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McDonald’s Surprised The Two Kids That Pranked Them With $25,000 Checks

Not too long ago, two Houston college students gained notoriety after they created a fake McDonald’s poster and hung it on the wall of a nearby location’s dining area. The kicker was that no one noticed for nearly two months.

Jevh Maravilla and Christian Toledo covertly created a McDonald’s poster, starring themselves, and secretly hung it up in the lobby of a Houston McDonald’s they frequent. The poster hung there, unnoticed, for about 51 days.

The two were recently guests on the Ellen DeGeneres Show,  and talked about what happened to them after their prank went viral. They said McDonald’s removed the photo (for renovation purposes) but planned to auction it off and give the proceeds to the Ronald McDonald House Houston charity.

Ellen then revealed that because of their pure intentions behind the poster, wanting more Asian Americans to get recognition in fast food marketing, McDonald’s will feature the two students in an upcoming campaign, complete with a $25,000 check for each of them.

You can check out exactly how it goes down in the clip here. Needless to say, the two kids who thought they would get in trouble for their stunt were genuinely stunned.

It just goes to show that if you prank McDonald’s well enough, you could get a fat check.


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Bill Gates Tries His Best To Guess Grocery Prices, Fails Miserably [WATCH]

While game shows like The Price Is Right show how hard it is for the common man to guess grocery item prices, you can imagine how hard it is for a billionaire who probably just has food seemingly appear on his dining room table every day.

Bill Gates recenly appeared on the Ellen Show, and because Ellen Degeneres is the queen of trolling, she created a segment where Gates had to try and guess the prices for a box of Rice-a-Roni, Tide Pods, Totino’s Pizza Rolls, dental floss, and TGIFridays frozen spinach and artichoke dip. He was given $1 leeway on his guesses, and if he could guess three out of the five items, the audience won a prize.

Gates immediately started off badly, guessing that a 7.2 ounce box of Rice-a-Roni was $5. It was in fact $1, so you can already see where this was going.

He guessed $4 for a case of Tide Pods, which shows he has no idea how much it costs to do laundry either. Even on his second guess, he went with $10, and was shocked to learn it was actually $19.97.

He legitimately got the cost of floss correctly, but once he got to the pizza rolls and artichoke dip, he needed a LOT of help from the audience. Funny enough, Ellen showed how out of touch she is with groceries, too, calling the pizza rolls brand “Totina’s” instead of “Totino’s.”

Ellen kind of let things slide, even though Bill was treading water, and the audience still won a chance to come back for her “12 Days of Giveaways” show.

So predictably, Bill Gates had no idea how much groceries cost, to the point that he looked legitimately shocked by the prices. He now knows what us common folk pay for food and home goods.


Ellen DeGeneres Orders Pizza to the Oscars, Here’s Everything You Need to Know About That

One thing is for sure, Ellen DeGeneres sure knows how to host a show.

Midway through the 2014 Oscars ceremony, the charismatic host nonchalantly began soliciting interest from the star-studded audience about hunger and her future plans to order a pizza.



The unanimous level of interest from her fellow tinsel town friends in the first few rows led Ellen to place an order from Big Mama’s & Papa’s Pizzeria, a local Los Angeles-based pizza franchise not far from where the show was hosted.

According to ABC News, the starstruck delivery boy is an actual employee for the shop — not an actor. The bit continued, with Ellen explaining to the delivery boy that actress “Kerry Washington is pregnant, she needs some.

Sure enough, here is Kerry Washington chowing down:


Big Mama’s & Papa’s staff told ABC News that “Ellen’s talk show has picked up quite a few pizzas from us.”

The shop is known for their giant pizza:




Additional play-by-play of who ate some, who didn’t, and who pitched in to pay for some:

  • 12 Years a Slave star Chiwetel Ejiofor was down for an entire box
  • Brad Pitt helped pass out plates and napkins, but then tore into a slice himself
  • Leonardo DiCaprio looked too damn nervous to enjoy a slice, he politely declined (he pitched in a few bucks though)
  • Off-duty Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) was down for an entire box as well…but he’s awesome, so he passed it down:


  • Julia Roberts wanted cheese pizza
  • Jared Leto was pretty excited…but he was a gentleman and gave the slice to his mom:

  • Harrison Ford gave zero shits about being a cool guy and immediately stood up for a slice when offered
  • Meryl Streep proves she’s the sexiest lady at her age, and definitely hopped on a slice
  • Jennifer Lawrence enjoyed a slice, because, obviously
  • Dax Shepard apparently gnawing on a slice:

  • And Corinne Fox is seen below chowing down with the likes of Channing Tatum:

And finally, surely the pizza shop was happy with the exposure. Here’s a shot from their Facebook page:

TMZ was quick on the case, with a videographer staking out the pizza shop as soon the delivery boy made it back. They pried him questions about who fronted the bill, here’s the response: