The $1.3 Million Worldwide Booze Tour For Two


There’s a big difference between cuddling on the couch with a bottle of two buck Chuck and sipping on an ultra-rare (only three bottles in the world) Dalmore Trinitas at the Dalmore Distillery in Scotland. But don’t just take our word for it. British travel agency holidaysplease wants you to experience the upgrade first hand. At least, as long as you’re still sober enough to remember it.

On their Ultimate Drink Connoisseur’s Holiday package, luxe and lushy couples get catapulted across ten different locations around the world to sample the rarest, most exclusive liquor those watering holes have to offer. We’re talking Winston Cocktails spiked with $166,498 cognac at the Crown Casino Club in Melbourne, and Bader & Garrin diamond martinis in New York. Somewhere in between, you’ll have time to nurse your million dollar hangovers, see the sights, and maybe pick up another Marchesa purse or ten. But at its heart is nothing but a nice, quiet, 1.3 million dollar boozy vacation with your boo.

Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you $1000 beer, which is close enough.

Departure dates and prices vary according to couple preference, but the full itinerary can be previewed at holidaysplease.

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