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Egg Found In Another Egg Is Real Life “Egg-ception”

Gigantic eggs aren’t anything new, as larger birds like ostriches, emus, and the like tend to lay massive eggs. However, a rather-large egg that was laid by a hen is gaining some attention from the Internet – not for it’s size, but for what was found inside.

YouTube channel SNO Multimedia uploaded a video showcasing the giant egg, which compared it to the size of a regular hen’s egg. It’s about double the size, which is definitely unusual for a hen to lay.

However, when they cracked open the egg to see what’s inside, nobody expected to find what they did.


Yes, that is an EGG WITHIN ANOTHER EGG. This hen somehow went all “Egg-ception” on us and found a way to put one egg inside of another. How crazy is that?!

I mean, there are double-yolked eggs out there, but to grow an entire egg within another egg?! Imagine what would have happened if those eggs actually turned into chickens. Would we have an egg inside of a chick? Chicken inside of a chicken?


While we may never get the answer to that question now, we can confirm that the eggs were not eaten, as everyone who witnessed this firsthand chose not to eat the egg. It was turned into conditioner instead.

I’d be a little freaked out if this happened to one my eggs as well, so I don’t blame them.


Eggception Makes Us Believe The Egg May Have Come First? [VIDEO]

With Easter celebrations just around the corner, what better time to further question what we believe in…the chicken, or the egg? In the case of a YouTube video uploaded in February and set to track half a million views in the coming month or so, a camera-ready soul caught the magic of smaller egg completely encapsulated within a larger egg. You can imagine the excitement caught on camera when the larger egg was cracked open to reveal another, fully shelled egg nestled comfortably inside. Oh the wonders of the world: