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Espresso Snickers, Plus Two Other Flavors, Are Coming To The US Next Year

Snickers is debuting a trio of new flavors next year, including an Espresso Snickers that brings an interesting coffee twist to the candy bar.

espresso snickers

Photo: Isai Rocha/Foodbeast

Each of the flavors will be infused into the nougat filling inside of each Snickers bar. To identify them, different adjectives will be placed on the wrappers of each new flavor, apparently to help you choose which one to eat based on your mood. Those feeling irritable should eat the espresso Snickers, because you’re not you without your coffee-flavored candy. Folks feeling wimpy should go for the “Fiery” Snickers, infused with hot pepper, while indecisive snackers have a new salted caramel-infused Snickers bar to sample.

Regardless of your mood, if you’re interested in any of these flavors, they’ll be coming to the United States en masse starting in June of 2018. Bar forms and miniature pouches of each flavor will be available at that time. The actual launch date is still a long way away, so hopefully, the candies will be able to live up to all of the hype generated in that time span when they do drop.