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Amarula Liqueur Is An Alcohol Company Donating Sales To Help Save African Elephants

Amarula, a South African cream liqueur, will donate $1 for every bottle sold in the United States to the non-profit organization, WildlifeDIRECT. The funds will support WildlifeDIRECT’s on-the-ground conservation efforts to protect African elephants.

The $1 donation per bottle component is one of many initiatives for the brand’s new global campaign, “Don’t Let Them Disappear,” which is aimed to raise awareness around the plight of the African elephant. The new campaign serves as a continuation of Amarula and WildlifeDIRECT’s ongoing partnership to help save African elephants.

Amarula and WildlifeDIRECT debuted the “Don’t Let Them Disappear” campaign on World Elephant Day (August 12), with an installation in NYC’s Union Square titled, “The Disappearing Elephant.” The public was invited to witness a life-sized ice sculpture of an African elephant melt in the summer heat, symbolizing the alarming rate at which the African elephant population is disappearing at the hands of poachers.

“We’re honored to continue partnering with WildlifeDIRECT on this crucially important initiative,” states JC Iglesias, Vice President of Marketing at Terlato Distell Artisan Spirits. “African elephants could literally disappear from the wild during our lifetime. We hope our efforts will help spread global awareness on the poaching crisis and have a significant impact on WildlifeDIRECT’s work to protect this keystone species.”

Amarula is the only cream liqueur which uses real Marula fruit as its base spirit, which are harvested from Marula trees that grow wild and uncultivated in the subequatorial regions of Africa — the only place on the entire planet where they grow. The trees bear their fruit just once a year at the end of Africa’s summer, where its scent attracts the elephants from the surrounding areas to come feast on the fruit.


These Gorgeous Paint-Splattered Chocolate Bars Are Fittingly Artisan


We’re all for combining five different kinds of desserts and calling it art, but every once in a while, it’s nice to see food that’s actually just pretty.

Mexico designer Tatiana Sanchez creates art-inspired chocolate bars for her bespoke gift collection, UNELEFANTE. Designed with chef Jorge Llanderal of Chocosolutions, the line’s first tableau featured vivid pink, orange, yellow, and blue cocoa butter splatters in the style of abstract painter Jackson Pollock. Other designs include melted crayon, crystalized flowers, and curry powdered bark.

Each bar consists of between 50% and 70% Colombian cocoa and is available online in gift sets along with other, equally pretty, bars, balloons, paintings, tea strainers, jewelry, and wine. Check out our favorite designs below:



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Here’s the World’s Most Expensive Cup of Coffee, Straight from an Elephant’s Butt

How would you like your coffee this morning: decaf or defecated?

Believe it or not, this may very well be a real question being asked of guests at Thailand’s luxury Anantara hotels, whose line of “$68 per servingBlack Ivory Coffee is brewed from beans which have literally been hand-picked out of elephant dung.

According to the resort’s release, “Research indicates that during digestion, the enzymes of the elephant break down coffee protein. Since protein is one of  the main factors responsible for bitterness in coffee, less protein means almost no bitterness.”

The whole poop-to-platter process goes like this: first the elephants, which live at the group’s elephant camp in Chiang Rai, are fed premium Thai Arabica cherries. Then, after trekking through the elephant’s long digestive track, the resulting protein and bitter-free beans are handpicked out, left to dry and finally, sent to the camp’s processing center for refinement and delivery to any of the group’s four Maldive or one Golden Triangle Thailand locations.

According to one CNN GO commenter Garrett, the resulting brew’s taste “was really pleasant and unexpected” and contained palpable hints of chocolate, nuts and red berries. It was also “one of the first” cups he could drink black.

Guests who order this stuff will also get the added luxury of having their coffee beans hand ground and brewed at the table, but come on–who wouldn’t want their very own cup of magically delicious elephant droppings? And eight percent of proceeds goes back to the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation?

Shut up and take my money.


Oreo Fun Stix


Some people like their oreo’s with milk, and others without. Some dunk them in, some just chug the milk after. But how about having the best of both at the same time, in the form of a straw. New from Nabisco are the Oreo Fun Stix, use them as a straw to drink your milk, then take a bite into the sweet, soggy Oreo stick. Check out the commercial for them here.