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Krispy Kreme Is Giving Out Free Donuts On Election Day

Photo courtesy of Krispy Kreme

Voting on Election Day in the middle of a pandemic changes a lot of things, especially because a lot more people are voting by mail. (If you are doing that, today is the last day recommended by the USPS to do so to ensure your ballot is counted by Election Day, by the way.)

One thing that changes is getting “I Voted” stickers for showing up to your polling place, as well as attempts to continue traditions of gatherings after everyone is done voting. Krispy Kreme is attempting to fill both of those gaps with an Election Day deal that includes the iconic stickers.

Anyone, regardless if they’ve voted yet or not, can pop into their local Krispy Kreme and get a free Original Glazed Doughnut on November 3rd. “I Voted” stickers will also be available in stores for those that want to either share that they voted, or encourage others to vote.

For those who are heading to the polls and expecting a long wait, the donuts can also be a nice warm snack to help keep your stomach filled while standing in line.

Regardless of whether you get the free donuts or note, it’s important to go and vote on November 3rd. Every person’s vote matters.


Restaurants Across The Country Are Offering Up Election Day Specials For Voting

Election days used to be a grand spectacle in the United States. Once you cast your ballot, there would be picnics, music, and plenty of time to get together with friends and family as everyone celebrated the day.

Now, we may treat the election process as just rushing into a closed-off booth for a few minutes before heading off to work, but several restaurants and chains are keeping that tradition alive with some enticing food specials.

For those wondering, it is technically illegal to entice people to vote with goods or cash. However, the workaround is pretty easy for restaurants, as it’s fair game to offer up the deal to anyone who asks for it. They’re still keeping that Election Day tradition alive, though, by being a place for anyone to come in, relax, and eat, regardless of whether you voted or not.

Here’s a list of several places across the country offering up these specials on November 6th:

Shake Shack

Shake Shack is giving out free fries with their burgers on Election Day. To redeem, you simply have to show up wearing an “I Voted” sticker or enter the code “ivoted” in the Shake Shack app.



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West Coast fast-casual chain Lemonade is giving out free cups of their namesake beverage on the 6th with the purchase of any item. All you need to get in on the deal is an “I Voted” sticker.

Taco John’s


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The nationwide taco chain is giving out free orders of chips and nacho cheese when you use their app. It’s mainly because November 6th is also National Nacho Day, but that doesn’t mean voters can’t score on the deal, too.

Los Angeles Beer Specials


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Several bars in Los Angeles will be serving up Buy One, Get One For A Penny Beers (of your choice) to anyone wearing an “I Voted” sticker. These include Tony’s Darts Away, Mohawk Bend, 6th & La Brea, Bluebird Brasserie, Beelman’s, Brennan’s, Corner Cantina, and Spring St. Bar.

Condado’s Tacos


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If you’re on the East Coast, this taco chain will give out a free taco to anyone who shows up with an “I Voted” sticker.

The Pie Hole


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Los Angeles and SoCal voters who love this all-pie chain can get a free Pie Hole by showing their “I Voted” sticker. The Pie Hole is a new mini-pie item that debuts in November.

Clinton Hall


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Each of this New York beer hall’s locations will turn into “Town Halls” for Election night, featuring $3 shots, $5 Gigawatt IPAs, and a $10 burger special for anyone who shows their “I Voted” sticker. Election results will be broadcast throughout the night.

The Abbey Food & Bar

Meanwhile, this Los Angeles establishment will be having its own version of a “town hall” celebration for Election Day. Results will be displayed on screen throughout, and a special $5 Blue Wave Shot will be sold, made with Tito’s Vodka, Blue Curacao, and Sprite.

Amy’s Ice Cream


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Amy’s Ice Cream, based in Austin, Texas, is giving out free tiny ice creams as a way to cool off on Election Day. Simply show up with an “I Voted” sticker or voting receipt to get your scoop.

This article will be updated with more chain restaurant deals that are made known as Election Day draws closer. 

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Krispy Kreme’s Giving Out Free Donuts To Voters This Year


It’s not too often that we get rewarded for the simple act of voting, mostly because it’s technically election fraud, but whatever. Krispy Kreme is going to hook you up on election day, all you have to do is wear that little sticker that says “I Voted” you get at the voting location. It’s not just the glazed donuts, as is often the case. This time we can pick from any of their donuts. I’m looking at you, Apple Fritter donut.

Who?  Krispy Kreme

What? A free donut, any donut, when wearing an “I Voted” sticker

When? Tuesday, Nov. 8

Where? All participating locations

Why? Because ‘Murica


America: Vote Today & Get Free Fries!


Voting isn’t just good for the country, it’s good for your stomach. Today, when you go vote (and you better go vote) don’t forget to grab one of those “I voted” stickers, and then haul your ass down to the nearest White Castle for a free small order of their new waffle cut sweet potato fries. Like 7-Eleven’s Election cups, White Castle is doing their part in encouraging voter turnout by offering anyone who brings in their voter sticker free waffle cut sweet potato fries with their order on Election Day, November 6th. You can also get a free order of their newest item through a coupon via their Facebook page, however, I suggest you do it the American way and vote.

So vote today, and then treat yo’ self to some fries, ‘cause this is America.

photo courtesy White Castle