The Worst Tardis Cake in all of Time and Space

lazy tardis

This cake should be taken to the end of the universe and hurled into a black hole.

sad tardis cake

lazy tardis cake

The only thing that’s even remotely Tard-ish about this cake is its color and the fact that it’s labeled “Tardis.” The cake decorator did had enough skill to scribble out their apology message but apparently frosting the whole damn thing in Tardis Blue icing required too much effort. Also, IT’S THE WRONG BLUE. Ugh.

But hey, at least they were honest up front, that’s got to count for something, right?

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Behold: the TARDIS Mini Fridge, With ‘Working’ Chameleon Circuit

Finally, the perfect way to keep your precious fish fingers and custards safe from the grabby hands of both companion and Dalek.

Though it may look like an ordinary, bright blue, British sci-fi-inspired miniature appliance, this beauty is actually a very sophisticated piece of alien Gallifreyan technology. In fact, every time the TARDIS Mini-Fridge materializes in a new location, whether it be your dorm room or office, within the first nanosecond of landing, it analyzes its surroundings, calculates a twelve-dimensional data map of everything within a thousand-mile radius and then determines which outer shell would best blend in with the environment . . . and then it disguises itself as a British police telephone box from 1963. It’s also bigger on the inside.*

In all reality though (or at least, this version of it), this Doctor Who TARDIS Mini-Fridge is capable of holding up to 6 cans of soda and has an alternative heating mode for soups, coffee or anything else you don’t quite need a microwave for. Best of all, just open and close that beautifully designed TARDIS door (pull not push) and enjoy as it makes its iconic wheezing vworp vworp sound. Sonics, companions or bowties, sadly not included.

Doctor Who TARDIS Mini-Fridge: $80 @ Think Geek

*Chameleon circuitry and bigger-on-the-inside claims may be inaccurate and could be, more likely, simply the delusions of one sad Whovian, brought about by viewing the world through paper 3D glasses.