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Starbucks Pays Homage To Milan With Their Newest Drink, The “Cordusio”

Amid some controversy from Italians who don’t want to see them around, Starbucks has finally gotten their first location in the country up and running. The new Reserve Roastery, located in Milan’s Piazza Cordusio, has also inspired a brand new beverage other parts of the world are now getting a chance to try.

cordusioPhoto courtesy of Starbucks

The “Cordusio,” named after the Roastery’s location, is a tribute to the flavors of Milan-style espresso drinks. The combination of espresso, steamed milk, mocha sauce, and cocoa powder serves as the chain’s take on Barbagliata, a cocoa-flavored espresso served with cream that originated in Italy’s fashion capital.

Starbucks is selling the Cordusio in the US, Mexico, Peru, and Europe while supplies last. Since this international-inspired beverage was available in the area, I went to go sample it for myself.

Photo: Foodbeast // Constantine Spyrou

Having been to Milan in the past, the Cordusio’s taste was a bit nostalgic, as it came pretty close to the flavor of the Barbagliatas I drank while visiting there. The chocolate taste is a lot stronger in Starbucks’ version, and the addition of the sugary mocha syrup cuts the bitterness to a level below that of the strong espressos of Milan. Still, its flavor is an adequate mimicry of the original, and does Milan’s signature drink an appropriate amount of justice.

I don’t think it can help Starbucks make up with the Italians who don’t want it there, but it is a solid espresso drink.

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McDonald’s Adds Espresso To McCafe Menu, Challenging Dunkin’ Donuts And Starbucks

The Golden Arches have always been a key player in the fast-food industry, and will now be looking to challenge the corporate coffee industry with an upgraded line up of espresso-based drinks on their McCafe menu. However, as McDonald’s adds espresso to the menu, there’s no telling how the public will respond.

While this menu expansion might seem insignificant, it’s actually quite costly. In 2016, CNN reported that franchisees were forced into spending more than $12k (each) for upgraded coffee machines. Yet, McDonald’s has been relatively silent about this  new menu expansion.

On September 5, McDonald’s updated its Facebook page cover photo with an image introducing, “the new McCafe Espresso menu,” which includes an Americano, a caramel macchiato, and a French vanilla cappuccino.

McDonald's adds espresso

Via/McDonald’s Facebook

Some industry experts are already labeling this as a big gamble for McDonald’s, pointing at operating efficiency as a growing concern.  Entering the quality coffee service industry requires employees to understand how to create espresso drinks — while simultaneously attending to fast-food orders.

Essentially, McDonald’s envisions employees becoming baristas overnight — in addition to building customizable orders — a shift that is not likely to happen that swiftly, according to the restaurant industry insider On The Margin Blog.

“Bigger menus can slow service, a key element for a chain considered “fast food” and aimed at the on-the-go consumer.” — On The Margin, National Restaurant News

Currently, the relaunch of the McCafe menu has price points set around $2.00 for a small sized beverage. However, the brand is also focusing on developing a line of bottled coffee beverages with Coca-Cola, according to, which include coffee beans and grounds, along with K-cups. All are expected to hit grocery store shelves in 2018.

As the battle for coffee supremacy begins, the collar of Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts will tighten, as McDonald’s uses thousands of locations to leverage this new coffee experience.

Now the question remains — will you be changing your coffee spot for McDonald’s?

Drinks Hit-Or-Miss

The Meaning Behind Your Favorite Types of Coffee Drinks

Coffee is a wonderful thing, yet, people rarely consider the actual meaning behind the names of all the different types of coffee drinks around the world.

Thanks to an infographic created by, there’s some reasoning to exactly why and how the names of the world’s most popular coffee beverages came to be.


types of coffee drinks

While it might seem like it, the term espresso has nothing to do with speed. In Italian, espresso also translates to the phrase, “made to order.”

Additionally, “cafe express” is a term used to define a cup of coffee, “expressly” made for someone. When paired with the Italian word for coffee, “cafe,”  the term “cafe espresso,” means “pressed-out coffee.”


types of coffee drinks

Made simply with espresso and hot water, an Americano is about as American as apple pie.

In fact, there’s a popular theory that American soldiers in World War II would dilute their coffee with water, in order to lessen the bitter taste. Now, the term, “Americano” takes on a whole new meaning.


Types of coffee drinks

The Macchiato is well-known for its creamy, flavorful characteristics. It’s made with a shot of espresso, and topped with foamed milk.

In Italian, the word macchiato actually means, “spotted,” so essentially the name is a hat tip to the small amount of foamed milk the drink is topped with.

Piccolo Latte

Types of coffee drinks

The piccolo latte is a small, yet powerful shot made with espresso, and mixed with steamed micro foam. In Italian, piccolo means “small.”

The concept of this latte was created by baristas as a means for quality control. As a result, baristas were able to taste their brew — after milk had been added — without consuming too much coffee.


Types of coffee drinks

This dark, more concentrated version of a standard espresso shot is made with half the amount of water.  In Italy, ristretto means, “limited,” which translates to the limited amount of water used.

Caffe Latte

Types of coffee drinks

A latte is made with steamed milk and topped with foam. The Italian influence on this drink is apparent, as “latte” is the Italian word for milk. Just remember, in Italy, there’s a difference between “latte,” which is just milk, and “cafe latte,” which is steamed milk and espresso. 


Doppio, or double espresso, serves a vital role in the coffee industry as the primary drink used to judge barista espresso quality in competitions.

The Italian word doppio actually translates to, “double,” in English, which is fitting considering it’s double the amount of a single espresso.


Types of coffee drinks

A cappuccino is similar to a latte, but is topped with more foam and chocolate. “Cappuccino” comes from the latin term “caputium,” which describes a type of head covering.

Flat White

A cappuccino is a very light espresso beverage, similar to a latte, but with less foam on top.

Some might suggest that the term, “flat white” is used to describe coffee one could make at home, which is called a flat in some countries.


While mocha can be used to describe a color, or chocolate flavors, the Cafe Mocha was named after the Yemen’s Port of Al Mokha, where the mocha-specific beans were shipped.


types of coffee drinks

Traditionally a dessert beverage, an affogato is made with ice cream and espresso. However, the term, “affogato” is actually somewhat morbid, because in Italian it means, “drowned.”

Now that you’ve learned the secret meanings behind the names of different types coffee drinks, go order one at your local coffeeshop.

Fast Food

You Can Now Buy Caffeinated Espresso Bagels At Einstein Bros.

Bagels and coffee are synonymous with our morning commute. What if, however, you didn’t have to juggle both as you cruised down the highway to work? What if you only needed one of these items to get your bagel and caffeine fix?

Einstein Bros. Bagels created a new Espresso Buzz Bagel that combines the bold flavors of coffee into a warm, chewy bagel. Each bagel boasts 32mg of caffeine, which is about a third of a cup of coffee.

Also joining the bagel chain’s lineup will be a Cherry Chia Bagel and a Savory Parm Bagel. The Cherry Chia boasts 300mg of omega-3 ALA and the Savory Parm features iron, B1, and B2.  Together, the three bagels comprise Einstein Bros. new line of Boosted Bagels.

You can find the bagels at participating Einstein Bros. Bagels locations for a limited time, though for how long as yet to be announced. We do know, however, that there’s a chance they’ll find a permanent home on the menu if they’re well-received.

FOODBEAST Hit-Or-Miss Sweets

The Snow Affogato Is A Cloud Nine Experience For Dessert Lovers

Have you ever had that feeling in the morning where you woke up on Cloud Nine? Yeah, neither have I. I hate mornings.

While I may never get that natural high by hearing the birds chirping and those damn lawnmowers buzzing in the morning, The “Snow Affogato” from Cafe Maji in Cerritos, Calif. just may be the dessert manifestation of that Cloud Nine feeling.

It all starts with a creamy vanilla ice cream base, topped with a billowing puff of cotton candy, then finished off with a decadent pour of bold espresso; which artfully melts away the snow mountain as the coffee cascades down to the base.

This dreamy cohesion of cotton candy, coffee, and ice cream is a heavenly creation that any dessert lover will appreciate. I mean honestly, anything that satisfies both my caffeine addiction and sweet tooth is a winner in my book.

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Watch Irish People Lose It After Drinking Coffee For The First Time

Coffee’s the legal adult drug that no one will judge you for consuming, but it’s not necessarily everyone’s drug of choice.

While everyone you know might be a coffee addict who can’t function without their fix, there are surprisingly people out there who haven’t ever tried it.

Facts., The Irish YouTube channel, found such people and recorded their honest first reactions to the drink.

Their first sip was of the classic Americano, which is a bit of a brutal first drink, since it’s straight up shots of espresso with added water. Excitedly, one of the recipients said it “smells like dirt,” just like his friend told him it would.

They transitioned into a macchiato, which tasted better, but apparently also tasted like, “An old lady’s underpants.”

After the macchiato, they went back to Bittertown, trying an espresso, and nearly ripping their eyes out.

The film crew seemed to be a bit merciful to end the video, letting the new coffee drinkers try a mocha, which is basically a hot chocolate coffee, but by then it was too late. Each of the drinkers said they’d pass on the coffee life.

“It’s OK to like coffee. Just don’t be one of them coffee wankers.” Important words to live by.


The Foie Gras And Sea Urchin Espressos That Kept Me Up All Night


While sitting at my desk yesterday contemplating changing my last name to “Burger,” I began to doze off. In my sleepy state, I heard a rumor that a restaurant in Pasadena, CA, served an espresso made with foie gras.

Holy shit, I couldn’t tell if that sounded disgusting or delicious, but I was more than ready to seek it out. I grabbed fellow writer Reach and hopped into my car ready for a foie gras adventure.

We arrived at Alexander’s Steakhouse in Downtown Pasadena where were were seated at the bar. It was right at the peak of Happy Hour and folks were ready to get their booze on after a long day of work.

I asked the bartender if she served an espresso made with foie gras. She confirmed it and, shortly after, brought us a cup they called Kuki to sip on.

Two hours in traffic we sat through, waiting for this beverage.


You can definitely taste the foie gras right off the bat. While subtle at first, the flavor gets more and more intense as you get to the bottom of the cup. The top is filled with a smooth foam, while the middle is a tad oily. Finally, when you get to the bottom, you can easily find chunks of foie gras settling at the base.

The bartender was eager to hear our thoughts, as she had never tried the drink before. Not many customers had. As we happily gave her our review, she mentioned there were two other espressos on the menu we needed to try.


One was made with Wagyu fat and the other with Uni (sea urchin).

I quickly looked at Reach who gave me a nod of approval. We ordered the drinks.

The Wagyu fat, called Tochi, didn’t taste too crazy. The sweetness from the chocolate and honey overpowered the fat, but it made for a pretty delicious dose of caffeine. Probably the most normal of the trio.


While I was sipping on the Wagyu espresso, Reach had just done the same to the Uni. His eyes lit up like it was Christmas. The dude isn’t normally a coffee drinker, so when he says to try it, I don’t hesitate.

The foie gras was good, but the there was something about the uni beverage they named Umi that blended so well with the espresso. Hands down the best of the three. At the bottom, like the foie gras, you can clearly spot bits of sea urchin swimming about.


The three drinks were definitely a cool take on espressos.

After a jittery car ride home, I spent the rest of the night watching New Girl episodes on Netflix. Can’t handle three espressos after 5pm any more. Not if I want to sleep at a decent hour.

You can get the espresso trio for $30, or $10 a piece.


Keurig-like Alarm Clock Will Wake You Up To The Smell Of Different Foods


Last year, we wrote about an alarm clock that would wake you up with the smell of a variety of food aromas rather than a piercing buzz. The Sensorwake began as a Kickstarter campaign that eventually got funded and now you can finally get your hands on one.

Created by a startup in Paris, the alarm clock allows for the insertion of capsules that release a smell at the programmed time. The aroma lasts for about 30 minutes but is supposed to wake you up within two minutes of its release.


Like a Keurig, the Sensorwake uses replaceable capsules that feature different smells. Flavors include seaside, lush jungle, espresso, croissant, peppermint, chocolate and apparently dolla bills.

Backers of the Kickstarter are set to get their clock sometime around May. While those who missed the chance will be able to order their very own sometime near the end of this summer. Each unit runs about $109 with a pre-order promotion of $89. You can also order two packs of for $10.90.

If there’s something that’s proven to get us out of bed, it’s the smell of breakfast.

Photos: Sensorwake