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Chick-fil-A Just Announced They’re Installing Hand Wash Stations At Every Drive-Thru Nationwide

With restaurants around the world taking extreme precautions to futhur prevent the spread of COVID-19, fast food chains such as Chick-fil-A have taken the necessary steps to keep their employees hands as clean as possible.

The chicken sandwich chain just announced that they’ll be installing hand wash stations at every Chick-fil-A drive-thru and mall location nationwide beginning on April 11, reports NRN.

Employees working outside in the drive-thru will be required to wash their hands every 30 minutes and every time they interact with cold hard cash, on top of their already mandated disinfecting routines, to give themselves and customers that extra layer of protection against the virus.

Image Courtesy of Chick-Fil-A

The company is also encouraging customers to swipe their own cards during transactions to minimize foreign contact between employees. Some employees are even said to be wearing non-surgical face coverings while working in the restaurant.

As someone who’s been extra nervous about picking up food from restaurants, this extra precaution brings me some much-needed relief.

Fast Food Hacks Hit-Or-Miss

This Chipotle Hack Will Make Employees Hate Your Guts, But It’s Great

Anyone who has ever ordered a burrito to-go, knows the problem of getting home and opening up a soggy mess.

Thankfully a genius Chipotle customer found a solution to this, as he ordered every single ingredient individually packaged so he can just build the burrito at home. If you’re wondering what that looks like, Josh Williams tweeted out a photo below.

This is a great idea, as it preserves the burrito, avoids leakage, and keeps the ingredients fresh for you to enjoy when you get home.

While a lot of you see a gold mine in this idea, there’s also the other side of the spectrum that thinks this is dick move that just adds unnecessary work for the Chipotle employees.

When people responded negatively, Williams tried explaining that he lived 45 minutes away from the Chipotle, and the burrito would be almost inedible by the time he got home, but people still hated the idea, especially employees.

I feel like ordering a burrito bowl with tortillas on the side would yield similar results, but any time you can be an asshole, I have to approve of it.

It might inconvenience the employees a bit, and they will definitely hate you for the five minutes you’re there, but it’ll all be worth it when you assemble that burrito and it doesn’t implode in your hands.

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Restaurant Publicly Shames Customers For Calling Its Employees The N-Word

It’s depressing to see blatant and harsh racism like this still so prevalent in today’s world, especially when it’s hurled at people just doing their jobs.

A couple of black employees at NYC restaurant Xi’an Famous Foods were harassed and called the n-word by two customers who came into the restaurant recently, according to Eater NY. The customers had presented cash to pay for a to-go order, but since it was just before closing and the restaurant wasn’t too busy, the registers were already locked out and the cashier asked if they could pay by card. The customers got upset at this, so the worker did end up unlocking the registers so they could pay by cash.

Everything from that point seemed fine until their food arrived, when one of the customers began making remarks about the employee’s “community,” leading to the above video in which the customers ended up yelling at the restaurant staff, telling them that “if you can’t deal with the word ‘black,’ then you should look at yourself in the mirror every day.”

The entire debacle ends with the customers walking out while one of them yells out multiple times:

“Fuck you, n*****.”

After this transpired, Xi’an Famous Foods CEO and President Jason Wang posted security footage relating to the incident on Facebook, and later uploaded the above footage as the full account of what exactly happened. He said that “while it wasn’t the PR thing to do,” what happened was “beyond ridiculous and should be called out.”

“This is unacceptable. I personally would not have taken this as calmly as my staff did, and while there’s no “Yelp” for me to give 1-stars to these two, I want to at least try to get some sense of justice by spreading awareness by highlighting how close racism still hits home.

This disrespect for people got to stop, and for me, it needs to stop at our stores.”

Wang also said that if anyone knows who the two customers are, they should know that they are banned from all Xi’an Famous Foods. He also encouraged them to make a donation to NAACP as atonement.

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Watching This McDonald’s Employee Make 4 Big Macs At Once Is Surprisingly Impressive

Making burgers at McDonald’s isn’t exactly considered an art, but with the way this employee put together these Big Macs, you can at least appreciate the hustle.

A YouTube channel called How To Work At McDonald’s gave a behind the scenes look at how Big Macs are made behind the counter. Whether he was just showing off for the camera, or this is actually how things work back there, the guy made four of them at once and it’s fascinating to watch.

From the way he placed the buns, to his form when seasoning the meat, this guy actually looked like he enjoyed what he was doing, which you wouldn’t expect from a minimum wage fast food job.

Big ups to this guy and his technique, and shout out to all those who put in proper effort to make sure our food comes out bangin’.

*Previous version of this article said he made eight Big Macs, but we’re blind, and it was indeed only four. Still impressive.*

Fast Food Health Hit-Or-Miss

This Tweet Got A Chipotle Employee Fired, Here’s How He Fought Back

After taking into consideration all of the crazy shit that Chipotle has been in the news for lately, it’s a bit baffling to me that they continue to flex their consistently deflating muscle. After all, you would think that spreading the norovirus, dealing with an E. Coli outbreak and allowing salmonella to take root in the food would be enough to keep the Chipotle powers at bay. One employee, however, was not spared the rod.

James Kennedy, 38, was fired from Chipotle last year after his superiors caught wind of a questionable tweet he tweeted. In fact, Kennedy’s comments were actually just a response to another member of the twitterverse claiming they received a free meal. Kennedy responded by saying, “@ChipotleTweets, nothing is free, only cheap #labor. Crew members make only $8.50hr how much is that steak bowl really?”

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 1.57.14 PM

According to Matt Stone from Law Newz, Kennedy was initially warned about the tweet and was asked to take it down. He ended up getting fired two weeks later after circulating a petition claiming that Chipotle’s employees don’t get breaks. Chipotle representatives have been claiming the two issues are separate and were judged as so, yet anyone can see that it’s quite likely that Kennedy was fired thanks to a combination of the two. Kennedy felt as though he was wrongly terminated, and after Judge Susan Flynn ruled in his favor and pointed out what Chipotle did wrong, it was easy to see that he was right.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 1.59.55 PM

Judge Flynn determined that Kennedy’s comments were not to be considered “disparaging, false” comments, as Kennedy was initially told by his supervisor. Rather, she decided that Chipotle’s rules on posting to social media violated federal labor laws, resulting in her verdict ordering the massive fast food chain to give him his job back, pay him for lost wages and to start posting signs clarifying the employee policies.

“You cannot deny that their food is delicious, but their labor policies were atrocious,” said Kennedy shortly after Judge Flynn made her ruling.



Photo Credit: CNBC, Wilx, Philly


Starbucks Contemplating Lifting Employee Tattoo Ban


Most know that Starbucks isn’t ’bout that tattoo life, but they just might have a change of heart soon.

USA Today reported that as Starbucks has been reviewing its dress code, it has considered allowing its employees to wear visible tattoos. A definitive decision is expected to be announced within the coming weeks and the new dress code would take effect in the US before going global.

Currently if Starbucks workers have tattoos, they usually must have them covered, leading to lots of long sleeve shirts on inked up employees.

There was an attempt at trying to get the tattoo ban lifted in August by employees and customers alike, as 21,000 people signed a petition on, 12,000 of which were Starbucks employees.

Starbucks has been open to new things lately as they’ve tested out coconut milk for a non-dairy alternative, and tested cold brew coffee in certain stores.

Let’s have a tatted up toast for change.


Pita Pit Fires Fast-Food Employees on Facebook


After undergoing a change of ownership, employees of a Pita Pit location in New Zealand received a rather unpleasant surprise on Facebook. According to Sun News, when employees went to check the new management’s roster posted on a private Facebook page, they found that their names were not listed.

Taryne Cullen, one of the unlisted employees who returned to Pita Pit after a knee operation, contacted her boss. A few days later she was curtly Facebook messaged, “You don’t have a job anymore.”

“I felt brushed aside, like I was no one,” said Cullen.

Another employee, who worked at the franchise for three years and requested to not be named, also found herself absent from the schedule. Upon contacting the new owners, she was told she no longer had a job and to return her uniform. The Pita Pit’s New Zealand location has since received a social media outcry to boycott the chain.

Pita Pit owner Wayne Cui admitted to Sun News that the situation could have been handled better.