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Stranger Things-Inspired Waffles Are Taking LA to The Upside Down

Photo: Wafflejack

In honor of Stranger Things’ impending third season, Los Angeles-based waffle shop Wafflejack is rolling out two new themed waffles from June 29th to July 14th. 

The first, aptly named the “Eleven Waffle” after the show’s Eggo waffle-obsessed main character, has one scoop each of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream, raspberries, bananas, blackberries, strawberries, both caramel and Nutella drizzle, and rainbow sprinkles. 

The second, the “Demogorgon Feast,” comes stacked with an Oreo cheesecake spread, strawberries, Oreo cookie crumble, strawberry drizzle and Nutella drizzle.

Wafflejack joins other brands, such as Baskin Robbins and Burger King, in celebrating the show’s new season.  

Not one to be outdone, Wafflejack has also made some changes to their packaging. Their usual beard graphic that appears above a pair of lips on each waffle sleeve has been swapped out for a nosebleed graphic to represent Eleven’s recurring nosebleeds in the show.

If you’re in LA and a fan of Stranger Things, or maybe just a fan of nosebleeds, go make Eleven proud and get your hands on Wafflejack’s newest creation.

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This Year’s Top Costume Is Stranger Things’ Eleven & Her Eggo Waffles

Halloween falling on a Monday means that a lot of costumes made their debut this past weekend. The most popular one, it seems, is the breakout character of Netflix’s Stranger Things: Eleven.


Eleven, also knowns as El, is a young girl with psychokinetic abilities that escapes from a government facility and befriends a group of young boys looking for their missing friend. Along the way, they teach her things about the outside world.

Her experience leads her to discover a love for Eggo Waffles, the popular frozen breakfast item found in practically every grocery store in the country.

With the popularity of Netflix’s show spreading like wildfire, it was only a matter of time before people started dressing up as the characters for conventions and Halloween.

Check out some creative takes on El this year. In the meantime, we’re gonna see if we can hunt down a box of Eggos.


“The gate. I opened it. I’m the monster.”

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“Friends tell the truth.”


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“Why did they hurt you?”

“Still pretty?”

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