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EpicMealTime Makes Edible So Potent Their Video Got Demonetized

This is definitely one special brownie.

YouTube channel EpicMealTime uploaded a video of a pot brownie made with a potent strain of Golden Kush marijuana to celebrate 4/20. Golden Kush dials in at around 23% THC, and EpicMealTime utilized 4 ounces worth of it, making this a brownie that can send anyone to another dimension.

Between the actual amount of cannabis in the baked good to all of the joints getting rolled as a result of this being the channel’s first-ever 4/20 episode, some of the folks running YouTube ended up not being down with the video, and demonetized it soon after it went up on the site.

EpicMealTime responded by wearing the fact they got demonetized as a badge of honor.

What’s crazy is that EpicMealTime shelled out over a thousand bucks to make this weed-laced creation happen, and they’re not even gonna get paid for it.

Based on how they enjoyed it, however, I’m sure they don’t give a *Crow’s caw*.

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This 200-Pound Chocolate Bar Is Stuffed With Cadbury Creme Eggs

Epic Meal Time has dropped another gargantuan creation on us, and it’s arguably the largest chocolate bar I’ve ever seen in my life.

The iconic YouTube channel decided to create a titanic chocolate bar stuffed with caramel, wafers, and Cadbury Creme Eggs in time for the upcoming Easter weekend. This barbarian of a bar weighs in at a whopping 200 pounds.

To put how humongous that is into perspective, the dense chocolate bar is about half the size of a grown man and requires a saw to cut through. And even that saw was struggling to make it through the entire chocolate bar.

Between the massive quantity of melting chocolate, caramel, wafers, and 200 Cadbury Creme Eggs that went into the creation of this chocolate, the whole bar cost over $1200 to make.

But hey, with 200 pounds to split between the entire Epic Meal Time crew, you can bet these guys will be set on chocolate for a while.