Sorcery! Chicken Lays An Egg With No Shell

We’ve seen a hardboiled egg within a hardboiled egg but an egg with no shell? That’s yolk’in crazy. As with most things peculiar and fascinating on the internet, this egg-citing discovery (that was the last one, I promise) was shared by Reddit user Warlach. With a name like that we’re thinking there’s some sort of sorcery involved in this matter.

Found amongst all his other chicken eggs, this discovery was a startling find. While at first it appears to be a smaller egg, a closer look reveals that it’s shell-less and squishy like a water balloon.

Upon further egg-spection (couldn’t help myself!) it was determined that even without a shell this was still all egg inside. Apparently, this kind of thing is pretty rare and occurs in about .5% – 6% of all eggs due to a hen that’s matured too early.

After removing the protective sack, the egg inside was basically a large yolk encased in an egg white. Although, we found out you can recreate this naked egg yourself by soaking an egg in vinegar for about two days. We’re not saying that’s what this guy did, but we’re just putting it out there.

Either way, we bet it makes a mean omelette.

PicThx Reddit


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