching, there’s also an empty space on the plate to allow you to keep different foods a safe distance apart.

The plate has been used as a means to promote a healthier lifestyle for teenagers battling obesity and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Currently all the English plates are sold out, but their Dutch alternatives are still available for €24.50 ($31.36 US) through the ETE website.

Is it terrible that all we see on the plate are different ways to slice a pie?


H/T Design Taxi