Woman Saved 4 Years Of Starburst Wrappers To Make A Dress

You probably remember the girl who made a wedding dress out of Taco Bell wrappers, but someone just took that idea to the next level.

Artist and designer Emily Seilhamer spent that last four years of her life saving 10,000 Starburst wrappers just so she could transform them into a stylish, and colorful dress.

It wasn’t by accident, as she literally saved the wrappers for this occasion, kind of as an homage to how she and her husband met. The first time these two locked eyes, Emily’s now husband shared a pack of Starburst with her. The two even had the dress featured in their wedding, sitting right next to their gift table.

A sweet act on his part, turned into something sweeter, literally.

Once family and friends got word, they did their part to help by giving her wrappers of their own.

When she finally had enough wrappers, she organized them by color, ironed them out, and started linking them like chains. With elastic thread, and some sewing skills, Seilhamer, was able to put together a legit dress.

Seilhamer has a knack for recycling things into dresses, as she recently turned her grandparents’ old flowered kitchen wallpaper into a dress as well.

The couple should totally keep collecting enough wrappers to make a tuxedo, and recite their vowels in complete Starburst-wear. Just sayin’.