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White Castle Is Letting Health Workers Eat FREE For The Entire Month Of April

Health workers have been the soldiers on the front lines during this terrible pandemic. Through it all, they’ve been putting themselves at risk, working long hours, and dealing with psychological trauma to save as many lives as they can affected by COVID-19.

In support of these brave individuals, White Castle is offering free meals to healthcare workers and EMTs all through the month of April. All they’ll have to do is pull up to a White Castle drive-thru and show a form of ID to receive a free combo meal (#1-6) or a breakfast combo. Workers are eligible to claim this free meal every day through April 30.

White Castle is also delivering Crave Case Sliders directly to hospitals within regions the restaurants are located to help fuel them through these chaotic times.

If you’re a healthcare worker or EMT looking to grab a free meal before or after your shift, definitely drive through a White Castle. Thank you for your service.

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These On-Call EMTs Picked White Castle At The Worst Imaginable Time


Some people may say food is life, but most people wouldn’t actually put their food over someone else’s safety. Right? Not according to one EMT whose mozzarella sticks were apparently more important than potentially life threatening situations.

James Hovan, a New Jersey EMT and his partner have been accused of ignoring emergency calls while waiting to get their food at White Castle. The pair was caught because they were documenting their shift using Periscope, a mobile livestreaming app, which the pair was using at the time. The Periscope video can be seen on News12.

On the livestream Hovan and his partner appear to be disregarding a call in order to wait for food. The pair did respond to a second call about a woman struggling to breathe, but only after getting their food.  They also continue to mock the woman’s condition even as they respond to the call.  The woman was reportedly struggling to breathe leading to comments from the EMTs like “I’m struggling to eat my [expletive] mozzarella sticks.”

At least one viewer of the livestream reportedly asked why the pair didn’t immediately react to the call. Hovan’s response was too mock the question saying, “What are we doing?  Waiting for our food.  Didn’t I get a call, yeah, but I was in the middle of ordering waiting for my food. Can’t just drive off… I ordered my food before the call came in. What do you think, I just throw it up in the air and run off? No.”

He also responded to viewers by saying he bet his paycheck that the call is a “taxi ride,” which refers to someone faking an emergency situation in order to get hospital transportation for non life threatening situations.

According to University Hospital where the EMTs worked, the pair was placed on suspension without pay. Both EMTs later resigned.


In Case You Missed It: Jamie Oliver Kidnaps Harley of Epic Meal Time

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 8.56.45 PM

Look. I’m all for a Greek salad or two on a hot day. Here’s to cucumbers and romaine. But a three-foot, “25-veg” cabbage patch quilt wrap? That’s a little cray. Then again, what would you expect from an Epic Meal Time parody?

Chef, health-food crusader, and British guy Jamie Oliver was kidnapped by the EMT team earlier this year, and decided to take revenge. EMT host Harley Morenstein remains trapped and bound in an unseen basement, shouting unruly epitaphs while Oliver teams up with the vegan versions of EMT’s DJ BBQ and Muscles to make an absurdly huge veggie wrap, because “f**k leeks.”

If the feud continues, I hope EMT shows Oliver how to make a less healthy version of the aforementioned wrap. Veggies are fine. Nutella is better.


The All-Chocolate Breakfast is 8,724 Calories of WTF

chocolate breakfast

Talk about chocolate wasted.

The dudes over at Epic Meal Time have created a chocoholic’s dream breakfast that clocks in at 8,724 calories and 380 grams of fat. This seriously epic breakfast is made up of Chocolate Eggs,  French Nutella Toast, Chocolate Taters, Chocolate Breakfast Meats, and a side of Chocolate Stacks.

In a style Willy Wonka would be jealous of, these mad food geniuses rubbed down, mixed in and coated bacon, potatoes and eggs in Nesquik powder. The sausages were hollowed out for a filling of Hershey’s chocolate syrup, the pancakes had chopped up double fudge chocolate chip Poptarts mixed into the batter and, not to be outdone, those thick slices of french toast got Nutella stuffed all up in them.

I’m sure you’re wondering what beverage could possibly compliment such a cocoatastic breakfast. Well, how about a Chocolate Man Milkshake . . . Man. The recipe includes: UV Chocolate Cake Vodka, Jameson, Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup, and some chilled bottled Nesquik poured over two bros shaking hands, thus where the milk-shake comes into play.

Adam Richman (Man v. Food) makes a special guest appearance to grub down on the chocolate feast, making us all feel that omg-I-can’t-believe-he’s-eating-all-of-that-I’m-gonna-puke feeling we get watching him chow down on anything.

But don’t take my word for it, check out the video below:

H/T + PicThx Epic Meal Time


The ‘Burly Beaver Sandwich’ is 21430 Calories of Canadian Wonder


The opening scene of Epic Meal Time’s latest video, “The Burly Beaver Sandwich,” is the perfect cure if you’re suffering from Canadian homesickness. Show hosts Harley and Tyler are kicking back on a sidewalk, reminiscing on Canada’s finer offerings, such as “a good poutine and strippers you can put your fingers in,” “meese,” and the “allowance the government gives us for being polite every month.” It was enough to make me want to book the first flight back to Toronto and slather myself in a steamy pot of poutine and meese meat.

Then, they rolled out the The Burly Beaver Sandwich – a conglomeration of fries, substitute cheese, gravy and bacon wrapped into a “custom beaver tail dough” bun. The buns (there are two of them, mind you) are dusted with cinnamon brown sugar, then used to sandwich together a layer of pastrami, fries, cheese, gravy and mo’ bacon. Kevin Smith then does us the honor of making love to this behemoth with his mouth.

It’s glorious. Watch below:

H/T Epic Meal Time


Epic Meal Time Kidnaps Jamie Oliver and Attempts to Force Feed Him Bacon in Latest Episode


So how do you step it up a notch if you’re already the biggest YouTube channel known for its love of all things bacon and grease? Kidnap one of the world’s most famed health gurus and force feed him bacon, duh.

Yes, Epic Meal Time has crossed that line (again) and brought us something so deviously wrong it warmed our little Foodbeast hearts. Watch the video below as EMT kidnaps chef extraordinaire Jamie Oliver, stuffs him in a fridge, cooks up a meal made of 50 Filet-O-Fish from Mickey D’s and then attempt to feed it to the broccoli-loving chef:

H/T Epic Meal Time