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Mango Michelada In A Can Is The Major Beer Collab You Need To Try

One of SoCal’s top craft brewers has brought together the mango carts of LA with classic Estrella Jalisco beer to make their own ready-to-drink Mango Michelada.

Estrella Jalisco brought together Golden Road Brewery’s Mango Cart beer with Clamato Picante to create a Mango Michelada in a can. The collaborative cans make it easy to enjoy a michelada straight away, but you can also combine the brews together for your own unique twists on the refreshing beverage.  

In the time it’s been out, the collab has been poppin’ on social media, with thousands of social media posts already out about these micheladas in a can.

Here’s a look at what people are saying about Estrella Jalisco and Golden Road’s new brew:


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🤤 My new favorite drink #MangoMichelada 🍻 #GoldenRoadBrewing #EstrellaJalisco Taste like a mango chili lollipop So yummy

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#SundayFunDay #PoolSide #ActivityoftheDay #EnLoMio #GoldenRoadMangoCart #FreePSA #cervesa #MangoMichelada

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#cheers #cinespia #thegraduate #estrellajalisco #mangomichelada 📷 @blancalamuymuy

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The micheladas pair well with mangoes and citrus, but can also be used to make a giant fishbowl Mango Michelada, which is what the Foodbeast crew did when they got wind of Estrella Jalisco and Golden Road’s convenient product.

If you’re a michelada fan but want to enjoy them without all of the setup, Estrella Jalisco’s team-up with Golden Road and Clamato is the ideal compromise.

You can find cans of the Mango Michelada at participating retailers nationwide, including Northgate Markets, where you can also pick up all of your favorite Hispanic meals and ingredients.

Created in partnership with Northgate Market

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The ‘Rolling Stone’ Egg Dish Has A Mind-Bending Amount Of Layers

There’s a brunch item in the heart of West Hollywood that’s been drawing foodies to Estrella like ants to a half-eaten Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Not that we condone leaving behind peanut butter cups.

A while back, Estrella introduced an innovative dish called The Rolling Stone. It featured a poached egg inside an avocado that was wrapped with bacon. Between the runny egg yolk, the vibrant avocado, and the crisp bacon, the entree is an Instagrammer’s Holy Grail.


The popular item, which was only available to 10 customers per day, went through some fine tuning and Chef Dakota Weiss created The Rolling Stone: Volume 2.

This upgrade features a poached egg wrapped in prosciutto that’s placed inside an avocado with shaved black truffle. The egg-filled avocado is then wrapped in bacon and topped with more black truffle.

If the Christopher Nolan film Inception was reimagined with food, this would be that masterpiece.


The Rolling Stone: Volume 2 is only available on weekends at Estrella. If you have your heart set on the eggy item, make sure to call ahead and reserve yours in advance.