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This Container Of ‘Energy Cup Noodles’ Gives Your Body A Boost

Photo: Cup Noodles

This is every college student’s dream come true right here.

Nissin, the parent company of Cup Noodles, unveiled their brand-new Miso Ginger Energy Cup Noodle in a press release. While it doesn’t contain added chemicals such as taurine that you would find in energy drinks, the miso-ginger pork broth base is naturally rich in energy-boosting nutrients like Vitamin B3 and arginine (an amino acid).

These two nutrients were specifically touted by Nissin because they are also typically added into energy drinks. Vitamin B3 is known to lower cholesterol levels, while arginine helps with circulation, muscle growth, and tissue repairs. So while they’re not necessarily energy boosters, they will benefit your body in other ways.

Anything that provides a quick, cheap meal that also provides natural body-boosting compounds to the body is definitely a win for college students and bachelors everywhere.

These brand new Cup Noodles are scheduled to go on sale starting today across Japan, so if you’re hoping to get some here, you’ll have to wait for them to eventually come to the US or get some of your friends in Japan to send you some.

That being said… anyone in Japan wanna send us some?


Starbucks Expands Their Energy Drink Line With Two New Flavors


Starbucks is always coming up with new and inventive ways to get caffeine into your belly. One of those ways emerged several years ago with the arrival of the Starbucks Doubleshot Energy drink.

In case it’s not obvious, this was a move made by Starbucks in an attempt to keep up with the heavy hitters of energy drinks like Monster and Red Bull. Surprisingly, Starbucks has held up pretty well, hence why the company has decided to make two new flavors of their energy drink.

The first flavor, Mexican Mocha, will be reflective of the taste that the famed Mexican candy Lucas boasts, a treat typically featuring a sweet, hard candy center with a layer of chile encompassing it. The taste will be focused around a combination of chocolate, cinnamon and cayenne. The other flavor, Spiced Vanilla, will revolve around the core flavors, chai and ginger.

These new beverages will come in the 15 oz. cans, making sure you get your fill of this new beverage.

After all, energy drinks are basically the new coffee.


h/t + photo: Brand Eating


This Factory Discovered A Way To Harness The Power of MASHED POTATOES


When we were kids, we thought one of the coolest science projects was powering a light bulb with nothing more than a potato. Since those science fairs, technology has advanced astronomically. We’ve come a long way from a simple light bulb as there is now an entire factory that’s powered by mashed potatoes.

England’s third-largest food company, 2 Sisters Food Group, uses leftover potato parts to power their plants. Potato fuel also includes peelings and mashed potato-based shepherd’s pies, reports The Guardian.

The potatoes are fed into a giant digestion plant that creates energy. Together, the discarded potato pieces are expected to generate 3,500 megawatt hours a year of electricity. That’s enough to power about 850 homes.

By using this method of energy production, 2 Sisters’ landfill output will drop to zero and its carbon emissions are reduced by a fifth. The company even plans to build ten more of these bio-refinery plants by the 2018. Four of which will focus on generating energy from chicken remains.



Capcom Releases Mega Man Inspired Energy Drink, Supposedly Powers You Up


Anyone who’s ever played some incarnation of Mega Man (save the original) knows that the sight of a Tank can is a godsend. The recovery item is used in-game to replenish the titular character from fatigue and weakness. Capcom has decided to bring the iconic drink to life in the form of an E Tank Energy drink.

Designed to look look like the Tank’s original bright-blue incarnation, E Tank is made of 1% juice, vitamins, minerals and royal jelly. The sports drink is intended to refresh consumers, much like how it refreshes the video game character.

The drinks have been available since Sept. 13 at Asakusa’s Hanayashiki amusement park. If someone really wants to get their hands on the drink, it can also be found through anime goods stores, webshops and general stores. Each can contains 280 ml and will vary in prices depending to the seller.

It’ll probably be good to stock up in case there’s a run-in with Dr. Wily.

H/T Rocket News 24

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Caffeine Powder Sprinkles On Food Like Salt and Pepper


Looking for an instant pick-me-up? You may no longer need to down cups of coffee thanks to a new product that caffeinates any food or drink. For people who can’t find the time to drink enough coffee to wake them up or for those who just don’t like the taste of coffee, this creative fix solves the problem. CaffeinAll, manufactured by Caffex, is an odorless, tasteless powder that can be sprinkled into any drink and on top of any food. Just be careful you don’t sprinkle on too much energy on your morning eggs and overkill it, literally.

Users are not meant to exceed 300 mg (9 shots/sprinkles/shakes) a day or they do so at their own risk. Minors, pregnant women and people with heart conditions or who are susceptible to caffeine irritation are advised to keep away from this shake-on caffeine.

This is not the first time we’ve seen alternative caffeine products created. In addition to the plethora of caffeine products invading the market, Sprayable Energy, a mix of caffeine, water and a tyrosine derivative, was developed this year as an alternative to energy drinks and works by releasing caffeine through the skin.

CaffeinAll shakers are available to buy in 100mg and 200mg sizes for 10 cents and 20 cents respectively, thus saving you a ton of money on coffee, Red Bull, and other booster products. I feel the caffeine-induced enthusiasm already.


Picthx SoDelicious


8 Unconventional Ways to Stay Awake, Including Seaweed Salad and Gummi Bears

Did you know that two bars of dark chocolate could give you a caffeine fix equivalent to a cup of coffee? How about Seaweed Salad supporting your mood and boosting your energy level? Even Lipton tea offers an uplifting new tea in its lineup.

As we’re still adjusting to the end of Daylight Savings Time, we needed a few more ways to keep our energy up considering the days are getting shorter. As our bodies head into auto-pilot as a way to power through an extra hour, we’ve compiled a list of 8 unconventional items to help you stay awake and energized during the day:


1. Dark Chocolate


Growing up, I hated dark chocolate, I never understood the point of its existence. The bitterness was underwhelming and my first memories of it led me to believe that it was a defective version of its superior milk chocolate brethren. I’ve since grown accustomed to its bittersweet, milk-less flavor profile. reminds us that Caffeine is found naturally in cocoa beans, thus you’ll get a bit of stimulant from any chocolate, the darker the chocolate, the higher the caffeine content. For example, Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate Bar has 31 milligrams, almost equivalent to the caffeine found in a can of coke.


2. Seaweed Salad


Next time you go to a Japanese restaurant for lunch, you might want to opt for a seaweed salad over those deep-fried California rolls in order to avoid a food coma.

According to, seaweed is packed with iodine, a chemical that keeps your thyroid hormone levels in check, which in turn helps regulate your weight, energy level, and mood. If for some reason you can’t get behind the seaweed, the fish should help you rack up those iodine points as well. But seriously, that seaweed salad tho.


3. Cereal


I’m a huge cereal fan, so finding a cereal easy on the ingredients that actually tastes good, but has some energy benefits is something I’ll flock to. Bear Naked has a pretty decent variety called Fit, and it comes in Almond Crisp and Autumn Blend flavors.

The Almond Crisp is the one you’ll want for that good energy. Every serving will net you 6g of protein, fiber and whole grains, and all the sugar comes from stuff you’ll feel slightly less shitty about (evaporated cane juice crystals, brown rice syrup).

If you’re feeling froggy, you can grab a $71.32 stock of it on Amazon, enough to fill a tub and take a few laps in.



4. Lipton Natural Energy Tea


Tea has caffeine and comes in many varieties with various health benefits, but in the arena of energy, we’ll want to focus on Black Tea. Black tea, made with fermented tea leaves, has the highest caffeine content amidst Green, White, Ooolong and Pu-erh teas (WebMD has a great breakdown of all of them, but don’t stay there too long… because that site is depressing).

New Lipton Natural Energy Tea is a great go-to option that contains just the right amount of caffeine for a boost to help you make the most out of every day. This bold new tea naturally contains 75 mg of caffeine and 20 mg of L-theanine, an amino acid found almost exclusively in tea. Having a cup right when that mid-morning lull hits can help ensure that you stay energized and focused.

If you’re the type that likes to get your kicks from natural sources, then Lipton Natural Energy Tea will give you that fix.



5. Caffeinated Hot Sauce


It’s the middle of the work week and you’ve been oggling the walls of your cubicle for a good majority of the day. You’re looking for a boost but that sad egg salad you packed isn’t going to cut it. Luckily, caffeinated hot sauce exists. Doublekick packs a sweet ginger flavor and 12 mg of caffeine per tsp.

Now pour that goodness on and wake up.



6. Jelly Beans



Everyone’s favorite jelly bean manufacturer, Jelly Belly, produces a line of Extreme Sports Beans. Available in Extreme Cherry, Watermelon and Pomegranate flavor, each serving of beans contains 50mg of caffeine, electrolytes, carbs (yes, JellyBelly is a carb, just like butter) and vitamins B & C.


7. Bacon Maple-Flavored Waffles


I haven’t been eating as many waffles for breakfast recently, mainly because after the 4th or 5th plate I’m usually making my preparations for a mid-morning coma. The small team operating under the moniker Wired Waffles produces a line of caffeinated-flavored waffles and an accompanying caffeinated maple syrup.

Here’s the kicker, each Wired Waffle packs a whopping 200mg of caffeine (compare to 95mg in a normal cup coffee), a few different vitamins (A & B6) and an ingredient list that isn’t too guilt-inducing.



8. Energy Gummi Bears


As you might tell from the multiple gummy appearances on this list, I have an affinity for edibles that tend to stick between my teeth and make my dentists cringe. These Energy Gummi Bears contain guarana, vitamin B, vitamin C, taurine, and co-enzyme Q-10, which basically means a single baggy will resemble the energy of an entire energy drink.

Now all I’ve got to do is close my eyes and just pretend they’re Sour Patch Kids.


Your Brain on Beer vs Your Brain on Coffee [INFOGRAPHIC]


Drunk writing rocks. You hunker down, rauchbier in hand, and just tell your inner critic to piss the f@#k off. No idea is too silly or too bizarre and as long as you’re not thinking, everything spewing out of your mad little fingers is digital gold. At least, until you wake up tomorrow and find that 1) you forgot to save and 2) even if you did save, there’s no way it was anywhere near as brilliant as you thought – and why is your desktop background that freaking Ylvis fox guy?

You see, what you should have done is followed up that beer with a nice cold press. Apparently when alcohol hits your cerebral cortex — the part of your brain that regulates conscious thought and language — you become more creative, because your brain can’t focus on the things that normally occupy it. When you drink coffee on the other hand, the caffeine binds with your adenosine receptors and prevents you from getting drowsy, thereby making you feel more energized.

In short, beer helps you figure out what sh*t to get done, coffee helps you actually get sh*t done.

The infographic below by I Love Coffee JP breaks down the unique effects both beer and coffee have on your brain, and how best to use them to fit your particular needs. So the next time you’re facing down a creative project, yes, you could spend the night staring at a blank screen, wondering why you can’t think of any good ideas. Or you could go on a bender. Just don’t be surprised if you wake up in the middle of the forest trying to talk to a horse in morse.



H/T Nerdalicious + PicThx I Love Coffee


New Coffee-Powered Phone Charger Proves Coffee Fixes Everything


It’s about time your morning cup of coffee quit being just a caffeine dump and started providing support for your electronic devices as well — at least, that’s the thought process that produced the Epiphany onE Puck charger. According to the folks over at Greatist, the coffee-powered charging pad converts the energy produced by the temperature of a hot (or iced) beverage into chargeable power of up to five watts, which is about the same amount used by a traditional smartphone charger. Another bonus? The device is compatible with all iPhones, iPads, and Androids, meaning that it’s accessible for pretty much any phone with a USB charger.

The only downside is the fact that the charger’s effectiveness will vary a lot depending on how hot or cold a particular beverage is, but we’ll take some environmentally friendly variation over being trapped in a Starbucks with no available outlets any day. The onE Puck charger is not yet available for sale, but you can track its progress here.

H/T + PicThx to Greatist