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Einstein Bros. Just Created Bagels Made Entirely Of Eggs

Photo courtesy of Einstein Bros., background from Dana DeVolk // Unsplash

While sous vide egg bites have taken the breakfast world by storm in recent years, bagel chain Einstein Bros. has taken the concept a step further and made entire bagels out of the eggs.

Their new “Eggels” are marketed as a gluten-free alternative to bagels, and are prepared the same way as a sous vide egg bite you might find in a grocery store or Starbucks. The big difference is obviously the size and shape of the fluffy eggs.

Einstein Bros. is releasing their Eggels in two different flavors: a Three Meat and Cheese Eggel with bacon, turkey sausage and ham, and a Veggie Egg White variety loaded with bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, portobello mushrooms, and spinach.

It’ll be intriguing to see how well the egg bagels hold together, considering how light sous vide eggs can be when cooked. I’m also tempted to split one in half and schmear it in cream cheese, just like a regular bagel, to see how that turns out.

You can now find these Eggels at Einstein Bros. locations nationwide, excluding those in airports, universities, and hotels.

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BAGELRITO: The Breakfast Hybrid We’ve Been Dreaming Of

East coasters tend to be partial to the breakfast bagel, while west coasters often opt for their beloved breakfast burritos. Einstein Bros is combining  both coasts for its beautiful new creation, the Bagelrito.

The Bagelrito is stuffed with two cage-free eggs, thick cut bacon, turkey sausage, a three-cheese blend, hash brown, salsa, green chiles, all wrapped in a flour tortilla, according to QSR.

After that, the burrito is wrapped in a freshly baked Asiago bagel.

Einstein started testing this thing at five Colorado locations, October 18, so at this moment, the Bagelrito cannot be found at all locations.

We can’t imagine the testing going badly, as it is a perfect combination that the needs to be everywhere. Einstein sold out pretty quickly in its initial runs, and feedback from Coloradans was fairly positive:




We can only hope that we get a nationwide release sooner than later.

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Einstein Bros. Is Now Topping Their Bagels With Macaroni And Cheese

Apart from the rare pizza bagel, we’re often stuck with the same old sesame seeds, jalapenos with cheddar, or other basic items when it comes to bagel toppings. Einstein Bros., however, just upped the innovation game surrounding the popular baked good with their newest item: Mac N Cheese Bagels.

mac n cheese bagels

Photo courtesy of Einstein Bros.

Each of these carbo-loaded creations comes with a mound of cheesy mac packed into the top part of the bagel prior to baking. Einstein Bros. could’ve made their own in-house mac n cheese to top on it, but decided to go a step further than that. They teamed up with Annie’s, the popular boxed mac brand that often rivals Kraft, and used their version instead. If the macaroni on top of these bagels tastes familiar, now you know why.

You can order the bagels on their own with any schmear of your choice, but Einstein Bros. also has two new sandwiches coming out featuring the Mac N Cheese. These include a Cheesy Mac Breakfast sandwich with bacon, eggs, and cheddar, as well as a Cheesy Mac Lunch with ham, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo.

The two sandwich Mac N Cheese bagels will be on the menu for a limited time, although it’s unclear when that will specifically end.  The bagels on their own will be available through the summer.

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Einstein Bros. Creates Bacon Conditioner And Cheese Shampoo So You Can Smell Like Food All Day

Nothing beats the smell of sizzling hot bacon in the morning. I’m just not entirely sure I want that aroma running through my hair. We now have the option, though.

bacon conditioner

Photo courtesy of Einstein Bros. Bagels

Einstein Bros. has launched a set of shampoo and conditioner that’ll leave your hair smelling like food all day long. You begin with a wash of Cheesy Shampoo, then lather in Bacon Conditioner so that everyone will think you just had smoky strips of pork belly for breakfast. The hair care products were apparently made to promote one of Einstein’s newest items, a bacon and cheddar breakfast sandwich.

The shampoo and bacon conditioner sounds like a delicious and aromatic idea on paper, but I’d personally be worried about what I’d attract because of the smoky and cheesy fragrances. If the scents are strong enough, there’s a good chance they’ll generate some buzz and get the local fly population to hang around you.

Still, the scents of delicious food are some of the most memorable and craveworthy ones. You may just get all of your coworkers to hang with you all day long so they can smell the bacon wafting out of your hair.

The two bottles are available in a set for $9.99 in limited quantities. You can buy them online at the Einstein Bros. store web page. (EDIT: As of March 21st, they are now officially sold out).

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You Can Now Buy Caffeinated Espresso Bagels At Einstein Bros.

Bagels and coffee are synonymous with our morning commute. What if, however, you didn’t have to juggle both as you cruised down the highway to work? What if you only needed one of these items to get your bagel and caffeine fix?

Einstein Bros. Bagels created a new Espresso Buzz Bagel that combines the bold flavors of coffee into a warm, chewy bagel. Each bagel boasts 32mg of caffeine, which is about a third of a cup of coffee.

Also joining the bagel chain’s lineup will be a Cherry Chia Bagel and a Savory Parm Bagel. The Cherry Chia boasts 300mg of omega-3 ALA and the Savory Parm features iron, B1, and B2.  Together, the three bagels comprise Einstein Bros. new line of Boosted Bagels.

You can find the bagels at participating Einstein Bros. Bagels locations for a limited time, though for how long as yet to be announced. We do know, however, that there’s a chance they’ll find a permanent home on the menu if they’re well-received.

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Einstein Bros. Adds Red Velvet And Nutcracker Bagels For The Holiday


Einstein Bros. Bagels is already in the holiday spirit. Sure, Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet, but the bagel chain has already launched two new Christmas-themed bagels.

The new Nutcracker Bagel Topper features a French Toast bagel topped with a maple schmear, bacon and walnuts. Einstein Bros. has also added a new Red Velvet Bagel for those looking for a sweeter option to pair with icing schmear.

Customers can also order that they’re calling a Box of Jolly. This features a baker’s dozen of holiday themed bagels which includes: three Red Velvet Bagels, three Gingerbread Bagels, three French Toast Bagels, two Cinnamon Raisin bagels and two plain.

Wonder how these sweet bagels would taste with some smoked salmon on top?


MONDAYS: Einstein Bros Will Sell You 13 Bagels For $6


Bagel fans will be pleased to hear that Einstein Bros Bagels will be offering 13 bagels for the price of $6. That’s pretty much breakfast for nearly a fortnight.

At about 46 cents a bagel, the deal isn’t too bad for diners on a budget.

Patrons can choose any bagel the restaurant offers and add it to the baker’s dozen. However, gourmet topped bagels will cost a little more as well as cream cheese if you’re not into dry bagels.

The offer is only exclusive to Mondays for the foreseeable future. Guess that’s why they’re calling it #RamdomActsOfMonday.


Green Bagels are Back at Einstein Bros


Green bagels return to Einstein Bros for St. Patrick’s Day. You can swoop them up in a festive green bagel box of 13 with two tubs of whipped cream cheese for $14.99 or grab just one for a little over a buck.

Also, BREAKING NEWS: they’re plain bagels with green food coloring added. Sorry to burst any bubbles. Santa Claus also isn’t real. Neither is that creepy furry thing that lurks around every Easter. I know, I’m an awful, awful person.

The green bagels are available now through St. Paddy’s day but if you don’t have an Einstein Bros near you, Noah’s Bagel’s and Bruegger’s are also offering bagels decked in green.

Picthx Einstein Bros.