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These On-Call EMTs Picked White Castle At The Worst Imaginable Time


Some people may say food is life, but most people wouldn’t actually put their food over someone else’s safety. Right? Not according to one EMT whose mozzarella sticks were apparently more important than potentially life threatening situations.

James Hovan, a New Jersey EMT and his partner have been accused of ignoring emergency calls while waiting to get their food at White Castle. The pair was caught because they were documenting their shift using Periscope, a mobile livestreaming app, which the pair was using at the time. The Periscope video can be seen on News12.

On the livestream Hovan and his partner appear to be disregarding a call in order to wait for food. The pair did respond to a second call about a woman struggling to breathe, but only after getting their food.  They also continue to mock the woman’s condition even as they respond to the call.  The woman was reportedly struggling to breathe leading to comments from the EMTs like “I’m struggling to eat my [expletive] mozzarella sticks.”

At least one viewer of the livestream reportedly asked why the pair didn’t immediately react to the call. Hovan’s response was too mock the question saying, “What are we doing?  Waiting for our food.  Didn’t I get a call, yeah, but I was in the middle of ordering waiting for my food. Can’t just drive off… I ordered my food before the call came in. What do you think, I just throw it up in the air and run off? No.”

He also responded to viewers by saying he bet his paycheck that the call is a “taxi ride,” which refers to someone faking an emergency situation in order to get hospital transportation for non life threatening situations.

According to University Hospital where the EMTs worked, the pair was placed on suspension without pay. Both EMTs later resigned.


Woman Calls 911 To Complain About Chinese Food, Gets Arrested


Sounds like subpar Chinese Food is reason enough to call 911 these days. Unhappy with her Main Moon Chinese Restaurant experience, Tracey McCloud called the authorities to express her dissatisfaction.

Because the restaurant allegedly took her food and refused to refund her money, McCloud felt she had no other choice than to call the cops. The operator told her she should have called the non-emergency line, which McCloud insisted that she had been directed to 911 from there.

Her claim can easily be checked through phone records to see if she was telling the truth.

Regardless, authorities arrived at the Chinese food place and arrested McCloud for abusing the 911 system. She is being charged with a misdemeanor.


Minnesota Declares State Of Emergency After Bird Flu Kills 2.5 Million Turkeys


The governor of Minnesota has declared a state of emergency after highly pathogenic strains of bird flu resulted in the deaths of 2.5 million turkeys in the state. While the strains of this bird flu are unlikely to affect humans, it’s had a devastating affect on poultry.

The H5N2 bird flu is quickly moving through 46 different Minnesota farms. The National Guard have been called in by Gov. Mark Dayton to offer aid in quarantining the locations.

Earlier, two Ontario farms have also been confirmed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) with H5 bird flu. The farms have been quarantined and testing is currently underway to find the subtype and strains they carry.

States in the midwest have reached a total of 7 million poultry deaths including chickens thanks to the bird flu.

Japan and Taiwan understandably have issued import bans on poultry as a result of this epidemic.

While this is a massive loss of poultry, no human illnesses have been reported.




File ‘Wife Threw Beer Away’ Under Bad Reasons to Call 911


Drunk people, you keep calling 911 with these “emergencies” (exhibits A and B). I do not think that word means what you think it means.

Out in West Palm Beach, Fla., a man named Bueno Mir learned this the stupid way when he repeatedly called 911 because his wife had “thrown out his beer.”

After receiving a 911 call, police arrived to Mir’s house and informed the intoxicated man that spousal-alcohol-removal wasn’t a valid use of the emergency system. According to ABC West Palm Beach, Mir then continued to dial 911, first refusing to provide operators with his emergency, and then complaining that a woman outside had “broken into” two of his beers.

For his seventh call spree, Mir now faces misdemeanor charges, punishable in Florida up to $1,000 or one year in prison. All that for a six pack of Bud.

H/T Consumerist + Picthx Wiki

Packaged Food

New Emergency Ramen Canisters Last Three Years, Probably Won’t Save Your Life Anyhow


Nissin Foods, makers of your favorite instant Cup Noodle ramen have just released a limited amount of special “emergency” ramen canisters designed to last three years and be used in emergency situations.

Wait, you mean my regular old cup noodle ramen doesn’t already last three years? WTF?

Available in two flavors, “Chiken Ramen [sic]” and “Cup Noodles,” each metal tin contains the expected block of noodles, soup base, a paper cup, “a foldable fork for two people” — whatever that means — and desiccant to prevent moisture buildup. The good news is, the new specialized container extends the ramen’s shelf life from its typical six months to up to three years, probably without losing any of its scrumptious umami taste.

The bad news is two canisters already cost about $40, there are only 600 two-canister sets available and Nissin’s only giving away one single can set per person, so chances are most people will have eaten it long before they’re ever caught in an emergency situation. Oops?

H/T Rocket News + PicThx Stomp