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‘Pizza In A Bag’ Is Now A Real Item You Can Buy From Wal-Mart

Pizza is one of those ultimate all-day foods that’s just as tasty straight outta the fridge at 2 am as it is fresh from the store at 2 pm. It’s not exactly the most portable item, though, but converting it into jerky form changes all that while keep the flavor levels to the max.  

Pizza jerky is now a thing thanks to the brains at Epic Meal Time. Harley Morenstein and the squad have developed a new brand called Super Snack Time. Their flagship product, Pizza in a Bag, takes pepperoni and beef jerky and imbues them both with the ingredients of pizza to create a unique fusion of the two.

Currently, Super Snack Time’s pizza jerky is available in three flavors:


A classic Pepperoni Pizza Style,

A spicy Buffalo Pizza style that combines the best of pizza, wings, and jerky,

And a Supreme Pizza Style that piles on the variety in topping flavors.

You can enjoy any of them just on their own, but the tastes inside beckon to some unique pizza jerky fusions. Adding slabs of it into sandwiches comes to mind as a possible example. Or, you could go super meta and put pieces of the pizza jerky onto real pizza. Morenstein would definitely give that idea a fist bump.

If you’re down to sample Pizza in a Bag, it’s available now at all Walmart locations in the USA. You can also buy packs of the pepperoni jerky on Super Snack Time’s website.

Created in partnership with Super Snack Time

Sweets Video

This 200-Pound Chocolate Bar Is Stuffed With Cadbury Creme Eggs

Epic Meal Time has dropped another gargantuan creation on us, and it’s arguably the largest chocolate bar I’ve ever seen in my life.

The iconic YouTube channel decided to create a titanic chocolate bar stuffed with caramel, wafers, and Cadbury Creme Eggs in time for the upcoming Easter weekend. This barbarian of a bar weighs in at a whopping 200 pounds.

To put how humongous that is into perspective, the dense chocolate bar is about half the size of a grown man and requires a saw to cut through. And even that saw was struggling to make it through the entire chocolate bar.

Between the massive quantity of melting chocolate, caramel, wafers, and 200 Cadbury Creme Eggs that went into the creation of this chocolate, the whole bar cost over $1200 to make.

But hey, with 200 pounds to split between the entire Epic Meal Time crew, you can bet these guys will be set on chocolate for a while.


The Party Animal Pasts These 5 Celebrity Chefs Don’t Want You To Know

Sex and drugs and… lobster rolls? Why does it seem that so many celebrity chefs have a wild side? Maybe they just like slurping things out of spoons so much that they decided to try injecting those same things?

Many of them claim that their joie de vivre is the very thing that makes them such good chefs—in essence, their indulgent nature lets them know how to help other people indulge. Well, thank god they’re slinging crème brûlée and not crack cocaine. Let’s take a look at the rituals and party habits of some of the most well known chefs around the globe.

Anthony Bourdain


While we’ll never know all of what Bourdain smuggled in parts unknown, this jetsetter enjoys a vibrant lifestyle and never shies away from the sauce. Before he became famous, however, he fostered notorious habits for cocaine, heroin, and the occasional acid trip—which he describes vividly in his book Kitchen Confidential. He was also a remorseless, two-and-a-half pack a day smoker, until his daughter was born in 2007.

Keith Floyd


This chef might not be recognizable to many Americans, but he influenced an entire generation of boozing British gourmands. His off-the-cuff style included cracking jokes with members of his crew and drinking goblets of wine while filming. His excessive lifestyle of heavy drinking, smoking, and extravagant eating ultimately did him in, but he remains a whiskey-pickled touchstone for a hundred other party-hearty celebrity chefs that followed in his footsteps.

Nigella Lawson


British cook Nigella Lawson rose to success on the back of her book How to Be a Domestic Goddess. While she amassed a fortune of reportedly £100 million, money couldn’t buy her happiness, especially after she married art collector Charles Saatchi. The emotionally abusive relationship led Lawson to seek refuge in cocaine and pot. (Unfortunately, the abusive Saatchi forbade her from entertaining, meaning there was never any amazing coke- and pot-fueled gourmet Friendsgiving you’re imagining.) After the two split, she’s maintained that she’s totally drug free.

Epic Meal Time


The meat-headed madmen at Epic Meal Time are constantly upping their game, and recently their cookouts have become full-blown ragers. With sexy assistants and tons of meat, what more do you want from a party? But these beasts of BBQ were smart enough to add a healthy dose of booze to their unhealthy dose of a calories, and Jack Daniels is a regular invite to each and every meal time.

Andrew Zimmern

download (1)

This cheeky traveler used to steal more than just a taste of Bizarre Foods. When he was getting down, Zimmern would snatch full purses to get his fix. While he hasn’t fully disclosed his personal habits during this dark period in his life, Zimmern was reportedly homeless for about a year and half owing to severe drug and alcohol addiction. Compared to that, eating octopus anus probably doesn’t sound so bad.

Hit-Or-Miss Video

James Franco and Seth Rogen Make a Korean BBQ Lasagna [WATCH]


In one of the most awesomely timed YouTube collaborations ever, Epic Meal Time teamed up with Seth Rogen and James Franco to create a Korean BBQ Lasagna that actually looks palatable.

The video features Rogen and Franco building a Korean BBQ-inspired lasagna riddled with french fries, Korean meats and noodle dividers. Even better, the acting duo’s controversial new comedy film about assassinating North Korea’s Kim Jong Un launches December 25th, just a few weeks away.

Enjoy the episode, along with some blatantly terrible SEOUL cooking references:


This Pumpkin Spice Pizza Cake Will Make You Love Fall Even More

epic pumpkin spice pizza

The number of pumpkin products that have been released this year makes me want to hit my head against a 1,200-pound pumpkin until I pass out, then have someone pour 14 scorching hot pumpkin spice lattes over my unconscious body.

Unfortunately everyone else seems to eat up this pumpkin spice crap and crave more.

As only the Epic Meal Time guys can, they’ve taken pumpkin spice to the next level and incorporated it into a pizza cake doughy mess.

In typical Epic video style, they stuffed this thing with a ton of bacon strips. Not just regular bacon strips, though. They pumpkin-spiced them. The guys also pumpkin-spiced the pizza sauce and cheese. They say they wanted to pumpkin-spice everything “until it smells like a fuckin’ candle store at the mall.”

To made a pumpkin-spice dome, they stacked pizza over pizza until a tower of pizza cake was formed.

Pumpkin spice is getting out of control, but I might be down for some pumpkin spice bacon a la carte.


These Poutine Dumplings Will Have Canada Crying Foul


Those dudes from Epic Meal Time are at it again. They’ve already destroyed the sanctity of poutine once before with their Deep Fried Sushi Poutine, but these guys have outdone themselves with these Poutine Dumplings.

Canadians and Italians alike will probably will take the most offense to this international food mashup that pairs a massive potato maple bacon gnocchi-esque dumpling stuffed with cheese curds, coated with onion crunch, pan fried, and topped off with brown gravy.

Sure, Canada might be pissed since this is not technically a traditional poutine since there’s no fries involved , but here in America anything that’s stuffed with cheese then fried is sure to be an instant hit.

Check out Epic Meal Time’s video for the recipe to make your own Poutine Dumplings.

H/T+ PicThx Gothamist


BEHOLD: Deep Fried Sushi Poutine Covered With Spicy Mayo ‘Gravy’


When it comes to poutine, there are generally two schools of thought: the fry-cheese curd-gravy purists, and everyone else (the first group might call them heathens). And then there’s f*cking Epic Meal Time, who decided to piss off both the sushi and poutine fans at once with their latest calorie bomb monstrosity: deep fried sushi “poutine.”

The gist is this: poorly constructed whole sushi rolls, deep fried and laid out 30-ish at a time, along with chewy rice ball “cheese curds,” and spicy mayonnaise “gravy.” The total damage: 38,575 calories and 2,560 grams of fat, and a crime against a Canadian staple so grievous EMT should probably just get kicked out of the country.

Not to worry boys, ‘Murica still loves you through and through:


9 YouTube Chefs That Will Make You Laugh, Cry and Hungry


YouTube can be a vast ocean of knowledge sometimes. Once you’re hooked, you can spend hours watching mindless video after mindless video. It can also be a useful tool for furthering one’s education. Like, let’s say, expanding one’s culinary abilities. The problem is, for the amateur cook, there’s an endless amount of videos on cooking. After a while, they kind of start to look the same.

We took some time sifting through YouTube and found some of the most notable chefs worth checking out. What sets these channels apart from every other joe cook on YouTube is the fact that each offer something crazy, fun, or unique you can’t see anywhere else.

Bon Appétit!


Epic Meal Time

WHO: A bunch of guys taking the extremities of fast-food and creation monstrous meals from them. Watch them make things like giant pork cheetos, artery clogging bacon burgers and even ride a tank with former governor and Kindergarten Cop, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

WHY: Because, bacon.

SUBSCRIBERS: 6.4 million



Tipsy Bartender

WHO: An enthusiastic bartender who teaches the internet to mix exciting drinks you probably can’t learn anywhere else. Every week he’s accompanied by a new young lady eager to try his … recipe.

WHY: Anyone hoping to make drinks to impress friends and loved ones get a first hand lesson in mixology. This guy does cool cocktails like the alien brain hemorrhage and rainbow shots. Bonus, he also teaches you the science behind the drinks.



Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time

WHO: A group of Sweds who cook every day dishes in the most violent and metal way possible.

WHY: Between hilariously face-paced cuts and the violent displays of culinary arts, it’s actually a pretty hilarious combination. It also helps that they chef is snarly the most generic phrases in Swedish.



Nerdy Nummies

WHO: Rosanna Pansino, aka Nerdy Nummys, covered everything from desserts to well, more desserts. But hey, they look pretty darn cool! From Angry Birds cupcakes to Super Mario Mushroom cake pops, this lady definitely has the gamer spirit.

WHY: Nerdy Nummys caters to the geek and diabetics in all of us. With cute gamer-themed desserts, you can easily find a video or two that resonates. Plus everything is just so darn colorful.

SUBSCRIBERS: 2.4 million


My Drunk Kitchen

WHO: Who doesn’t enjoy a nice glass of wine while cooking? Not Hannah Hart, that’s for sure. It’s not the food that you watch her for, it’s the hilarious boozy monologue she provides in each video.

WHY: Cause cooking while drunk is hilarious, but watching someone cook drunk is even funnier.

SUBSCRIBERS: 1.3 million



WHO: Chef John Mitzewich. Super informative guy that sounds like a culinary Seth Rogan.

WHY: Nothing but dialogue and macro shoots of food porn. The guy is personable and keeps his videos short and to the point. Almost all of his videos are less than 5 minutes long. Because time in the kitchen is crazy valuable.



How to Cook That

WHO: An Australian chef  that specializes in cakes, desserts and sweets.

WHY: She makes awesome desserts like the Instagram cake or Twitter cake all with a dope Australian accent.




WHO: Director Adam Pesapane, aka PES, is a guy that makes cooking videos using everyday household items as the base of his foods. Why? Because he animates each cooking video from start to finish.

WHY: Who doesn’t love watching stop motion food being made. The amount of work and detail they put into these cooking videos is ridiculous. Sadly, they require a bit of funding to produce each vid, so not too many videos out there. Still worth checking out though.



Auntie Fee

WHO: A recent internet sensation that swept the world last week with her hilarious videos of Sweet Treats for Kids. Auntie Fee cooks straight from her come kitchen, typically with a family member filming her instructional videos.

WHY: This foul-mouth chef with a heart of gold can easily teach you to cook and give you a chuckle the way only family could. Just the way she describes things makes you want to sit through an entire 20-minute video only 30 seconds into viewing.



Honorable Mention: Great Depression Cooking

Clara Cannucciari educated the world through her cooking dishes from the era of the Great Depression. The 98-year-old chef created dishes she ate growing up and explained each dish’s significance, especially during the time when people had so little to eat. Clara died Nov. 29, 2013.


So whether you’re in need of a simple dish, an intriguing drink, a crazy dessert, or just want to watch something cool. We highly recommend all these channels. Just make sure you don’t start watching on an empty stomach. Trust us, you’re gonna get hungry.