Here’s How to Throw a Zombie Food Party


Zombies are everywhere these days. From movies, TV and novels, they just won’t die. But hey, I’m not complaining. In honor of AMC’s post-apocalyptic zombie show  “Walking Dead” premiering its mid-season episode tonight, here are some tips on how the living can eat the dead. No brains involved (kinda):


Party ‘Til The End of The World With Stone Enjoy By 12.21.12 IPA


Stone Brewing impresses with one of their best marketing campaigns yet — Stone Enjoy By 12.21.12 IPA. The brew’s name reflects the Mayan prediction that the world would face its apocalyptic demise on December 21, 2012.

Of course, in proper ladylike and gentlemanly fashion, the folks at Stone Brewing Co. took the liberty to celebrate the momentous occasion with the perfect beer. Made not to last, Stone Enjoy By 12.21.12 IPA is packed with 11 different hop varieties and features a full-flavored taste of hoppy freshness. The “Enjoy By” date is proudly printed across the bottle, so you can’t miss it. The reason? Each Stone By IPA is brewed to be consumed within a 35-day packaged-to-sip cycle, the emphasis placed upon the notion  “that there is no better time than right now to enjoy this IPA” and toast to the end of the world ‘cuz YOLO. Ahem.

It’s a novel idea that could potentially change the way the brewing industry packages and distributes their goods to consumers. That is, assuming the Earth is still here after December 21.