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Del Taco Just Dropped A Huevos Rancheros Epic Burrito

Here at Foodbeast, we’re more or less obsessed with all things burrito, and without a doubt we’ve always considered the king of burritos (and breakfasts) to be the Breakfast Burrito. Thus, you can imagine our excitement when Elie was tipped off about the newest ‘rito from Del Taco: the Huevos Rancheros Epic Breakfast Burrito.

I’ve learned from experience that Elie always comes correct with all things Del Taco, because he knows it’s sacred to us lifelong Californians. And when it comes to their newest breakfast offering, DT did not disappoint.

Huevos. Rancheros. Burrito. Oh. My. God.

Photos by Pete Pham

For starters, Del Taco has taken the classic Huevos Rancheros and made it portable by double-wrapping it with two warm corn tortillas cloaked within a giant flour tortilla (the corn tortillas totally set off the classic Huevos Rancheros flavor). This massive burrito is also stuffed with Mexican chorizo, fresh sliced avocados, slow-cooked pinto beans, scrambled eggs, hand-grated cheddar cheese, sour cream and a roasted chile salsa.

With more than 30 years in the breakfast game, Del Taco knows exactly what they’re doing. The Huevos Rancheros Epic Breakfast Burrito is not only the largest breakfast burrito on the menu, but arguably one of the coolest and most nuanced breakfast burrito concepts on the market. Show me who else makes a Huevos Rancheros burrito. I’ll wait.

Having grown up in Southern California local my whole life, Del Taco has always been a go-to spot after a late night — or for an early morning. Everything on the menu is fuego, so, it was only fitting they added delicious Huevos Rancheros to their menu. (Don’t sleep on their three newly added breakfast rollers though — filled with scrambled eggs, hand-grated cheddar cheese, zesty red sauce and the option to add chorizo sausage or crisp bacon for only a buck.)

Thanks for the tip, Elie.

This post was created in partnership with Del Taco


Packaged Food What's New

Tender Wagyu Beef Jerky For $2 Helps Fulfill Your Ballin’ On A Budget Needs


Photos courtesy of Epic Provisions

When you hear the words “Wagyu Beef,” you know that you’ve just stepped into the realm of fancy meats. Wagyu, a breed of cattle originally from Japan that has made its way to the United States, is prized for its amazing quality and marbling, making it one of the most tender pieces of beef you’ll ever eat.

Usually, that beef comes at a high cost and is found at an elevated price point beyond that of normal beef. One company, however, is changing that and bringing Wagyu beef to the people — in jerky form.

EPIC, makers of wildly popular jerky snacks and meat bars, revealed a new line of “Jerky Snack Sticks” at the Winter Fancy Foods Show in San Francisco. This new line of Jerky Snack Strips features prime and high-end cuts of meat like 100% grass-fed American Wagyu beef and venison or 100% wild-caught salmon and turkey, but sells them at an extremely low price: $1.99.

The price of the jerky is pretty amazing compared to the size: a 0.8 oz strip of meat, whether it be in Wagyu, venison, turkey, or salmon form, sells for that low price point. Comparatively, a 0.98 oz giant Slim Jim is around $1-$1.30 in grocery stores, so you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck to get such a high quality jerky. Not only that, but these pieces of jerky are also incredibly healthy — at 6-8 grams of protein per stick, and sugar contents at a maximum of 4 grams for the entire stick.

img_0193 (1)

Honestly, I do feel a little bad describing EPIC’s Wagyu Beef Jerky to y’all as beef jerky. It’s not like any jerky you’ve ever had. I got to taste it at the Winter Fancy Foods Show, and it’s incredibly tender and flavorful, beyond that of any jerky I’ve ever tried. It’s not stringy, dry, or tough. Simply put, it’s just an amazing piece of beef.

Head on over to a Whole Foods near you and grab some of these bad boys, because these delicious Wagyu Beef jerky strips are probably the best bargain you’re gonna get in 2017.

Celebrity Grub Packaged Food

Jude Law Plays A Japanese Demon In This Epic Pepsi Commercial

There’s a famous legend about Peach Boy (aka Momotarō), a hero who hunts demons with his animal companions, in Japanese folklore. In one of the coolest promotions ever, Pepsi retells the legend in a series of epic commercials that act as “episodes” in a series.


In the latest segment, episode 4, English actor Jude Law plays the titular demon of a place called Demon Island and explores his origins leading to his eventual encounter with the hero Momotarō.

Check out the tw0-minute commercial. If your interest was piqued to the max like ours was, you’ll want to watch the entire series in chronological order below. It’s definitely worth the 10 minutes.


Dive Bar Owner Writes An Epic Comeback To A Yelper’s 1-Star Review


The owner of The Iron Horse Bar and Restaurant in New York City recently wrote out an eloquent letter to a 1-star Yelper to teach them an important lesson about dive bars — don’t go to them if you are really looking for a quiet place and fancy food.

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The reviewer, “Megan B.”, wrote a negative review of The Iron Horse after her visit for a “quiet drink”. At a dive bar. At 3:00 in the afternoon.


The bar’s owner, “Zbigniew S.”, decided to defend his establishment while pointing out that clearly, based on Megan B’s past Yelp reviews, The Iron Horse was not the elegant and quiet establishment she is so used to.


Zbigniew S’s ended his response with a sly invitation for a drink — which is pretty much all anyone should expect a dive bar for providing without fail.

Written by the staff at NextShark, h/t: Reddit

CEO Gives An Epic Response After Failing A Customer Twice In A Row With Expired Milk


Customer service has improved over the years thanks to the advent of the internet and social media. Companies are now able to receive feedback and improve their business in ways like never before.

In a story out of Malaysia, customer Timothy Tiah suffered two instances of buying milk from diary company Farm Fresh that tasted “off” the moment it was opened. Tiah published his frustration in a blogpost calling for the boycott of the diary brand.


Super angry,” he starts. “…Some time back I had just bought one of these and when I poured it into my cereals and started eating I realized it tasted really funny. So I spit it out and tried it on its own. True enough. The milk had gone bad...

He went on to describe the two incidents that he had to throw away his cereal bowls and the rest of the milk upon discovery of the weird taste each time.

His post caught a lot of attention and attracted several comments from readers who also experienced the same problem. It eventually led to the company’s official response on the matter.

“Dear valued consumers,

Recently there have been a spate of complaints about our Farm Fresh milk curdling and turning sour. Initially we had thought the problem was due to less than ideal handling on the retail level. At the same time, we were also doing everything to examine our operations at the processing level. We then discovered that a very small amount of our yogurt had somehow gotten into two of our filling lines. That explains the slight curdling of the milk and the sourish
taste, without the the typical spoilt milk smell.

We have since isolated these two filling lines. We truly apologize for the inconvenience caused and we understand that this has caused some consternation for you, our valued customers. The curdled product, though it may seem disturbing, was basically an unintended version of “yogurt milk”.

We are thankful for your prompt feedback, and we want to assure you that we are constantly doing our best to ensure the highest quality standards so that you can continue to enjoy the freshest quality milk from our farm. Our apologies again, and thank you for your continuous support.

Further to this, we would like to offer all customers a refund for any bottles of Farm Fresh milk purchased which were not up to the desired quality. Please email us at indicating the number of bottles purchased and the total retail price.”

While the company’s website statement is a response in itself, what came next surprised Timothy: Loi Tuan Ee, The CEO of Farm Fresh Milk sent him a very personal email.


The message touched Timothy so much he responded with a positive note, acknowledging the CEO’s apology with a promise to return to drinking Farm Fresh milk again. He also asked that instead of sending him a replacement or refund, the company can send the two bottles of milk as a donation to the nearest shelter.


The CEO of course, topped that simple customer request by doing the extra mile and sending 12 bottles of milk to the home for the elderly and a bunch of Farm Fresh milk products to his office as well.


This thoughtful action made a complete turn-around of the situation and is a perfect example of customer service done right. In Timothy’s latest article in Tech In Asia, he commended the CEO’s gesture as it obviously left a lasting impression:

“Loi truly inspired me. At a time of crisis he kept his calm and dealt with tough situations like this with humility and sincerity. Why I say sincere? Because after I had replied him and said I would clarify he didn’t need to go the extra mile to send me something, or to give 12 bottles to the old folks home instead of two,” Timothy said.


“I don’t know if I could have done better than what Loi did. He turned a crisis into an opportunity. I would love to meet Loi one day and I’ll take up his offer to visit his farm. Not just for the cows, but for the man behind the cows. “ he ended.

Written by Ryan General,


Veterans Talking About An Epic Beer Run In Vietnam Will Leave You Cheering


Everyone’s got their go-to beer run story. You know, that tale you tell at parties and special occasions that’s so epic that it’s become a tradition. John “Chickie” Donohue has exactly that story and it’s pretty amazing.

Back in the ’60s Donohue was a merchant marine from New York. To sum it up, he snuck into a war zone in Vietnam to deliver beer to his neighborhood friends. If that doesn’t say “friendship” we don’t know what else could.

The young Donohue sweet-talked his way overseas and onto the war zone with a burlap sack of Pabst for his childhood pals.

Pabst Blue Ribbon did a 12-minute documentary on Donohue’s story with him and his old friends recalling what exactly happened in Vietnam. They’re calling it “the world’s greatest beer run” and they might just be right. Check it out below.

Fast Food

Del Taco Launches New Surf & Turf Burrito for a Limited Time


Del Taco’s recent line of Epic Burritos, which launched in November, are a hungry stoner’s wet dream. Thirteen to 18.5 ounces of wet, steamy meat set on a bed of rice and wrapped in a warm flour tortilla, these guns came in three varieties: the Epic Fajita, the Epic Steak & Potato, and the Epic Chicken Chipotle Ranch. Now for a limited time, DT fans can get yet another diner-inspired fix with the latest addition to the line, the new Epic Surf & Turf.

Available a la carte for $5.29 or in a combo for $6.79, the Surf & Turf combines crispy fried shrimp, fresh grilled carne asada, lime rice, cabbage, creamy ancho pepper sauce, pico de gallo, and Del Taco secret sauce. Pretty brilliant, if you think about it, considering it’s stuff Del Taco already has on the line thanks to the Lenten return of their crispy shrimp tacos.

Pick some up on your next drunchie run, but don’t forget to #GoBold.


Potato Bacon Cheddar Pie Because Why Not?


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